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The "Make It More" ChatGPT Trend Has Taken Over The Internet

If you've been around Twitter or Reddit the past couple days, I'm sure you've seen a series of images depicting frogs getting increasingly angrier or a bunny getting happier. These, and many more, are from a trend called "Make It More." It's hilarious. Here are the best examples.
Updated November 29, 2023
a man becoming more and more extreme by the second, generated with AI
a man becoming more and more extreme by the second, generated with AI

In the world of AI image generators, there hasn’t been a more robust alternative to Midjourney until DALL-E 3 came along. Not only is it more creative than its previous version, but it also brings one of the most significant advances to AI image generation to date:

DALL-E 3 is integrated into GPT-4, meaning it can take an actual instruction (instead of just a prompt) and turn it into an image. This technology carries a lot of implications but, of course, people will first and foremost use it for fun.

Enter “Make It More.”

You may have seen some of these around Twitter and Reddit. But, if you’re out of the loop, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this meme including its beginnings, some popular examples, and some entries of our own.

What Is The “Make It More” Trend?

The “Make It More” trend is exactly as it sounds. You generate an image with DALL-E 3. From there, you enhance a particular feature of it as many times as you can through careful prompting. The ultimate goal is to make something that’s larger than life and a little surreal. It's been going CRAZY on Twitter.

Where Did It Start?

The “Make It More” trend started like how most memes become popular today:

With Pepe the Frog.

Last September, Twitter user @willdepue posted this tweet:

From there, he kept asking ChatGPT to make it “more rare,” which just basically meant to make it weirder and more surreal. There’s a bunch of photos beneath this thread, but here are some of my absolute favorites:

It got enough impressions, but it didn’t really stick until two months later. A user on r/ChatGPT asked DALL-E 3 to generate a photo of frogs and progressively asked to “make them angrier.” Here are the first, middle, and last pictures of that thread.

Later that day, another user on r/ChatGPT posted a series of photos which essentially made the same thing, but with a happy twist. Instead of making a bunch of frogs mad, he made a bunny infinitely happy.

Yeah, I don’t know what happened there either. Turns out, making a bunny eleven times happier makes it transcend the physical plane.

Whatever the case may be, this was the start of the “Make It More” trend. And, let me tell you, people became a lot more creative after that.

The Best Examples of the “Make It More” Trend

Like every trend, everyone’s in such a hurry to submit their own entry to this trend before it dies down. Everywhere on Twitter, Reddit, and Tiktok — it’s all I see. If you don’t have the time to skim through all of them (though, I’d say it’s 100% worth it), here are a couple highlights that I think you should definitely see!

The Bodybuilder to Croissant Pipeline

This is a popular one. Have you ever seen what a bodybuilder looks like with maxed out muscles? Turns out, for most people, the answer’s yes. No, not in your local gym, but in the nearest pastry shop.

Ramen Bowls of Death

Everyone's had their share of bad ramen experiences. That one time when you mistakenly ordered “spicy” instead of “mild” and found yourself in over your head. Well, these images take that familiar scenario to the extreme, turning a bad night in the toilet into a journey to hell itself.

Baby Flash

Every parent dreams of being there for their child's first steps, but what if those steps were so fast they broke the space-time continuum? Well, now you don't have to imagine.

Pineapples Do Belong on a Pizza

There’s a bunch of debate about whether or not pineapples belong on a pizza. Both sides have strong opinions about this topic. However, ChatGPT has made its stance. Not only that, but it’s become the chatbot’s definition of what makes a pizza delicious.

The Most Texan Of All Cowboys

For people outside the USA like me, our very definition of “America” is a cowboy. If you’ve ever wondered what the “cowboyiest of all the cowboys” looks like, wonder no more! This is what an old-school American looks like in my Filipino mind who grew up watching spaghetti westerns:

Let’s Make It More! Our Own Trend Entries

The Smartest Person in the World

Whenever I hear “smart,” my mind immediately goes to Einstein or Hawking. But, what does intelligence look like for AI models like GPT-4? Thanks to this trend, we don’t have to guess. Here’s five pictures depicting the maximum level of intelligence a man can have.

Beyond Absolute Zero

They say you can’t go below absolute zero — ChatGPT begs to disagree. Here’s what the coldest place in the universe looks like for DALL-E 3.

The Enlightened Axolotl

True enlightenment is hard enough for a person — but what about an axolotl? These cute creatures that roam our lakes may never achieve enlightenment in the real world, but that won’t stop ChatGPT from trying to make it happen. Here’s what an enlightened axolotl looks like, times a hundred.

In A Nutshell

The "Make It More" trend shows no signs of slowing down. As AI continues to evolve, we can expect even more surreal and unexpected images to come out of prompts like these.

While some may see these images as silly or nonsensical, I’d argue that they actually provide an interesting glimpse into how AI models see the world. When given an instruction to make something "more extreme," the models stretch the limits of their understanding.

The results are often bizarre, but they also reveal potential limitations in how AI generates and contextualizes images. As the technology continues to progress, it will be interesting to see how models handle increasingly complex prompts and requests.

For now, the "Make It More" trend offers some whimsy as we navigate new innovations in AI. It's a fun way for people to interact with and test the creative capacities of models like DALL-E 3. Give it a try when you’ve got time to waste and I guarantee you, you’re in for a treat!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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