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Mining Latest Fundraising Data from Companies Using Clay

Want insights into a company's financial status? Learn how to extract a company’s fundraising data using Clay and its supported plugins.
Updated September 3, 2023
extracting fundraising data in Clay
extracting fundraising data in Clay

Knowing a company’s fundraising data can offer you a clear picture of their financial health and market value.

But the question is, what is the most efficient way to search this out? 

Sure, there’s Google. But if you’re investigating hundreds of companies, Googling the information will take hours of your precious time. Plus, manual searching might not yield consistent or comprehensive results.

This is where Clay comes into play. With just a few clicks, this powerful tool can provide you a view of a company’s financial standing. No more sifting through websites and news articles. 

Clay fundraising data from companies

Let’s dive deeper into how Clay can help you mine the latest fundraising data from companies.

Use Cases for Fetching Fundraising Data from Companies

People look into a company's fundraising data for these reasons:

  • They want to find good places to invest their money.
  • They're in sales and seek companies that have just gotten funding.
  • They run businesses and want to see how financially strong their rivals are.
  • They're hunting for big companies to partner with that have gotten a lot of money recently.

Clay is the perfect platform to help you streamline the process of collecting fundraising data from companies. It also allows the integration of other plugins so you can efficiently derive more insights from your target leads.

For instance, you can have the option to use Owler or to enhance your search. You only need to authenticate these apps in your Clay dashboard by entering an API key. They’re like your backup platforms in case you’re not getting the best results with Clay’s enrichments.

Let’s see in the next section how Clay works in mining the latest fundraising events of any company.

How to Fetch Fundraising Data from Companies Using Clay

1) Fill in the Table With Company Names and their Domains

Let’s start with a new table.

Here, you can upload a CSV file if you have an extensive list of companies. Make sure to fill in the table with the names and site domains of the companies you’re interested in.

add new table in Clay

2) Add Enrichment

On the right side of your table, click Add Column > Add Enrichment.

add enrichment in Clay

3) Choose an Action

Since we’re looking for fundraising information from companies, we can type the keywords ‘fundraising’ on the search bar. When you hit enter, you should see a few options as shown below.

Clay get fundraising data

You’re free to try these options:

  • Get Latest Fundraising Data By Domain (Clay enrichments)
  • Enrich Company (
  • Enrich Company by Domain (Owler)
  • Get Company Updates by Domain (Owler)
clay enrichment options

If you have active accounts in and Owler, then you can try using these plugins to add enrichment to your table. Note that you’ll need to have your API from these accounts and have them authenticated in Clay.

Otherwise, I would recommend using Clay enrichments, as I did in this guide, since you won’t need an API key to use it. 

4) Set up Your Inputs

On the pop-up window, select the domain column under the ‘Company Domain’ dropdown menu. Clay will use the company’s URL to extract information about their fundraising events.

set input data on Clay

5) Add Data as Columns to Your Table

Clay provides a list of data you can display on your table, as shown below.

add data as columns on Clay

Let’s say you’re interested in knowing the company’s total funding, current funding stage, total funding rounds, and last funding amount. You can toggle these options so the results can be added as columns to your table.

Once you’re satisfied, click save and run.

6) Verify the Results

Here, you should now see the columns added to your table. 

Clay table fundraising data output

You might notice that some rows have missing information. There are many possible reasons why this happens:

  • The company’s privacy settings or limited digital presence
  • Clay’s data sources might not have enough information about these companies. In this case, using other plugins like and Owler might offer you better results.

Wrapping It Up

And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to mine fundraising data from companies using Clay and its supported plugins.

But don’t stop there. Clay can also help you connect and stay updated with other professionals in your industry. We created a separate tutorial on how to scrape LinkedIn sales navigator and find decision makers using Clay. Interested? Go ahead and check this out.

Want to share your experiences with Clay? Leave them in the comments below - your insights might just help another reader on their journey!

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