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Naver Launches Own Generative AI Tool – 'HyperCLOVA X'

Naver has recently introduced their upcoming Generative AI Tool ‘HyperCLOVA X’ which aims to provide a cutting-edge user experience with the power of AI-based features.
Photo by Aideal Hwa on Unsplash
Photo by Aideal Hwa on Unsplash
August 25, 2023 5:46 pm

Naver has recently launched their upcoming generative AI platform ‘HyperCLOVA X’ in efforts to support their creators, partners, and sellers with powerful technologies and services in the era of AI.

HyperCLOVA X is a Korean large language model (LLM) that was proudly introduced by Naver CEO, Choi Soo-yeon, during the Team Naver DAN 23 Conference held in Seoul Korea on Thursday.

“We are advancing our technological prowess and enhancing usability by integrating a range of AI-based recommendation technologies across diverse domains,” Choi Soo-yeon said.

With HyperCLOVA X’s upgraded search and shopping services, the hyperscale AI aims to enhance user experience by providing advanced navigation features that hand out personalized suggestions and recommendations to effectively cater the needs of its users.

Consequently, the tool was built to improve the users' productivity and help business customers increase their efficiency with its advanced yet easy to use features.

In addition, the AI tool best understands the Korean culture and context which will effectively meet the needs of its users.

Furthermore, it will also provide a generative AI chatbot ‘Cue’ which has the ability to understand complex queries and answer varying questions from users to improve their web search, online shopping and navigation services overall.

In recent reports, the Korean internet giant will also launch AI-powered tools such as ‘GLOVA’, a generative AI writing tool for content creators and ‘CLOVA for AD’, an advertising platform for advertisers.

It is exciting to see how Naver is gradually integrating the power of generative AI into their services. Soon enough, they can be one of the most influential platforms that provide AI-based services in efforts to improve user experience.

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Written by Andy Hoo
Andy is an investigative tech journalist at Gold Penguin. Besides being a journalist with the heart and mind for truth and credibility, he is also a passionate content creator who loves making informative and recreational videos. He writes all types of news in the technology & AI industry.
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