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OpenAI Releases DALL-E Plugin Integration for ChatGPT

OpenAI just released the first version of the DALL-E 2 image generation service directly into ChatGPT. This opens so many possibilities in the world of streamlining communications. ChatGPT is quickly shaping up to be one of the most groundbreaking technological innovations of the decade. Here's how the plugin integration works:
Updated June 5, 2023
a dog with glasses sitting in front of a computer monitor typing on a keyboard as photorealistic digital art
a dog with glasses sitting in front of a computer monitor typing on a keyboard as photorealistic digital art

OpenAI has recently made an exciting announcement that they have released the DALL-E 2 plugin integration within ChatGPT!

This new feature brings together the powerful image generation capabilities of DALL-E 2 with the conversational AI experience of ChatGPT. Now, anyone can seamlessly incorporate stunning visual creations into their conversations.

ChatGPT is OpenAI's language model designed for natural language conversations. Trained on an extensive corpus of internet text, ChatGPT provides informative and creative responses to a wide range of queries.

DALL-E 2 It leverages the GPT-3.5 architecture and a vast dataset of diverse images to generate unique visuals based on textual prompts. Need a picture of a dog riding a bike in the snow? Just ask.

By integrating DALL-E 2 into ChatGPT, OpenAI combines the power of language and visual generation, enabling users to express themselves and engage in immersive conversations like never before. Streamline your blogs, generate stock photos, and more – all within a conversation thread directly within ChatGPT.

To access the DALL-E 2 plugin, users need to enable it in their ChatGPT settings. By visiting the OpenAI website and navigating to the Profile & Settings section, you can easily toggle on the plugin feature. Once enabled, users can install and activate the DALL-E 2 plugin from the Plugin Store within the ChatGPT interface.

ChatGPT settings page with beta features enabled (both web browsing & plugins are turned on)

The integration of DALL-E 2 with ChatGPT opens up a world of possibilities for users. From creating visual representations of concepts to enhancing storytelling and world-building, this integration allows for dynamic and engaging conversations. It empowers users to effortlessly communicate and explore ideas using both text and images in a singular place.

The possibilities are endless, and this is only a singular image generation plugin. Just wait until Midjourney or Stable Diffusion have versions integrated as well. The plugin sphere of ChatGPT is going to change so many things & I don't think everybody realizes the potential yet.

Have you gotten access to DALL-E within ChatGPT? How have you used them both in tandem? Let us know!

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