Gold Penguin Logo with Text Review – The Harsh GPT-4 AI Detection Tool (& How Well It Works)

Those who write, produce, or generally work with written content can easily test writing with Originality. Originality.AI is the industry leading AI-detection and plagiarism checker that works on any type of writing. Trained on the newest OpenAI language models, Originality can help determine if a piece of content has been produced with the help of AI
Updated October 5, 2023
A plush toy robot sitting against a light blue aqua wall
A plush toy robot sitting against a light blue aqua wall

If you hire writers to produce articles, you probably want to ensure they're not producing boilerplate, AI-spammy content. At least I do, and it's not easy to tell.

Personally, I don't really pay much attention to AI detection tools unless it says something is 100% AI (which doesn't happen too much). These detectors are great to check if someone just copied ChatGPT and pasted it right into a document. Other than that, make sure to take everything with a grain of salt as they're honestly not very accurate.

I've been using Originality since it was released and used to be super impressed with it.

I think it's very harsh, tries to be fair, but ultimately really just gives you a hint of where what you're looking at came from.

What Is Originality & What Does It Include?

Working as both a comprehensive plagiarism & AI content detection tool, Originality allows you to easily check the uniqueness of text by comparing it against public-facing web content all while running it through an AI checker.

Originality was pretty much the first public AI detector (behind GLTR which was super old). It can help detect GPT-4 writing & also has a writing visualizer tool (which is the only thing I religiously use from them after OpenAI's recent announcement + my own research on how AI detection actually works)

Originality claims they are:

  • 99% Accurate on GPT-4
  • 83% Accurate on ChatGPT (GPT-4 powered)
  • 95% Accurate on AI Created & then Paraphrased (QuillBot)
A graph showcasing Originality AI detection based on ChatGPT and GPT-4 updated content

AI detectors were getting better for quite some time until Undetection tools like Undetectable AI also got better. It's since been a cat-and-mouse game.

Regardless of the type of writing you test with Originality, you'll see a percentage determining if something the odds that text was written with AI. The tool will also provide the link to pages it finds plagiarism violations on.

Who Should Use Originality?

The best use case for Originality in my honest opinion are publishers looking to check their writers. It really works best with those looking to vet Upwork/Fiverr/other types of contract writing. Anyone looking to hire talent that you don't fully trust yet could benefit from having their writing get put through Originality.


Students can also Originality to check their own writing if they used ChatGPT to outline or draft content. It's interesting because I actually wouldn't recommend teachers to use Originality. There's just too much risk in using AI detection in an educational setting


If you frequently edit content that you don't necessarily write, Originality could lift some stressful weight off your back. Being able to quickly run a quality assurance check across the content you work with could potentially save you hours validating content. This works well for plagiarism checking on top of AI writing. (since it does both)

Web Designers & Publishers

Another unique use case is website designers. Search engines don't like spammy & low-quality content. Running any kind of copy through Originality could help ensure a landing page ydoesn't seem like every other ChatGPT-generated description out there.

Website Flippers

This is a more underrated use case. If you're in the business of buying and flipping websites, this could be massive for you. Ensure the site you're about to invest time and money in is organic, free from plagiarism, and contains unique human content.

Educators are actually advised against using Originality as the risk of falsely flagging a student is generally waaay worse than for other use cases. It also doesn't help that OpenAI said detectors don't work. So take all of this with a grain of salt. Although Originality did have a response to that if you want to check it out.

How Accurate Is It?

Based on 20 checked articles, Originality was able to identify GPT-4, GPT-3, and GPT-3.5 content with almost 100% accuracy. When taking ChatGPT-generated content, accuracy drops to 90% at its lowest detection rate.

I always try to stay vigilant in mentioning how AI detection is not something explicitly measurable. This entire process works on predictions, so you really should only use these with a grain of salt.

If you are trying to determine if a writer used AI, this tool would be best used to check content over a period of time (10 articles from the same author). This would give you a better indication than a 1-off analysis.

Originality seems to result in false positives more than false negatives (it will sometimes detect human content as being AI-written, but AI-written content usually comes back as AI). After testing academic content to complex ChatGPT responses, I'd say ...

ChatGPT generated description about Gravity

You can pretty easily detect ChatGPT content!

Originality AI 96% AI detection score for Gravity essay paragraph made with ChatGPT

I tested high school to graduate level content and got 90%+ original reviews. Academic content is a lot more complex and nuanced, so it makes a lot of sense seeing results like these:

Originality AI 1% AI detection score for academic essay paragraph about social media

Highlightable Features

The best products don't always have to reinvent the wheel, rather optimize it. While Originality does include the most advanced industry-level AI checking on the market (since it's based on the newest OpenAI models), it kind of just optimizes your work. Why go back and forth between a bunch of websites when you can get everything ran through one?

Check For AI Content & Plagiarism Line By Line

The biggest feature is AI detection. According to case studies, Originality can detect the AI on all text generated by GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and ChatGPT an average of 99.41%. GPT-3 had the highest maximum average score of 99.95%, followed by GPT-3.5 at 99.65%, and ChatGPT coming in last at 98.65%.

Not only with Originality return the percent likely writing has been created with AI, but you can now view exactly which lines come back the most suspicious. Here's what I mean:

You can see the AI predicted text is highlighted in red, while the human estimate is shown in green.

line by line AI detection score originality AI checker

This also applies to plagiarized text. Anything suspicious will highlight in pink. As you can see, it found the exact text from this review! Pretty impressive. It seems to be crawling web content quite frequently (or even live for that matter).

Originality AI highlighting likely plagiarized content showing the source where it is from

Content Readability Checker

Originality recently introduced a readability checker which aims to give you more information about your content score, stats, reading level, etc. This tool is completely free and is great for testing the level of writing you or your contractors have been producing.

You'll see text highlighted in different colors based on their syllable count. It looks like I should revisit the ones in red and update a few things... You can also see a grade level based on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scale. My sample was written at a 12th grade level, so if I wanted to target the average American grade level I would reduce certain words and syntax structures to fit a 7-10th grade level.

Fast Chrome Extension

The team recently released a Chrome Extension that lets you 1-click check content for both plagiarism and AI across any website. The extension has features including:

  1. One-Click AI Detection inside Google Docs
  2. Watch the Writer Write (its actually a little creepy)
  3. See Who Contributed to an Article
  4. See a Table Showing Writing Sessions and Characters Added
  5. See a Graph Showing Characters Added vs Time

The best feature about Google doc integration is the multiple writer support. Now you can easily see if a writer:

  • Pasted in content from ChatGPT or another source and only made minor edits
  • Had other writers work on the articles specifically assigned to them

The extension is specifically useful for those who work with writing as part of their daily workflow.

No More False Positives (For Writers)

If you are a writer and are concerned about false positives or the need to defend that your work was actually created by you, this can help. This update provides you with the ability to show that you created the document yourself. 

No More Uncertainty with Clients (For Content Marketing Agencies)

You can arm yourself with the ability to ensure you are only getting articles that have been human created. There's no more accusations of writing coming from a robot (not that it would be likely without proof anyways).

Confidence In What You Are Publishing (For Web Publishers)

If you want to be sure what you're putting out into the world doesn't seem like AI – here's your confidence score. You don't need to stress about having a site getting picked up as low-quality, AI content. chrome extension report
Right click menu screen for Chrome extension - scanning AI content option

Scan Entire Websites

This is super, super cool. This feature was released very recently and allows you to run full content audits scanning an entire site for AI. I've tested this out on our blog and it shows the word count & originality percentage the page ranks by. Hopefully in the future plagiarism support will be added, as this would be a wonderful tool for detecting the authenticity of a websites content origin. This does use a lot of credits, it used about 600 and scanned 142 pages. I found the $6 equivalent to scan the site to be a pretty reasonable deal. I don't see myself needing to scan an entire site more than once a year. Once they add plagiarism checks, it'll be great. full site AI scan to check for AI-written content

Easily Manage Your Team

On the website, you can add team members as part of a shared account. This is great for companies like publishing agencies, academic institutions, and web design firms. Each team member also gets a reporting dashboard that shows all of their AI and Plagiarism checks collectively. You can also view the activity they've completed on their accounts.

Adding a team member to Originality invite screen

Pros & Cons



  • Extremely easy to use

  • Affordable pricing model

  • Only GPT3.5 content checker on the market

  • Chrome Extension

  • Only supports English

  • Lack of in-depth results, percentage only

  • No free trial

  • Fails to detect more advanced humanizers like

Originality Pricing

The tool costs $0.01 per 100 words to scan (equal to 1 credit). You also pay as you go, there's no obnoxious or predatory recurring pricing model. When you need to buy more credits, you just need to buy more credits! When checking your content you can decide whether to check for plagiarism, AI, or both (using 2 credits per 100 words). Current credit purchase options are as follows:

$20: 2,000 credits

$50: 5,000 credits

$100: 10,000 credits

$250: 25,000 credits

$500: 50,000 credits

Where Can They Improve?

Since the product came out fairly recently (last November), it's still in a fairly early stage of development. It works and that's ultimately the most important thing that matters – but there are a few tweaks I'm looking forward for the team to fix over the next few months.

Firstly, the UI/UX is a bit wonky. The recent content scans could be organized in a better format & the AI detection score screen could look a bit prettier. When I first started using it, there was a slight learning curve where I needed to understand how to check something as fast as I can.

Lastly, they only support English! You'll have to wait a bit longer if you want to check content in another language.

Although for an early product, everything else works pretty well! They even offer API access if you're a developer looking to use this in the background of another project.

Meet The Founder

We sat down with the founder of Originality, Jon Gillham, to talk about how & why he created the tool. Hear about his future plans, goals, and what he has in store:

Should You Use Originality?

I would recommend it! I use it almost daily. I don't use the plagiarism checker as much as I run AI tests, but I've seen great success with both. The only thing to keep in mind is to never put your full reliance on a single tool for testing content (or anything for that matter). Also, if something does get flagged as AI, take another look into the writing to see if you can pick up on any patterns yourself. Originality is a great tool to have in your content editing arsenal, and it's pretty affordable! Whether you’re a writer, academic, or web developer, Originality is worth a try.

Here's what it had to say about this article:

Gold Penguin AI detection article score at 0% AI – tested with

Originality FAQs

Does Offer a Free Trial?

Not really. You can get 10 credits for free when installing their Chrome Extension, but you don't get any free credits on the actual website version.

Does Offer a Lifetime Deal?

No, you have to purchase credits each time you want to check content. Gold Penguin readers can get 25% off credit purchases when using the discount code 25Penguin at checkout after signing up through our link!

What Type of AI Can Originality Detect? can detect content created by GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-J, GPT-Neo, and ChatGPT.

Is There a Word Requirement When Testing Content?

Yes, you need to enter at least 50 words to check for AI. When using the chrome extension, you need to select at least 100 words.

Does Originality Help Change Content Detected as AI?

No. They just offer plagiarism and AI detection. They don't actually help you change content to become undetectable.

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