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How To Completely Rewrite and Optimize Existing Blog Posts Using AI (Content at Scale)

Content at Scale has a super useful article generation feature allowing you to rewrite & expand upon entire blog posts just from entering the URL. It takes 5 minutes & creates extremely impressive, automated content.
Updated April 23, 2023
a robot writing on a chalkboard in a school classroom as digital art 4k casual and friendly picture
a robot writing on a chalkboard in a school classroom as digital art 4k casual and friendly picture

Ok, remember when people said AI was going to take over the world? Yeah, well we're a day closer to that after Content at Scale's newest update! I'm only partially joking πŸ˜‰

With the introduction of generative AI writing tools over the last few months came tons of AI writing assistants, and this one is the one for publishers.

It's often quite hard to produce SEO-optimized writing at scale. It's either too expensive or takes way too much time. The founders over at C@S realized this and created something built by publishers, for publishers.

I've had plenty of encounters with content writers that just don't write well. I spend a ton of time finding, training, and guiding writers only to find out they aren't fit for the job. After spending a couple thousand dollars on writers over the last few years it seemed like great timing when I first discovered Content at Scale. Its first release included a content generator based on a keyword you enter.

It was simple: Type in a question or topic you want to write about and add it to the queue. Within 3 minutes you'll have a fully customized blog post with information scraped from google, top ranking blog posts, and machine-assisted content. It reads and flows almost symmetrically to a human-written piece of content. Check out the start of what it generated me based on "Speed up a WordPress website"

Content at Scale article generation table of contents, SEO options, and style options

This is only the start of what I've recently discovered. I mean what more could you ask for than a fully written, SEO optimized blog already with a table of contents?

We wrote a full review on Content at Scale if you want to learn more about the basics. But I want to get into the newest update.

You can now input an existing website URL and have a fully rewritten and optimized piece of writing. Let's go over how it works!

How To Improve Published Articles with Content at Scale

A hard part of SEO is not just publishing, it's keeping up with the flood of topics you've written about (after a years time). It's easy when you have 10 articles, but what about 100? 1000? I mean we're speaking agency-level stuff at this point.

When you get to this point, not only do you have to find your older content but make sure it's up to the standard of now:

  • If you post news, what has changed?
  • If it's a product, has pricing changed? What new features?
  • If it's tech, has anything been updated? Is the code entirely new? Are there more examples?

The easiest way to do this is look on Google for whats ranking at the top (for that specific article). You could do this 10 times for each article and sift through to compare the differences, but quite frankly, this isn't worth your time.

What is worth your time is pasting your blog URL into C@S and having it rewrite the entire thing for you. It will crawl google, implement top ranking articles, and keep your original content fairly intact. You can then compare this new article to your current article and make tweaks as needed.

A 3 hour research task just got shortened to 20 minutes. Here's a few ways you could use the article improvement and rewrite feature in Content at Scale in your very own blogs:

Instantly Rewrite Poorly-Written Content

Content creators and bloggers can use the rewrite article feature to optimize their existing blog posts, providing more in-depth analysis, incorporating new data or research, and improving overall readability. This can help attract a wider audience, increase engagement, and boost search engine rankings.

This is great if you used to produce articles, leveled up your writing skills, but don't have time to go back and fix all of your older content.

I did this for one of my very own articles on WordPress page builders. I put in the existing URL & added the new post to the queue. Within 10 minutes I had an expanded & way more thorough article than what I had originally written.

Merge All Top Posts Ranking for a Keyword

If you really like a top ranking Google post for a particular topic, you could take this URL, put it into C@S and you'll have a massive charcuterie board of the top 10 articles on top of more NLP and AI models processing the content.

You can take these posts, combine them with your very own writing, and try to out rank top competitors. This could be a great content strategy for blogs that already have a steady ground and want to improve existing content based on top pages outranking their exact keywords.

Using Content at Scale's Existing AI Blog Post Rewrite Tool

So enough talk – let me show you how it works. On the application screen you'll see a few options. In this post we're gonna showcase the format existing blog post from a URL. You can create a blog post from any of the following:

  • Keywords
  • Existing blog post URL
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Custom Audio Files
Creating a long-form, SEO optimized blog post using Content at Scale's "existing blog post URL" blog rewrite feature.

In this case we'll be using an article I had published not so long ago.

It wasn't written poorly but could totally be expanded with more details throughout each paragraph. The original article has 1,140 words and can be read in about 5 minutes.

Let's regenerate it with the rewrite tool and see what changes:

Initial WordPress article that hasn't been modified by Content at Scale

Simply paste the URL into the rewrite tool and click "Create Content Now." This generation uses a single credit, the same as it would for any other article generation.

Pasting an existing blog post from gold penguin into Content at Scale to get a rewrite

You'll be directed to your project dashboard which is where your generated article will show up once it's done.

I'd say give it 5-10 minutes, maybe 15 at max. I was having issues a couple days ago where it took about 2 hours for a single article, but that seems to be fixed now.

Once you see your generated post, you'll see a new word count, a media score, and an SEO score. These numbers are arbitrary but good to know if you're trying to hit a certain metric. You won't get an SEO score until you go through optimizing the entire post. Click the title and you'll go into the editor.

From the preview, we already see an article almost triple the size of what we started with. Whaaaaat!

Content at Scale post summary on. the homepage, showing word count and media score (and that the post is ready for optimization)

Inside our new post we'll see a format similar to what we had before. We have an introduction, table of contents, a paragraph or two giving some background context, and then the actual review. After all the builders are discussed, the tool generated an FAQ paragraph before concluding out the essay.

Beyond the scope of expanding my original content, it took inspiration from some of the top ranking blogs for the best WordPress page builders – I like that a lot.

Top ranking contents for a blog rewritten with content at scale.

This new post did pretty well, but it did miss out something pretty big. It changed the products I had on my list. My original article reviewed 4 WordPress builders:

  • Breakdance
  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • Oxygen

The Content at Scale revision had these 4:

  • Elementor
  • Oxygen
  • Beaver
  • Divi

I'm not sure why this was for, maybe they just prioritize top-ranking results over your own content? It still expanded on these points pretty well, but if I were to post this, I would edit and add my Breakdance article back while keeping the other 4 expanded paragraphs.

I've put the two articles in a separate documents if you wanted to take a look:

The new article also doesn't include any pictures (that's fine – I'm not sure how it would add content-specific pictures haha) it would have been nice if it copied the images from the original article over.

You have a fairly normal editor you can change content directly within the tool if you'd like. This can get sent to your WP site directly if you'd like that too. Every section seems to be formatted very well and the entire article flows into the next. Here's a sample section:

sample section generated by content at scale of an existing blog post

I like the key takeaway's that get generated every few paragraphs. Personally I would move these and format them slightly different than how they come out of the box, but the content is great for TL;DR's

key takeaway section of existing blog post from content at scale

I was super surprised to see the extent of the FAQ section. These are all h2 terms that would possibly come up in a Google search, making them great to include.

They are still relevant to the article and I don't believe they "keyword stuff" anything at all. I am fairly opposed to FAQs on most blog posts since they distract readers from the actual important content of the article, but not this time.

Content at Scale article rewrite feature highlighting important and relevent questions to the article topic

The conclusion was a little underwhelming with all things considered. I would've preferred something wrapping things up in a more casual (and with more content) kind of way.

I don't like how it starts with "In summary" as that seems very elementary style writing. This would definitely need some work from a writer or editor to get polished before. It's probably the weakness point of the whole article.

Conclusion paragraph generated with Content at Scale

Final Results & Some Additional Thoughts

So after comparing both of these, I really love the new piece it produced me. It expanded well upon points I wrote about and included factually correct information.

Overall, I'm very impressed. I'm thinking of hiring a contractor to go through my older articles, put them into C@S, and then expand upon the result. Just look at one of the sample sections it made me:

A section on Oxygen Builder, detailing features and optimizations included in purchasing the product at a fairly in depth scale.

This is truly a great way to expand upon your content and I haven't seen anything that comes close to it in the world of AI writing tools.

At first glance, I thought it was quite pricey and then I thought to myself. Damn, if I paid for the agency plan (this is the highest cost) for $1500 a month, how much does this actually save me in terms of time & manpower from a writer?

100 posts per month ($15 per post) comes out to an estimated $0.005/word (this isn't how they bill though). Half of a cent for a quality rewrite is wonderful. I've paid writers upwards of 10-15 cents a word, so combining both of these together would significantly reduce the cost of my agency writing services.

Again, nothing is perfect – I'm not going to lie and say this is. But from a logical, time, and monetary perspective – this is a very great investment if you are trying to make a strategic writing decision for your agency (whether that's internal or outsourced content).

If you're looking to check out Content at Scale, they've given our readers a 20% credit bonus with the purchase of any plan.

I think the future of AI article writing combines research, web searching, and AI to generate results like this. Excited for the future of this company and the rest of the AI revolution!

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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