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Slack Launches Major UI Redesign

Slack has recently announced their upcoming major UI redesign to provide better focus, organization, and functionality with its enhanced intuitive layout.
Photo by Stephen Phillips on Unsplash
Photo by Stephen Phillips on Unsplash
August 15, 2023 2:28 pm

Slack has recently launched their upcoming UI redesign with providing better organization and more intuitive layout to improve user experience – to be expected in the coming months.

The new and improved Slack UI has an updated sidebar to have easier access to all options, a new view to organize work, and a unified view across workspaces.

The major design update aims to; help users easily navigate through channels and conversations, focus on tasks without distractions, and simplify work with new essential tools. 

“This new interface has further optimized our workspace, allowing us to stay better focused and keep momentum going on tasks while making it easier to quickly access our favorite tools in Slack,” Andy Khan, Manager of Artists Relations in Slack, said in a release.

In a recent tweet from Slack, they showcased a preview GIF of the major improvements.

Now, Slack enables its users with multiple workspaces to easily view and navigate across multiple channels in Home (Enterprise Grid) – no more toggling back and forth. 

According to Slack, their new interface includes a lot of upgrades in;

  • Home - All conversations in both DMs and channels.
  • Activity - A place for app notifications, mentions, reactions, and threads.
  • DMs - A new view for all direct messages.
  • Later - A place to stash saved items and reminders that can be marked as complete, archived, or in progress. 
  • More - Quick access to productivity tools and apps such as canvas, files, workflows, etc. 

Furthermore, the new design allows users to quickly move on to routine actions using the Create (+) button. It makes it easier for users to create new messages, canvases, huddles, and channels.

There is also an update on the Search experience of users where it gives them the ability to click and see the full context of the results. In addition, it is now placed alongside the sidebar.

Slack’s new UI update will definitely boost the productivity of users as it now enables quick and easy access to all of its functions.

More so, they exerted efforts to redesign the interface to ensure that the users would be able to easily navigate, communicate, and collaborate inside the application by its more organized and focused features. 

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Written by Andy Hoo
Andy is an investigative tech journalist at Gold Penguin. Besides being a journalist with the heart and mind for truth and credibility, he is also a passionate content creator who loves making informative and recreational videos. He writes all types of news in the technology & AI industry.
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