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31+ Synthwave Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

Want to have an adventurous, pulsating and, and edgy vibe on your phone wallpaper? Check out these synthwave phone wallpapers by Midjourney that will infuse retro-futuristic aesthetics into your phone’s home screen.
Updated April 8, 2024
synthwave, made with Midjourney
synthwave, made with Midjourney

Synthwave is not just a genre of music that’s soothing to the ears, but also an art style that’s visually striking. Characterized by neon colors and vintage modern, this oozes a combination of chill and energetic atmosphere.

With Midjourney, I’ve created over 31 synthwave phone wallpapers that you can save and use for free. Check them out and immerse yourself in the unique style and eccentric visuals of synthwave aesthetics.Bonus: You’ll find these synthwave images more appealing if you love vibrant purples, pinks, and blues.

The Best Synthwave Phone Wallpapers

We’ve seen how smartphones become slimmer over time. On top of that, we’ve seen them become taller as their manufacturers reduce their thickness. With that said, we’re following a display aspect ratio of 9:20, which looks good on modern phones with longer screens.

The following are the best synthwave phone wallpapers with diverse subjects made with Midjourney. I guarantee they will give your phone’s home screen that retrowave look you’ve been searching for.Trust me; you won’t reach the end of this article empty-handed. Explore all the options below!


This is often one of the most prominent subjects of synthwave art. Whether you want it vintage or sporty, you have a few selections here that you can choose from.


This planet, known for its iconic ring, makes for a great synthwave art subject. Words are not enough to describe its grandeur; just take a look at the images below.

Sunset and Beaches

You’ll always see elements of the sun setting in synthwave images. But also, not forgetting the iconic palm trees and beach views as well.


An thrumming, beacon of life—that’s how synthwave art depicts cities. Want to see the world in ultra vivid perspectives? Look no further than below!


Synthwave visuals can feature humans as their subjects, too. If you prefer portraits as your phone’s wallpaper, this category is made just for you.

Have You Seen Them All?

Having reached this part, you must’ve already found what you like. Don’t hesitate to download whichever or as many as you want. After all,these irresistible synthwave phone wallpapers made using Midjourney are all free in this article.

With Midjourney, you can create images of almost everything, not just synthwave wallpapers. In case you don’t know yet, we’ve also generated plenty of abstract wallpapers for phones using this tool, so also make sure to check them out. Enjoy!

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