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Generate Blog Article Ideas Using ChatGPT's Code Interpreter (Data-Driven SEO)

ChatGPT recently opened up the code interpreter to everyone. I spent a few minutes exporting my Google Search Console data & sent it to get analyzed by the code interpreter to get future article ideas based on real numbers & research
Updated July 10, 2023
chatgpt plus search console
chatgpt plus search console

I have a theory.

Well it's not really a theory, but I finally tested my thoughts.

ChatGPT was always powerful. We've known this since day 1. It blew everyones mind.

But the first thing it was missing was access to the internet. It got that. And it wasn't that great. The next thing it was missing was file interpretation... and we're finally there.

A few days ago, OpenAI released the Code Interpreter to the public. Those with ChatGPT Plus (the premium version) now have access to upload files and talk to ChatGPT about them.

So how can you use this for SEO? Well why don't you upload your queries and pages information from Google Search Console and get article ideas/topics to fill in the missing gaps.

My logic is:

Your keyword data + your page data + ChatGPT = new article suggestions based on research

I've seen SO many twitter threads vomiting ChatGPT nonsense about SEO. Before this, especially without internet access, all ChatGPT was able to do was give you suggestions based on what it was trained on. There's a huge difference when you bring real numbers to the table. You go from looking at nonsensical rearranged ideas to data-driven SEO insights using ChatGPT. That's incredible!

So here's my thought process & how I tested this out:

Create SEO Article Topics with ChatGPT's Code Interpreter

Here's a graph of the last 16 months of me writing about Breakdance Builder. You could see my topical authority shot up in February after writing pretty consistently since last July. I want more though.

I exported this specific search, uploaded both the Queries.csv & Pages.csv to the interpreter & had it run an analysis. You can pretty much ask ChatGPT any variation of "using this data, generate me 10 more article ideas to fill in the gaps and increase my topical authority."

And that was literally all I needed to do. My jaw dropped when I saw the results. It analyzed every single post I had ranking on the topic and made me a list of 10 new articles to write about. Check this out:

Not only does this tell me what articles I should create... it also tells me WHY. That's so huge in the SEO world. You can't just do things. You need to make decisions based off of data.

Every single article idea ChatGPT gave me was a legitimate article that made me say "oh damn that's a great idea." They've been added to my queue of articles I need to write about... and this all came from the data.

I don't have articles directly on these topics/titles. If I have something similar, it still is not good enough on it's own. These articles are 10 genuine topics that I need to write about.

I kind of don't like the formatting of how ChatGPT laid everything out so I wanted to clean it up + generate more ideas. I asked for a list of 20 topic ideas organized by a table:

And that's really it. You can have the table updated further to include potential reached based on the keyword numbers in your original data, which you can then sort the list of articles to see the most popular things to write about (since the list isn't in any particular order right now).

This is pretty awesome. And it's only the start. I really only spent an hour trying to figure out the best way to organize the data & I'm sure many more ideas will come with time. What are your thought? Have you used this for SEO yet?

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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