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Jasper AI: 5 Ways Freelancers Can Make Money Using This Creative AI Writing Tool

Jasper is a powerful content creation tool for writers... but it's only as powerful as the user behind the screen. Here are a few creative ways of using Jasper to make some extra money.
Updated June 6, 2023
a person writing a letter on a desk with a money sign on it as digital art in a photorealistic style
a person writing a letter on a desk with a money sign on it as digital art in a photorealistic style

Oh what a wonderful world we're living in today!

We're living in a time where you could travel to countries while working from your laptop out of a coffee shop. The COVID pandemic resulted in the surge of remote work extending way beyond the realm of quarantine.

People have been fed up working 40 hours and want to be able to work when they want, from where they want! This shift has introduced many freelancers to the world of AI writing tools. If you haven't heard about Jasper AI by now, you've been missing out!

Ok, not actually missing out – but you could really take advantage of your very own copywriting skills combined with the power of AI to boost your freelance writing.

Over the next few minutes we'll dive into some features that you can use to make the most out of Jasper

How To Make Money using Jasper AI

I'm not going to lie to you and claim you can "get rich quick" by generating AI words for hours on end. The content isn't creative, powerful, or lengthy enough on its own. But... combine this with dedication & template engineering and you can boost your output and craft your copywriting skills to get your next gig. How though?

Jasper includes tons of templates that specialize in different fields – marketing, sales, social copy, and general writing. Here are my top 5 ideas of how you can take advantage of Jasper to make money.

Blog Post Outlining & SEO Planning

Assuming you want to sell blog writing services, you could use Jasper to help create your outlines. Not only do you offer expert writing, but you can come to the table with.

Some clients don't really know what angles to approach writing with. They might have a company but little to no experience in SEO services. If you do some keyword research with a tool like ahrefs, you could take low competition keywords and use Jasper to generate an outline for a blog post. This works the best for how-to & tutorial articles.

Blog post product outline using Jasper AI

Do this 20 times for different keyword topics & you can present ideas and topics for your client on top of actually writing articles yourself. Great idea if you're looking for something long-term and more of an SEO-consultant + writing role.

Selling AI Art With DALL-E and Midjourney

This one is a bit more creative. Jasper has a template called 'A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture' in which you can generate picture prompt ideas based on the title of your blog.

If you're looking for more of an artistic freelance opportunity, you could generate image prompt ideas to move into DALL-E or Midjourney. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what words you need to say to get the perfect prompt out of one of these tools.

My thoughts are – use Jasper to generate image ideas to funnel into AI image creation software. You'll get inspiration and see how to fine-tune your words to produce something nice.

Then, sell this art on a platform like Shopify and possibly turn it into a business. A few cool ideas you could base image ideas from are: music, cities, monuments, and countries.

I didn't even prompt the Jasper template with anything too specific and this is what it came up with:

Jasper AI generating art image ideas

I used the first suggestion and it made me some really nice loose/abstract paintings. You could use outpainting to expand this further & generate your art.

If you want to learn some intricacies about selling art online, we've put together an article on that too.

Create The Foundation of a Book

Content is key – but what about entertaining content? That works too! This is a longer sales cycle till you can reap the benefits of Jasper helping you but why not use their Creative Story template to figure out ideas?

Open the Creative Story template and type in a plot. The details in this are pretty incredible – and I don't know how I would've thought of this if it wasn't prompted in front of me. This is great if you have a small brief but don't know where to run with it.

After this, expand in a document editor (like on Jasper or in a legitimate book writing software) and build your creative story. I would read a short story like this if it was presented to me. Food for thought!

Creative story template writing a scary book example with Jasper AI

Offer Landing Page Copywriting Services

Jasper has a really great template for filling in content on landing pages. If you're looking to work with what an existing company already has – offer to create more engaging copy on their landing pages.

A lot of companies either describe their product or hype it up without doing both. If you have a boring description, you won't entice users to "buy now". If you hype things up without describing what you're actually selling, who would buy products?

You could offer creative copywriting services which you could tune Jasper's template to perfect the best ways of describing products. Impress your clients by helping to increase their product conversions while using AI to get you most of the way there

Nearly Automate Your Social Media Copy

If you want to pick up a gig writing creative copy for tweets or instagram posts, try using Jasper's tweet machine template. Really great for positions relating to growing companies. Take over a business twitter and generate tons of tweets that are both creative and engaging.

You could use this for an existing business or to grow social following about posts you write or talk about. People generally don't realize the potential in having an active audience across social platforms can do for your business.

You don't have to be a corporation to generate funny copy & have people knowing your brand as being a funny twitter account. Bring more eyes to your product or service by sharply crafting your messages.

Tweet generation using Jasper AI to increase a brands social media presence

How To Sell Your Creative Writing Services

A lot of websites offer the opportunity to sell Gig work services. I personally like using Upwork. You could use Fiverr if you want to offer cheaper services, but it's really not where professionals will go to sell their content.

Also keep in mind not to overly-rely on AI to produce a majority of the content. You should really aim to use Jasper as an assistant, not a replacement. Some (probably most) clients are going to be very opposed to "AI writing."

Within the next year or two, it will be very uncommon to find writers who are producing any types of writing at scale without the assistance of AI. But for now – people are skeptical. They think AI-assisted articles mean AI-written articles with some human casually signing off on them. In reality, AI writing isn't always a bad thing. Why does it matter who wrote the content if it's good?

Final Thoughts

Try to use these tips to plant a seed in your mind. Brainstorm ways of integrating the powerful features of generative AI tools like Jasper to create & market yourself in unique ways.

The world is changing and the best workers will adapt to the craziness. AI tools will be mainstream within the next 2 years without a doubt. Take advantage of the early-bird special to learn how to craft content and grow yourself as a freelancer

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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