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How To Warm Up Email Domains Using

Warming up a new domain is a crucial step in making sure your email campaigns get delivered properly. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to enable email warming using Instantly.AI
Updated March 4, 2023

Warming up an email domain is important for establishing a positive reputation with email providers to avoiding having your emails being marked as spam.

Email providers don't have any data on your sending practices when you first use a new domain or send out emails, so gradually building up your sending volume over time is necessary to prove your sender trustworthiness.

By monitoring your sending practices and collecting data on metrics like open and click-through rates, email providers can determine whether your emails are valuable to other people and whether you're a trustworthy sender. This is especially important when trying to run email campaigns.

Over the next few minutes we'll go over exactly how to set this up using - a fairly new email-sending platform that's been rising in popularity recently because of its unlimited warm-up selling feature. Compared to alternatives like Lemlist, you can use Instantly for multiple companies (with unlimited domains on each) for a single price.

Alright, let's get into it.

How To Warm Up Email Domains using Instantly AI

Step 1: Connect your new email 

Once you've logged into Instantly, you will be directed to a page where you can manage your connected domains. If you haven't connected any domains yet, the page will appear differently than what mine looks like below. Either way,  to add a new domain or email, simply click on the blue outlined button labeled "Add New." 

Add New button on Instantly.AI email accounts page

Step 2: Turning Email Warm Up On

Once you connect your domain email, you’re going to see the flame icon. But it’s going to be gray for you. A notification/popup may pop up telling you about warming up, but just proceed or click continue when it pops up. 

Turning on Email Warming in Instantly.AI by clicking the grey flame icon.

Step 3: Understanding Email Warmup Stats

‎Once you click into the email you’re working with and after you’ve clicked the flame 🔥 icon, you’ll see two tabs scroll out. You should now see “Warmup” & “Settings”.

You won’t see any graph bars yet because those represent the number of emails that were sent per day. 

Once this has been running for a few days, you’ll see the bars turn green (and the numbers increase). Don't freak out if some of them are red – that’s perfectly normal! That means the warmup service doing its job. When you see a variety of colors it means Instantly is saving emails from spam – it's just letting you know when it does it. 

Do you see where it says “100% of your warmup emails landed in inbox”? This is pretty much the general score Instantly is giving your domain. I like to see anything above 80% (below is when it gets concerning). We'll go over what to do if warmup numbers have fallen under 60% later in the article.

Instantly ai warmup settings showing 100% of emails landing in inbox (none directed to spam)

Step 4: Adjusting your warmup settings

Scroll down until you see “Warmup Settings | Advanced". You want to turn everything on here. The goal of warmup is to replicate the sending habits of a normal email account. Turning on weekday only, read emulation, and custom tracking domains are all part of the process to boosting your email credibility in the fastest amount of time possible.

For these ramp-up settings below, we reccomend the following: 

Increase per day: 1 

Daily Warmup limit: 20

Reply Rate: 30% 

Instantly AI email warmup increasing by 1 email a day, 20 warmup limit, with a 30% reply rate.

P.S. Take note of your warmup filter tag. You’re going to need this!

Once you’re done, click “Save” at the bottom. 

Instantly AI warmup settings save button

Step 5: Create a Gmail Filter for Your Warmup Emails

Remember when I told you to keep track of that code in your warmup settings?

That's because when you turn on warmup mode, you'll get tons of fake emails from random senders. But don't freak out - that's exactly what the tool is supposed to do.

All email warmup does is replicate natural email sending patterns to build credibility. To do this, you'll have simulated emails sent to you during the entire warmup process.

To hide these, we just need to create a filter in Gmail so all those phony emails don't clog up the inbox. 

Navigate to & click settings (the gear icon in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox.)

Once you’re in the settings, click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”.

Click on “Create a new filter”. 

You’re going to see a few options once you click it. You’re going to paste the code you got from Instantly. Paste it next to “Has the words”, and click “Create Filter”. Don’t click “Search”.

  • Check off “Skip the inbox (Archive it)”
  • Check off Apply the label
    • Create a label titled “Warmup”
    • Click “Also apply the matching conversations” 

Then you’re all set to click “Create Filter”. If you followed all steps, you shouldn’t see your warmup emails in your inbox and should automatically archived. 


Sending cold emails is a huge part of growing a successful business – and warming them up is a must! Using Instantly makes it super easy to them up and start reaching clients. Hope this tutorial helped you set up warmups & leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂 

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Written by Jonathan Garces
Jonathan is a digital marketing expert. After sending hundreds of thousands of emails, Jonathan cracked the code on what gets somebody to reply – authenticity & transparency. Jonathan writes about his emailing experiences and has quickly became the go-to guy for learning about how to connect with your target audience.
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