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Who is "The Car Dealership Guy" on Twitter? A Deep Dive

The anonymous CarDealershipGuy has leveraged 15+ years of auto industry experience into 400k Twitter followers with his candid, insider perspective on car buying tips, shady dealer tactics, and data-driven market analyses. Here's what (little) we know about him
A cartoon mockup photo of Car Dealership Guy, made with Midjourney
A cartoon mockup photo of Car Dealership Guy, made with Midjourney
December 20, 2023 10:27 am

If you keep up with cars, business, and entrepreneurship, there’s a huge chance you’ve heard of the Car Dealership Guy on Twitter. With over 400k Twitter followers, CarDealershipGuy has become the leading source for insider knowledge on cars, dealerships, and the auto industry.

But who is CarDealershipGuy? What’s behind his success and growing popularity? Here’s what we know about him and what you could learn after doing a deep dive into his account and history.

CarDealershipGuy has been working in car dealerships for over 15 years, with experience across sales, finance, leadership and even ownership. This diverse insider perspective equips him with invaluable insights into dealer operations, the used car business, and what makes the auto industry tick.

The Secret of His Popularity

He’s made quite the impact in recent years, sharing invaluable insights into the realms of car-buying, dealer operations, and the inner workings of the used-car business. Thanks to his combination of consumer advocacy and big-picture economic insights.

Breaking the boundaries of the auto industry, he mixes wisdom with humor, provides practical car-buying tips, and gives an unbiased perspective on the automotive industry world—all, of course from the eyes of a seasoned car dealer of 15 years.

What Do We Know About This Guy?

There’s really little to know about him aside from a few articles that interviewed him. He doesn’t share his name or where he’s located and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. 

As he shared in an interview, "I’ve seen a lot of different types of experiences, different types of dealerships, and customers that leave happy, as well as customers that are not happy with their experience." This breadth of knowledge helps him relate to both dealers and everyday car buyers.

From that, he started sharing his insights from the inside of the industry which led to some rapid growth. He said it himself: his quick growth is a microcosm for the fact that people are thirsty for this type of knowledge … They just feel like there’s a lot that they don’t know about the industry”.

And he isn’t wrong because it correlates with the amount of young licensed drivers, according to statistics in 2021 in the United States alone, about 17.44 million U.S. licensed drivers were at age between 20 and 24 years old, which pretty much says that there are a lot of young drivers out there that probably could benefit from a well-informed teacher like himself. 

His Authenticity

One of the things that the average consumer also liked about him is his authenticity, he said on his chat with Auto Remarking, "Other than offering to sell cars to customers, which you're providing real value with, I haven't made money, I haven't sold courses," he remarked in his interview with Auto Remarking. "I'm not doing it for the money," he continues, "I'm doing it because I enjoy teaching others and sharing my knowledge, also it's been an excellent networking tool for me”. 

His love to provide fresh and unheard information about the car dealership world plus a genuine intention to help the average people, made him the popular guru we have today. 

Rather, his motivation comes from a genuine desire to teach people what he knows. "I'm doing it because I enjoy teaching others and sharing my knowledge, also it's been an excellent networking tool for me."

This lack of financial incentive and products to push helps him retain an authentic, unbiased voice - a huge driver behind his loyal following.

Some Of His Previously Tweeted Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts


  • Check the cleanliness of a business's bathroom to gauge if it is well-run
  • Indian customers are tough negotiators
  • Focus relentlessly on price, credit/financing, or value when selling cars
  • Trade-ins are the most profitable way for dealers to acquire inventory
  • Avoid buying a car on Saturdays when it's busy and inventory is picked over
  • Consider a car with minor previous damage for a good reliable deal
  • Always check the Carfax again 30 days after purchase for any newly reported accidents
  • Test cold car starts yourself after vehicle has sat for 24+ hours


  • Get trade-in appraised before negotiating price to avoid dealer making up margin
  • Detail and clear check engine light when selling your old beater to maximize profit
  • Show warmed-up cars to hide faulty engine noises
  • Advertise below-market prices but lowball trade-in value to make up margin


  • Most car dealers are burnt out and stuck in their own echo chambers
  • Women make more money than men in used cars - they close more sales
  • Car dealers will open inventory-less showrooms as ecommerce rises
  • The car business is all about people and relationships, not cars

His Socials

His helping hand doesn’t only expand to Twitter with his podcast but also to his own YouTube channel, where he shares more insights with some of the most notable names in the industry such as Alex Vetter, CEO of Cars Commerce. He also shared a CDG Insurance Policy on his Twitter account which contains insights into the car market, auto lending and economy to his monthly email to 50K+ subscribers.

He has a website that provides a range of services to car buyers and sellers and a newsletter that provides transparent insights into the car market through the lens of a car dealer.

A One of a Kind Teacher

Beyond industry basics, CarDealershipGuy provides plenty of actionable advice for car buyers and sellers. He cautions people to really scrutinize financing terms before signing, as loan rates and prices hit all-time highs.

He also makes predictions on market fluctuations, sometimes incorrectly but often right based on his data analysis. As he notes, "If you just follow the data I'm laying out, it almost always points you in the right direction of where prices are heading."

Although we have little knowledge of what's behind the mask, the people continue to believe him. Despite the fact that a lot of automobile dealers might not like him for his brutally honest thoughts on the industry, he’s super helpful. In moments like this, it's not about digging out who's behind the mask, it's about appreciating what he's done, and it's pretty obvious with his huge popularity and growing success. 

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