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89+ Airplane Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

An airplane is more picturesque than most people think. If you love them, you might want to set them as your wallpaper. Here's a bunch of airplane wallpapers made with Midjourney
Updated April 2, 2024
Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa on Unsplash
Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa on Unsplash

Using Midjourney, you can now have this gigantic flying vehicle inside your pocket saved as your phone’s wallpaper. While it’s not the same as watching an airplane's breathtaking takeoff or landing, it’s still pretty lovely. This is especially perfect for aerophiles who love planespotting and anything related to aviation. 

Whether you’re one of them or someone who just landed here for other reason, these awesome airplane phone wallpapers by Midjourney will fill you with awe. So, get ready to be dazzled and start scrolling!

The Best Airplane Phone Wallpapers

You don’t have to go to an airport or be anywhere near an airplane anymore just to keep a weather eye on it in person, for these phone wallpapers by Midjourney eternalize its ephemeral moments in the air and different places on earth. That said, you can already have a glimpse of this spectacular aircraft wherever you are.

Like an airplane, time flies fast. Before, we had phones with really small screens. Now, we have them in varying sizes, most as big as our hands. Since taller phones continue to be the trend, we’re going for a display aspect ratio of 9:20 for these airplane phone wallpapers. Are you excited to see them? Let’s go!

Airplane in a Sunset

There’s nothing more majestic than watching an airplane gliding through the golden or purplish hues of a sunset. Just look at how spectacular these images are.

In the Night Sky

An aerodynamic structure and celestial bodies in one image—a great depiction of how little everything is compared to the vastness of the sky. I mean, the wallpapers below says it all.

Among the Clouds

An airplane soaring in the sky in all its glory can be a wondrous experience that clears your mind, leaving you awestruck. Come and  find comfort in these images of an airplane surrounded by soft, cotton clouds.

During a Thunderstorm

Do you want to add a touch of thrilling elements to your wallpaper? Check out these photos of an airplane traversing through the formidable nature of thunder and lightning.

Views from the Cockpit

If you’re a passionate aviator, you’ll love these wallpapers. These background images will keep you inspired, especially if you’re a student pilot dreaming of flying an airplane independently one day.

Window Seat Views

I’ve always dreamed of traveling by plane, and being able to soak in the beautiful aerial views from the window seat. Perhaps one day, I’ll soar above the skies and see it with my very eyes. For now,, I’ll content myself with these Midjourney wallpapers to marvel at.

Across the Wilderness

Oh to be a lone airplane flying across the misty mountain ranges and thriving forests. It certainly gives off an enchanting and imaginative feeling to an image.. So if you want a combination of calm and obscurity, these digital photos might just be the right one for you!

Flying Over a City

A blend of two of humanity’s greatest man-made creations—that’s what you’ll find here. As wallpapers, these cinematic views of an airplane over an urbanized city will liven up the your phone’s home screen.

Airplane Landing

There's comfort in watching an airplane land—of the fact that it’s arrived safely in its destination. That connotation alone is enough to make it a special subject of a wallpaper.

Did You Enjoy the View (Wallpaper Edition)?

Before you depart from this article, I hope you find these airplane phone wallpapers exhilarating as much as I do. Also, unlike plane tickets, they’re all free so download as many as you can—there are over 89 of them. You can even save them all if you want!

Now, if you want to go beyond the skies, we also have another article featuring space and nature. Through the lens of Midjourney, we can see pretty much everything under the sun, even from outer space and all the intangible things we can never fully see. That’s how powerful Midjourney is—just like an airplane’s propellers are.

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