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The field of AI is moving extremely fast. It seems like every other week a new set of tools are released promising to change the world. But how much of this is fluff? We've curated a list of the best casual AI newsletters that you can read to learn about the newest tools in the artificial intelligence and machine learning world. It's becoming easier than ever to stay informed about one of the most exciting technologies ever made. 
Best Overall
AI Breakfast
AI Breakfast is an casual AI newsletter providing real examples & tutorials on how to make use of some of the best AI software with your daily workflow.
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Best For New Products
Ben's Bites
Ben's Bites offers news about AI & then a bunch of web and software tools to help you make use of the technology. If you want to see everything that's getting released, this is for you!
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Best For Casual Reading
Unwind AI
This newsletter gives a brief overview on what's new in AI. You'll get news, reviews, hot topics & some funny memes. It's a must-have!
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Best For In-Depth ML/AI
The Batch
The Batch is a comprehensive weekly newsletter aimed at AI practitioners and executives, providing up-to-date information on AI developments and their impact on society in a clear and practical manner
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AI is rapidly transforming the way we live and work. Regardless of your specialities, new tools are rapidly being released to advance the marketing, technological, and creative industries. With this flood of content comes the importance of sifting the quality from the noise. There's simply so much happening in such a short period of time that it's hard to keep up with what actually matters!

If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, you should probably subscribe to a newsletter. There are tons of consumer and enterprise newsletters that aim to inform and educate readers on the newest advancements in the field.

In this article, we'll go over the current world of AI newsletters - a great way to staying informed about the latest developments and trends in AI without having to spend countless hours searching for the newsletter fix you've been looking for.

We've taken account factors such as frequency of publication, depth of content, target audience, and more. So, whether you're a curious individual or a professional looking to expand your knowledge, keep on reading to find out the best AI newsletters of 2023.

The Best Casual AI Newsletters Of 2023

We've narrowed down the best newsletters based on readability, content, and expertise. We've come up with the following 4 based on a bunch of characteristics, but they're all a great read!

1) AI Breakfast

Overview: A weekly newsletter giving a brief about a select few news topics in the AI world. The newsletter provides real examples on how to make use of some of the best AI software with your daily workflow.

AI Breakfast is a curated weekly analysis of the latest AI projects, products, and news. They've first talk a bit about AI news before going into ways you can use these tools to boost the productivity in your life. The newsletter bridges the gap between ideas and execution. They highlight real companies making use of groundbreaking technologies to create some really cool things.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, indie-hackers, data scientists, researchers, academics, business people, and engineers

Not for: Non-technical individuals, bite-sized readers, or formal audiences.

AI Breakfast newsletter example stories and content

2) Ben's Bites

Overview: A weekly newsletter giving you a brief update of the AI world & includes links to a bunch of the newest software tools for various industries that use AI.

Ben bites... a lot of things. This newsletter is aimed to tell you a little bit about a lot of things! If you're looking for a very brief overview about every single software & AI integration released in the last week, this is for you. Unlike Synthetic Mind, Ben provides a quick brief about some recent AI news & then separates the rest of the newsletter into one-liners with links to things like Code Tools, Learning, and Miscellaneous AI applications. Think of the newsletter as a charcuterie board of AI software.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, tech-savvy individuals, software engineers, indie hackers, and those a bit more familiar with the artificial intelligence industry.

Not for: In-depth technical or math-heavy readers, long-form readers, or more formal audiences.

Ben's Bites example newsletter & inside content

3) The Batch

Overview: The Batch is focused on the latest developments and advancements in AI while focusing on the greater picture. It provides in-depth coverage of key topics such as legal issues, technological advancements, and public policy surrounding AI, with a particular focus on their impact and implications across society as a whole.

The Batch is a weekly newsletter that provides the latest news and insights about the rapidly evolving field of AI. Designed for aspiring and active practitioners of machine learning, as well as executives, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in understanding AI, The Batch offers a concise and authoritative perspective on this complex subject. Written in clear language and free of jargon, The Batch delivers a curated selection of the top stories, breaking them into easy-to-consume chunks of the most important information. With a focus on practical value and expert analysis, the newsletter is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in AI.

Best For: Machine learning engineers, Data scientists, AI practitioners, Technical managers and executives in AI-related fields, Computer vision engineers, Natural language processing engineers, Robotics engineers, Deep learning engineers, and Research scientists

Not For: Casual tech readers, generalist learners, short-form content seekers, and non-technical professionals

The Batch AI newsletter recent stories

4) The AI Revolution

Are you looking for a bit about everything in the AI space? I'm talking funding, tools, papers, and even AI photo of the week? That's what you'll get with The AI Revolution. This newsletter combines a few different sectors to really get a potpourri of everything going on in the industry.

This newsletter feels more conversational and handpicked, highlighting some really unique and trending topics in the sector over the last week.

If you're looking for something with a little bit about everything, this is a great go to get your fix!

5) Unwind AI

Unwind is an up & coming casual newsletter about the newest advancements over the last few weeks. I really like this one because it has a few spicy takes in it. There's more opinionated pieces and thoughts on what's going on in the community.

You'll see weekly tools, news, memes, and more. The newsletter is a good if you want a tiny bit about everything, but seems to brush over things quickly. If you're looking for something more in-depth, this isn't the newsletter for you. If you want something brief, this might be your newsletter!

Unwind AI newsletter screenshot showing a few technology picks in the AI industry over the last week

6) Synthetic Mind

Overview: The Synthetic Mind newsletter is a perfect choice for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence, but who doesn't have the time or desire to delve into lengthy articles or technical jargon. This weekly newsletter provides a concise and engaging overview of the most relevant topics, news, and software updates in the AI industry. In just a 5-minute read, readers can stay up-to-date on the latest developments and advancements in the field.

Best for: Tech enthusiasts, business moguls, students and academics in computer science & engineering, and anyone else with an interest in how AI is shaping our world.

Not for: In-depth technical or math-heavy readers, long-form readers, or more formal audiences.

Synthetic Mind AI newsletter and inside content

How To Choose The Right AI Newsletter

With so many new AI newsletters popping up, it can be overwhelming to figure out which you'd actually enjoy reading. To choose the right AI newsletter, consider your level of expertise in the field. If you're a beginner, Synthetic Mind or AI Breakfast. If you know a bit more about tech, you might want a newsletter that talks about daily software and tools you could implement today, if so – Ben's Bites. And lastly, if you want a newsletter that dives deep into technical discussions and emerging research you should go with The Batch. You really want go wrong with any of them, they're all extremely interesting reads about technology that is actively changing the world.

Another factor to consider when choosing an AI newsletter is the format. Some newsletters provide long-form articles, while others offer short news briefs. Decide what kind of content you prefer and how much time you have to read it.


Ultimately, the right AI newsletter is the one that meets your needs and keeps you informed about the latest developments in the field. By considering your expertise, content preferences, and testing out the waters, you can select a newsletter that is tailored to your interests and helps you stay up-to-date in the rapidly evolving world of AI.

All of these newsletters are great choices for staying up to date with the latest AI knowledge and news. Some are more tech focused while some are more conversational. Regardless of your knowledge in the field, all of these newsletters offer a great understanding about the industry and share their knowledge with their readers.

Start exploring the world of AI through these newsletter! It's an exciting time to get involved with AI and Machine Learning. We're at a turning point in society where we'll soon see the best innovations get integrated into nearly every field of our lives! Staying informed now will help you stay ahead of the curve as the future unfolds.

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