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Ultimate Breakdance Builder Resources & Tutorials List (Free & Paid)

No matter your background, everyone can create stunning websites with Breakdance Builder. However, it has a little learning curve and is quite new. Here are my choices for the best Breakdance Builder tutorials and resources on the internet:
Updated October 3, 2023

Despite being way younger than other major WordPress builders, Breakdance Builder has already made quite a name for itself due to its user-friendly interface and robust feature set.

The goal was to combine the best features of all the major builders and combine them into an optimized powerhouse.

But what use are those features if you don’t know how to use them?

I've been writing about Breakdance since it first came out & recently went hunting for blog posts, walkthroughs, and video demos that showcase how to use it the best.

Here are my hand-picked recommendations for the best guides on how to make the most out of Breakdance Builder

Written Tutorials

Looking for a good Breakdance tutorial? We've got you covered.

Beyond the official documentation, a few places online have some good written tutorials:

Gold Penguin (right here!!!)

Need something more in-depth? Our very own collection of dozens of Breakdance Builder tutorials range from beginner guides like an intro to global blocks to more advanced walkthroughs like creating parallax animations and ParticleJS backgrounds.

Gold Penguin Breakdance Builder Tutorials

Apart from tutorials, we also create articles for relevant news, comparisons against other builders, and plugins to enhance the platform.


Another great resource is from SUPA Mike. You can check out SupaDezign’s collection of how-tos for Breakdance.

His catalog of tutorials focuses on maximizing your Breakdance editor to create websites comparable to those built by developers.

Most of his tutorials are concise and to the point, perfect for those seeking a quick and efficient solution for something rather complex.

SupaDezign Breakdance Builder Tutorials

YouTube Channels

For the visual learners out there, here are my recommendations for the best Breakdance Builder guides on YouTube:

Official Breakdance Channel

To supplement their documentation, Breakdance has a YouTube channel where they post design guides, troubleshooting tutorials, and in-depth comparisons between their features and Elementor.

Breakdance Builder YouTube Channel

Gold Penguin

Starting Breakdance from scratch? We got you too. We have our very own 12-part tutorial out on YouTube going over most things you should know about key processes and features.

The guides start from installing WordPress locally and extend to the essentials of Breakdance Builder, such as global settings, post types, search functionality, and WooCommerce setup.

Gold Penguin YouTube Channel


Creating a new website as a beginner can be overwhelming. Learn the basics of Breakdance Builder with ThriveWP. They have a one-hour video on the fundamentals of the website creator, as well as supplementary videos on customizing your Breakdance menu, creating headers and footers, and global settings customization.

ThriveWP YouTube Channel


Once you know the basics, it’s time to fully explore what Breakdance can do. Sup4Mike (also the writer of SupaDezign) has a Breakdance tutorial series for niche applications such as scrolling animations, parallax effect for images, and complete layout walkthroughs.

SupaTutorials YouTube Channel

PK Almost Inevitable

If your focus is e-commerce, you should also consider PK Almost Inevitable for Breakdance guides. The channel has a comprehensive but beginner-friendly 21-part series on creating an online store, starting with setting up Breakdance Builder and WooCommerce to deployment.

PK also shows off how to use more advanced features combining BD and WooCommerce, like the cart functionality, order tracking, and product page editing.

PK Almost Inevitable YouTube Channel

Design With Cracka

Design With Cracka is similar to SupaTutorials, which focuses on the more advanced aspects of Breakdance Builder. From creating a multi-row sticky header to two-column layouts, you can’t go wrong with him either, plus he's super active in the Facebook community.

Design With Cracka YouTube Channel

Moreover, Cracka also has an interview on their channel with the founder of Breakdance, Louis Reingold. He details the main selling points of Breakdance, the pain points it addresses, and the future of the product.

If you want something with higher quality, you can also check out paid Breakdance Builder courses. We have our very own, but there's honestly not too much else yet since the builder is so new.

Gold Penguin’s BD Builder 101

Feeling unsatisfied with free Breakdance tutorials? We offer a complete Breakdance Builder course to teach beginners and industry veterans alike how to create websites and successfully deploy them in a matter of hours.

This entire course is taught by myself. I've been working with Oxygen (same company different builder) who adapted BD from the very early days.

Gold Penguin Breakdance Builder 101

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Five (5) hours of WordPress and Breakdance Builder content with subtitles.
  • Valuable tips and tricks.
  • Walkthrough of Breakdance’s design library.
  • Performance optimization and website security.
  • Deployment guide.
  • And more!

You can purchase the entire course for a one-time payment of $99. 

PK’s Breakdance For Agency Work

Planning to start a web development agency? Ensure your client’s satisfaction with PK’s Breakdance For Agency Work course.

This guide, which currently retails at $74.47, covers all the essentials of Breakdance Builder, including design, development, deployment, and maintenance.

PK Breakdance Builder For Agency Work Course

Support Channels

You don’t always have to rely on tutorials and guides with Breakdance Builder — sometimes, all it takes is to ask a question. Apart from their contact form, you can contact Breakdance on their official Facebook group. It’s a growing community of over 8,000 Breakdance Builder employees, web developers, and industry professionals.

Apart from that, you can also join the unofficial Breakdance Builder Discord channel with 300 members. 

Did we miss anything? Or have you used any of the resources above? Comment your thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you.

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