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Enable SVG Uploads with Breakdance Builder (Without a Plugin)

In just a few clicks, you can embrace SVGs for an exceptional user experience, elevating your website's aesthetics and interactivity on your Breakdance website.
Updated April 17, 2023
a computer monitor in a colorful futuristic room with a desk, as a simple photorealistic 4k image
a computer monitor in a colorful futuristic room with a desk, as a simple photorealistic 4k image

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) have revolutionized the way we approach web design, offering a versatile and powerful image format tailored for modern web experiences.

In certain cases, SVGs truly shine, providing designers and developers with the ability to create crisp, responsive, and interactive graphics that seamlessly adapt to a wide range of devices and resolutions.

Perfect for icons, logos, and illustrations, SVGs maintain their sharpness and clarity regardless of size, ensuring that your website always looks its best.

With their text-based nature, SVGs also enable easy editing and manipulation using JavaScript and CSS, opening up a world of creative possibilities that can elevate your web designs to new heights. Embracing the potential of SVGs can set your website apart and provide an exceptional user experience that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more!

What Exactly Are SVGs?

An SVG is a widely-used image format designed for the web. Unlike traditional raster image formats like JPEG or PNG, which store images as a collection of pixels, SVGs use XML-based text to define shapes, colors, and positions of various elements. This means that SVG images can be easily scaled up or down without losing quality, making them ideal for responsive web designs and high-resolution displays.

Since SVGs are text-based, they are easily editable and can be manipulated using JavaScript and CSS, offering increased flexibility and interactivity in web designs. They are well-suited for icons, logos, illustrations, and other graphics where sharpness and clarity at various sizes are important. However, SVGs may not be the best choice for complex photographic images, as they can lead to larger file sizes compared to optimized raster formats.

Possible Dangers of SVG Files

Allowing users to upload SVG files to your website can be risky. Here's why:

  1. Code Injection: Since SVG files are essentially text files containing XML code, they can potentially contain malicious code. An attacker could embed JavaScript within an SVG file, which might be executed when the file is viewed on your website, leading to security vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
  2. Phishing Attacks: Malicious SVG files can be crafted to look like legitimate website elements, such as buttons or logos. Unsuspecting users might interact with these deceptive elements, potentially leading to phishing attacks where users reveal sensitive information.
  3. Resource Exhaustion: Poorly optimized or maliciously crafted SVG files can consume a lot of resources when rendered, leading to performance issues on your website or even crashing users' browsers.

You obviously won't add a malicious SVG file to your site, but be careful allowing any user to upload one in something like a post comment!

How To Enable SVGs in Breakdance Builder Without a Plugin

It's actually super simple to turn on. Go to the admin panel of your WordPress website -> Breakdance -> Settings -> Advanced -> Allow SVG Uploads in the WP Media Library

Once you've enabled them, you can upload SVG files to your media library without any warning or blockage. Just be sure you know the possible risks of doing so! If you'd rather use a plugin, the Breakdance team suggests Safe SVG instead of just directly enabling it on your site.

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