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How to Humanize School Essays and Make Them Undetectable

Making truly undetectable AI-generated essays is harder than ever before. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind before turning in your midterms:
Updated May 24, 2024
AI in education, generated with Midjourney
AI in education, generated with Midjourney

Have you tried passing an AI-generated essay lately? If so, I’m sure you’ve noticed how hard it is to slip by AI detectors nowadays.

The reason for this is two-fold: teachers are becoming more aware of what AI-generated text looks like and AI detectors are quickly catching up to LLMs. Even free ones are less prone to false positives and negatives.

But fear not, because I’m here to teach you how to bypass these detectors using your own twist and a little help from Undetectable AI. Stay tuned!

How To Humanize Text By Yourself

Before you use any software, there are ways to humanize text by simply editing it yourself. Here are some telltale signs that an essay came from LLMs and how to fix them:

  • Repetition. Most AI texts suffer from repetition. This comes in the form of repeating words, sentences, or phrases. Make sure to read the entire AI-generated text and remove recurring parts or thoughts.
  • Common AI Words. I can always tell that a document came from an AI when I read certain words. This includes “leverage”, “galvanize”, “paradigm”, “utilize”, and more.
  • Lack of Flow. AI-generated essays are monotonous. Introduce some level of variety to your text to make it appear more human.
  • Lists. Ever come across a bullet list in an essay? If so, that likely means it came from an AI. 
  • Similes. In an effort to appear more human, LLMs usually use figures of speech. However, they prefer to use similes more than metaphors, and that’s why you’ll see a lot of AI-generated sentences start with “It’s like…” or “Imagine a…”

How To Humanize Essays Using Undetectable AI

If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, I highly recommend using Undetectable AI to humanize text. It’s an AI bypassing tool that can avoid detection by rewriting AI-generated documents. 

Undetectable AI is also simple to use: you just need to input your text, select the correct output parameters (readability, use case), and let it do its magic. You can read more about Undetectable AI in our full review here.

For example, here’s an essay generated with ChatGPT along with its Undetectable AI equivalent:


Undetectable AI

When I envisioned my artistic journey, brilliant splashes of color danced before my mind's eye. Now, I wish to bring that kaleidoscope of creativity to your renowned institution. My brushstrokes capture the ethereal essence of emotion itself, transporting viewers to transcendent mental spaces.

I am not merely a painter, but a storyteller spinning visual yarns interwoven with raw human truth. My soul's canvas aches to adorn your hallowed halls. Grant me the honor of embellishing your empty spaces with visions that will elevate your guests to the lofty planes occupied by the artistic masters.

When I imagined my journey, as an artist, bursts of color danced in my mind. Now I aspire to bring that range of creativity to your institution. Through my brushstrokes I aim to capture the essence of emotions offering viewers a glimpse, into transcendent realms of thought.

I see myself not as a painter. As a storyteller weaving visual tales infused with authentic human experiences. My hearts desire is to enrich your revered spaces with art that will transport your visitors to the realms inhabited by artists.

ChatGPT + Undetectable AI + QuillBot

AI Likelihood Score: 54.6%

Colors danced in my head as I envisioned my path as an artist. I now hope to introduce that level of inventiveness to your organization. I want to convey the essence of emotions through my brushstrokes, giving people a peek into otherworldly mental realms.

I do not consider myself a painter. As a visual storyteller who incorporates real-life human situations into her storytelling. My greatest wish is to enhance your hallowed areas with artwork that will take your guests to the worlds of artists.

Now, let’s check how well Undetectable AI’s output does against Sapling AI, one of the best free AI detectors in the market:

If you need more proof, you can also use Undetectable AI’s Human Typer Google Chrome extension. This mimics human typing including making and fixing mistakes for Google Docs. Here’s our in-depth review and tutorial of this extension.

A few things to take note when using Undetectable AI: It’s not perfect. It uses intentional human mistakes (misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors) to avoid detection. These issues wouldn’t pass your professor’s smell test, so make sure to fix these before submitting your essay.

Why You Need To Humanize School Essays

Now you know how to do all that, we need to discuss the reason why you need to humanize AI-generated essays in the first place. Even those who don't use AI need to humanize their school essays as well. Why? It’s simple.

AI detection tools have stepped up over the last couple of years. Gone are the days when OpenAI could make a claim that AI detectors are unreliable and no one bats an eye. Most detectors, even those that are free, can reasonably detect AI content from a mile away. Based on our latest testingWinston, Copyleaks, and Sapling AI in particular, showcase a high level of accuracy in true positive tests.

And there’s also the matter of false positives. Yes, AI detectors are more reliable now than ever before, but they can still make mistakes. False positives can tarnish the reputation of honest students, and such was the case for Louise Stivers and William Quarterman of UC Davis.

Another reason why it’s important to humanize AI-generated text is because of AI hallucinations. LLMs have a tendency to create fictional information if it means satisfying your prompt. Double-checking AI essays is a quick way to ensure you’re not passing something completely false.

That’s why, no matter if you use AI or not, you should always humanize your school essays

Last Reminders

One last reminder to all students: don’t make this a habit.

I understand the stress that comes with education. The fear of failing, the urgency to meet deadlines, the feeling of inadequacy when comparing yourself to your peers. Those are things you’re supposed to go through in life. Don’t take the easy way out by entrusting your school essays to an LLM.

Instead, use it as a tool that can boost your study habits. Make it your tutor whenever you don’t understand a topic. Use it to create outlines. Do everything except make it write your school essays. Always remember that cheating is often a valid reason for suspension, no matter where you’re studying.

Interested in learning more about AI’s role in education? Listen to what teachers have to say about it in this article. Enjoy reading!

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Written by John Angelo Yap
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