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Undetectable AI Review – How To Easily Bypass AI Writing Detection

Undetectable AI has easily proved itself as one of (if not the best) AI bypassing softwares in 2023. In just seconds, you can paste your writing and have a new result that makes ChatGPT-writing completely undetectable from most AI writing detection tools
Updated September 28, 2023
a robot poorly trying to hide behind a wall but doing sticking out, funny 4k photorealistic art
a robot poorly trying to hide behind a wall but doing sticking out, funny 4k photorealistic art

AI has been the hottest topic in the tech world over the last year, and you'd probably be sleeping under a rock if you've never heard of ChatGPT.

And we're really only seeing the beginning of the revolution. We haven't reached the point of mass consciousness yet where people really understand what's about to take place.

With the release of ChatGPT last November came a flood of questions by parents, teachers, business owners, and then people like me and you.

Once of these questions was how can you actually detect AI writing?

The short answer is: run it through an AI detection tool that may or may not be accurate.

I know this because I've tested my own writing tons of times. Essays from college, blogs I wrote recently, and paragraphs I generated with ChatGPT. With varying levels of success, I've seen these detectors in action. Some of them really don't work very well.

When using AI detection tools, you run into the possibility of over-detecting many people (which I'd argue is a lot worse than under-detecting).

We've seen students get in trouble when they submitted a normal school paper, without the assistance of any kind of AI. It's even more troubling because AI detection works by analyzing patterns, so it really is only a good "estimate" at its best guess.

With this came the introduction of tools that actually helped people do the opposite, tool that let you bypass AI detection tools. And in my opinion, the best one to do so is called Undetectable AI.

How Undetectable AI Works

It's super simple actually. All you have to do is take a piece of your writing and paste it into their tool. In about 60 seconds you'll get a revised piece of writing that bypasses most of the popular AI writing detection tools (and yes, both the harsh & forgiving ones)

It takes your writing and is able to rephrase your words & sentence syntax to make it seem more a lot more human-like. Check this out, I got a generic response from ChatGPT, threw it into Undetectable and then tested both results:

And here's what it looks like in Content at Scale, GPTZero, and Originality AI's detection tools:

Pretty awesome, right? And it's really affordable to change a bunch of writing at scale.

Key Features

You'll have a few options you can change if you want to get a bit more creative.

Readability Level

You can adjust the readability of your adjusted writing to range from high school all the way to doctorate level. You could also change the tone to be more like a journalist or aimed at marketing copy.

Purpose of Writing

You could combine the readability level with the intended purpose of your writing like essays, articles, stories, cover letter, or business reports. You could make some very niche rewrites, like to rewrite essays in the context of college, a doctorate level business report, etc.

Readability vs Human Scale

Another great feature is the choice to depend how "much" you want to change your writing. If you want it more readable, you'll have a better sentence that makes a lot more sense to read out loud, but might get picked up within AI detectors. If you want to lie more on the cautious side, you could select more human and will find that to be pretty unique.

I have noticed the more human often doesn't make as much sense as the other options (when reading the content). More readable also is a coin toss regarding whether it gets picked up with the detectors. I personally think balanced is the best setting for this part.

And that's pretty much the only things you'll need to know how to use before getting your writing paraphrased to bypass these AI writing detectors. They do have an API if you're a developer and need bulk-access to the tool.

Further, all your documents get saved in the documents page. You could go back in and view each generation you've submitted throughout the history of your account.

Pros & Cons



  • Generally passes every single major AI detection software

  • Very easy to use

  • Produces high-quality, readable writing

  • Watermark free & future proof

  • Very affordable

  • API Access (for developers)

  • Premium email support

  • Money back guarantee

  • Sometimes creates poorly-written responses

  • No lifetime access

  • Can reduce the word count of your original writing

  • Might impact original formatting

  • Only supports English


The tool has both monthly & yearly plans available. You'll get access to 10,000 words for $10 from the basic plan, which you could adjust if you ever need more. You also get a way bigger discount if you purchase a larger word plan, so it might be useful going in with some friends if you're looking to change writing quite frequently.

You also can cancel these plans at any time without any hesitation. If you only need to change a few papers, go ahead and cancel the plan right after you buy it.

Also, the team has a promise that if you've submitted some text that doesn't bypass the detectors, you can request a full refund & get credits back for anything you've spent!


The only alternative that does the exact same thing has to be HideMyAI. This tool offers pretty much everything Undetectable has but comes with a slightly more generous free plan & a few more writing customizations you could choose from.

Other than that, there's two other viable alternatives you could use that help paraphrase and transform writing that I would recommend. These would be HideMyAI and QuillBot. These tools also paraphrase and change the syntax of your writing to help humanize it.

HideMyAI functions very similarly to Undetectable but is a lot more costly and transparent behind their processes. I have had good results with it though.

I really like QuillBot because you can rearrange your words directly in front of you. Enter a paragraph and you'll visually get to change anything you want about the synonyms and syntax of a submission.

Final Thoughts

I really like how easy it is to transform your text using Undetectable. It's affordable, fast, and makes changing your writing a breeze. I haven't really found another tool exactly like this at the moment.

It just does its job, and it does it pretty well! I'll be using it for as long as I have to humanize my writing!

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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