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How To Use Undetectable AI To Boost Work Productivity

Using AI assisting tools to automate certain tasks leads to more free time for workers to pursue other productive activities, including Undetectable AI. In this article, we explore its various features that can help make your workload easier.
Updated April 15, 2024
Photo generated with Dall-E
Photo generated with Dall-E

The electric motor, the personal computer, and now AI technology—what do all three have in common?

According to Goldman Sachs, these “general purpose technologies” have led to a labor productivity boom, with AI now poised to replace 25% - 50% of US workers’ workloads.

Not jobs. Workloads. This widespread AI adoption could ultimately boost global GDP by 7%. 

But what about AI detectors like Do they count in the reported “global AI adoption” that can boost user productivity?

I firmly believe so. Here’s how you can start utilizing it:

Edit Content with AI Humanizer

Aside from detecting AI, can also bypass AI. Its Humanize feature helps modify and rewrite AI-generated content so that it pings as Human on AI detectors. 

How does it do this? There’s a 3-step process involved:

  1. Breaking the text down into component parts
  2. Analyzing and measuring each one against set metrics
  3. Implementing the necessary changes needed to improve its human score

Here’s what it looks like. First, I gave ChatGPT a simple prompt.

Then I ran the prompt through my favorite AI detectors (namely and ZeroGPT) and got the following scores:

My goal is to get a ZeroGPT score of 30% or lower. 

But instead of manually rewriting the content so that it bypasses AI detection, I get to humanize it. 

Their Humanize tool actually has parameters you can set to modify further the output–which is incredibly handy if you’re trying to preserve quality. I set the readability level to ‘High School’ and the purpose to ‘Marketing Material.’ For the human level, I set it to ‘More Human’ (which is best for aggressive AI content detectors).

And the verdict? and ZeroGPT are convinced.

I’d like to point out that this took me all of 2 minutes, by the way. And half of that was spent thinking of a prompt. 

If your goal is quality, simply humanizing content isn’t enough. You’ll notice that the Humanized text has some grammatical errors and typos. These can easily be corrected, but still, it’s not great for a final output that you intend for others to read. 

But if you want to make sure that your written content doesn’t (incorrectly) get pinged as AI, using’s Checker and Humanizer can certainly speed up the process. It’s especially handy if you have a bunch of text content you need to post ASAP.

Just don’t forget to do a basic spelling and grammar check before you put it out there.

Ideal For:

  • Content Creators
  • Journalists
  • Writers
  • Marketers & Advertisers

Repurpose Content with AI Paraphraser Tool’s AI Paraphraser Tool completely rewrites text so it appears human. It’s similar to their Humanizer tool, only this one makes more aggressive and obvious changes–in seconds.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison. The original text:


Efficiency plays a role in getting tasks done whether its on a personal or professional level. It shows how well individuals or teams turn their work and resources into actual results. However many face challenges, like procrastination, lack of motivation and time mismanagement that affect productivity. The constant need to be productive can also lead to burnout and stress, impacting performance. To boost productivity one can set goals, prioritize tasks and take breaks to stay refreshed.


Efficiency plays a role in getting things done whether its personal tasks or professional objectives. It shows how well individuals or teams turn their efforts into outcomes within a specific timeframe. Yet many face challenges, like procrastination, motivation issues, time mismanagement and distractions that hinder productivity. Furthermore the constant need to stay productive can result in burnout and stress, impacting performance negatively. To boost productivity one can focus on setting goals, organizing tasks by priority and taking breaks to rejuvenate regularly.

The differences are immediately noticeable.’s paraphraser is shorter, snappier, and uses more direct terms. The humanizer, on the other hand, stays as close to the original length and word usage as possible.

If you need to quickly edit or repurpose existing content into something that’s a) short and sweet, b) high quality, and c) going to pass AI detection, the paraphraser is the top tool.

Ideal For:

  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Content Creators
  • Educators (for quizzes, essay questions, etc.)

Create Content with SEO Content Writer

Instead of having Claude, ChatGPT, or Jasper write an article to be later humanized by, why not go straight to the second step?

The Undetectable SEO Content Writer is a tool that can create articles in seconds. 

Wait. It gets better. 

These articles are highly optimized for search engines and fully capable of passing AI detection.

The process is incredibly simple, too. Just provide the key ingredients - title, length, subject, target demographic, and main keywords - and let the platform take care of the rest. 

And it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for intelligent human input, either. requires an article outline as well, so some thought and expertise needs to go into the structure and flow. The platform just fills in the gaps. 

While I, given what I do for a living, firmly believe that there’s no replacing human writing, I also recognize the need for speedy content production.’s SEO Content Writer makes it easier to produce quality search-engine-optimized content in a short amount of time.

This, I believe, is an excellent example of AI supplementing our work rather than replacing it.

Ideal For:

  • Writers
  • Marketers & Advertisers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Brand Managers

Add Features into Working Apps with Developer API offers two services for developers: Humanizer API and Check for AI API. These integrated solutions allow you to easily use and implement two of’s top services in your own applications. 

Their Documentation page lists all the info you need to know about’s Developer API, including sample codes in Shell, Python, and JavaScript. The endpoints to submit text for humanization, retrieve document objects of submitted content and list IDs of documents associated with your account can also be found here. 

You also get a unique API key and generous usage limits. There’s a maximum of 3 requests per second per IP address, and you can always request a higher rate limit if needed. Just using’s Check for AI API costs just a tenth of their regular Humanize cost, which is billed from your existing credits. This is definitely an ideal situation if you need to bulk check text content for AI. 

Ideal For:

  • Developers
  • Business Owners
  • IT Educators

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, is more than just an AI detector. In the right hands - and with the right instruction - it can be a finely honed tool for efficiency and productivity. Although the technology isn’t perfect, it’s certainly close. All of its features have proven they have the capacity and capability to supplement certain human tasks. 

And if nothing else,’s outputs are proof that AI speed and intuition tempered by human insight and creativity can yield optimal, high-quality results.

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Written by Rei Lantion
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