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How to Paraphrase AI Writing with Undetectable AI

In just a few minutes, you can paraphrase a paragraph or essay directly from ChatGPT into Undetectable AI. You'll have a new & revised article that paraphrases the words while keeping the original meaning of your writing fairly intact.
Updated April 9, 2024
A writing robot on a wooden desk, cartoon style
A writing robot on a wooden desk, cartoon style

If you use ChatGPT to write anything, you might notice at times it sounds robotic and predictable. Well, that's kind of AI works at it's core. You're looking at the result of millions of articles combined into your own prompt.

Some ways to make AI-generated writing appear as more human and realistic is to paraphrase the writing. Whether you're trying to evade AI detection or just want to make your writing seem less robotic, in just a few seconds you could paraphrase any kind of AI writing using Undetectable AI

What is Undetectable AI?

Undetectable AI seamlessly blends AI-generated content into a human-like perspective, making it nearly impossible to differentiate between human and machine (ChatGPT) writing.

By combining a bunch of complex algorithms and understanding human language nuances, Undetectable can bypass some of the most advanced AI detectors on the market. With Undetectable AI:

  • Remove the robotic and AI-detectable writing seen commonly when just using ChatGPT
  • You can craft content that not only appears human-written but is also optimized for search engines
  • Your emails and SEO content avoid the typical pitfalls of AI-generated material, reducing the risk of being flagged as spam or inauthentic.
  • You'll have the combined computational strength of machines with the uniqueness of human thought. You can express your originality and creativity without the worry of AI detection.

Using Undetectable AI to Paraphrase ChatGPT

It's actually really seamless to use the tool. All you do is paste your writing, select the tone and vibe, then wait for everything to get paraphrased. It takes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on how much writing you're trying to paraphrase. Here's how I've used it:

1) Ask ChatGPT a Question

2) Paste Writing into Undetectable AI

Paste your result into the text box on Undetectable's website (you should log in to claim some your free base amount of credits). You have a few options you can modify:

  • Readability Level – from high school to PHD, adjust the level of writing you're trying to paraphrase into. You can also change to things like marketing & journalist
  • Purpose of Writing – from a general paragraph, essays, articles, cover letter, stories, or business reports. Set the purpose of what you're writing.
  • Readability Level – The more readable your writing is, the less paraphrased you'll get. The more human-like, the more your sentences will be arranged (and possible syntaxes adjusted)

3) Check for AI

You could then check what you currently wrote for AI to get a baseline of what you're looking at. You could see some detectors thought it was legitimate, while others thought it was AI. Once you've tested, go ahead and click humanize.

4) Humanize & Paraphrase The Writing

Once you've checked for AI, click Humanize and let the tool do its thing. This really shouldn't take longer than a few seconds for most general writing. If you need to write original and undetectable SEO writing from scratch, you might probably fare better with their AI SEO tool.

You'll get a new output similar in word count to what you've originally submitted. Go ahead and read it to check for any discrepancies of check how it matches up against popular AI writing detectors.

That's it!

You can see our new paragraph comes back as 9% likely to be AI. While some of the sentences need adjusting and a few things should honestly be rearranged before sending this anywhere, you have a completely revised & paraphrased paragraph made in just a few seconds of using Undetectable.

You should really mess around with the detectable settings, changing the level and purpose you're looking for. Different options yield completely different paraphrased results. Drop a comment if you have any questions!

GPTZero returning a 0% of paraphrased text with Undetectable AI paraphrasing method
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Written by Justin Gluska
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