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Is Undetectable AI Worth It? Is It Really The Best?

The more cases we hear of false positives, the more demand there is for effective AI bypassers. Is Undetectable AI the solution? Is it worth it?
Updated March 27, 2024
A robot rewriting words, generated with Midjourney
A robot rewriting words, generated with Midjourney

The boom of ChatGPT led to many products being introduced to the market. Majority of which would have been considered science fiction before, for better or worse. One of its unintended consequences is the birth of AI detection. Essentially, something that can detect AI in human writing, what can go wrong?

Turns out, a lot.

There are times when AI detection is being weaponized against honest human writing. That’s why some equip themselves with all the tools they can just to avoid false positives. One such tool is Undetectable AI, but is it really worth it?

In this article, I’ll discuss everything that makes Undetectable AI worth the price, including what it is, its features, how it does against its competitors, and — of course — the price itself. Stay tuned!

What is Undetectable AI?

Undetectable AI is an AI detection bypasser that humanizes machine-generated (or something like) text so that it won’t get flagged by AI detectors. This is possible through the removal of common AI markers (formal words, repetition) and intentional human error. It claims to bypass most AI detectors, especially ones on their website, like Copyleaks and Content at Scale.

How Much is Undetectable AI?

To know if something is worth it, we must first discuss how much it’s worth. Undetectable AI’s price depends on two things: volume and payment method.

For monthly payments, the price starts at $14.99 for 15,000 humanized words and up to $209 for 380,000. For annual payments, the price begins at $5 (monthly) for 10,000 humanized words and up to $89.92 for 300,000.

What Does Undetectable AI Bring To The Table?

Undetectable AI: Quality

Since Undetectable AI, at its heart, is a paraphraser, we first need to talk about the quality of the humanized text. Below is an example of an original ChatGPT text, along with its Undetectable AI equivalent.


Undetectable AI

Sorrow, a profound and universal human emotion, permeates the essence of existence, casting shadows upon even the brightest moments of life. It is the silent companion in our journey, whispering tales of loss, disappointment, and longing. Like a heavy cloak, sorrow envelops the soul, weighing down every step with its burdensome presence.

In its depths, sorrow reveals the fragility of human experience, reminding us of our vulnerability and mortality. It is a testament to our capacity for empathy, as we share in the sorrow of others, forging connections through our shared pain.

Yet, within sorrow lies the seeds of resilience and growth. Through its trials, we unearth the strength within ourselves to endure, to persevere, and to find solace amidst the storm. Sorrow, though agonizing, is not devoid of purpose; it serves as a catalyst for introspection, empathy, and ultimately, transformation. Thus, in embracing sorrow, we embrace the full spectrum of human experience, finding beauty even in the darkest of moments.

Sadness, an common feeling seeps into the core of life casting shadows on even the happiest moments. It quietly walks alongside us in our journey sharing stories of loss, letdowns and yearning. Like a shroud sadness wraps, around the spirit making every step 

Within its depths sadness unveils the nature of life reminding us of our fragility and mortality. It showcases our ability to empathize as we join others in their sorrows forming bonds through shared suffering.

However within sadness lies the potential, for strength and development. Through its challenges we discover resilience within ourselves to endure hardships and find comfort amidst chaos. Sadness may be painful but not without purpose; it sparks self reflection, empathy building and ultimately transformation. By embracing sadness we acknowledge the range of emotions and discover beauty even in the darkest hours.

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that some things are off with Undetectable AI’s output. It has a tendency to make intentional grammar mistakes to mask AI writing, as we've mentioned a few times in our previous Undetectable AI articles.

This wouldn’t be an issue if it happens once or twice, but it happens so many times in one output that it stands out. In the first paragraph alone, I can count at least three mistakes. And that’s not to mention the multiple times it forced a word synonym without considering sentence intent and context.

As of March 22nd 2024, Undetectable recently released a new version of their text paraphraser which will increase the quality of writing and reduce the unintentional errors it makes in text. They also have a new

Always remember, AI writing isn’t only checked through online detectors. This text won’t pass the eye test. Every competent English reader may notice something awry if you pass this as is. That’s why I suggest tweaking Undetectable AI’s output further. You can consult our AI vs. human writing article to know common markers you need to avoid.

Undetectable AI: Accuracy

This feature is the backbone of Undetectable AI. Across all three tests, Undetectable AI turned something that’s detected as machine-generated into something that’s completely unrecognizable as AI. In this case, we've used Sapling, which we've crowned as our most reliable free AI detection tool.

ChatGPT is detected as machine-generated.
AI Likelihood Score: 100%

Undetectable is detected as human writing.
AI Likelihood Score: 0%

ChatGPT is detected as machine-generated.
AI Likelihood Score: 100%

Undetectable is detected as human writing.
AI Likelihood Score: 0.2%

ChatGPT is detected as machine-generated.
AI Likelihood Score: 100%

Undetectable is detected as human writing.
AI Likelihood Score: 0.1%

But these are just three outputs. To learn more about Undetectable AI’s accuracy in hiding from detection, I highly recommend this article.

Other Notable Features

To fully maximize Undetectable AI, I suggest changing your output parameters. You can switch between the following options:

  • 3 different humanizing levels (more human, balanced, more readable);
  • 5 different readability levels (from high school to doctorate);
  • 8 different use cases (essay, story, cover letter, etc.).

If your boss or professor is looking for more proof of work, you can also get Undetectable AI’s Human Typer Chrome Extension. This lets you input text into an editor, adjust the typing speed, and type the entire text for you in a Google Doc sheet to make sure it reflects in the document history.

Undetectable AI vs. Competitors


Like Undetectable AI, HideMyAI is a platform made to turn AI-generated text into something that reads more human-like. They accomplish this by rewriting the content and removing certain AI markers that detectors flag, such as common words and repetition.

HideMyAI’s cost depends on your payment plan and words per month. For monthly payment, it starts at $8.25 per month for 10,000 words to $145.20 per month for 200,000 words. Annual option begins at $5 per month for 10,000 words and stops at $88 per month for 200,000.

We’ve already reviewed HideMyAI before and compared it to Undetectable AI. Make sure to read those if you’re interested in either of these tools. They are both solid options to choose from.

Why Pick HideMyAI?

  • Free trial.
  • Cheaper starting price.
  • Supports different languages.
  • Allows you to change POVs.

Why Pick Undetectable AI?

  • More use cases and readability levels.
  • Better output quality and undetected accuracy.
  • Slightly faster turnaround time.


Similar to HideMyAI and Undetectable AI, Netus is our next AI bypasser. It’s created to humanize your writing to the point that it can no longer be mistaken for AI. Unlike the two previous bypassers, Netus is a lot less user-friendly and lacks documentation for their output customization feature.

Netus’ pricing isn’t subscription-based, but credit-based, one of which equals 10 words. This is how much it costs:

  • Free: 50 credits
  • $30: 10,000 credits.
  • $99: 100,000 credits.

Like HideMyAI, we took a deep dive into what makes Undetectable AI and Netus better (or worse) than each other in a recent article

Why Pick Netus?

  • Slightly more coherent than Undetectable AI.
  • Credit-based pricing may suit your needs better.

Why Pick Undetectable AI?

  • More accessible and user-friendly.
  • Better at hiding machine-generated text.
  • More output customization features.


Last in our list of AI bypassers is GPTinf. It’s also an AI bypasser whose main goal is to rewrite AI text. This way, it won’t get flagged as machine-generated by scrambling your sentence structure, changing words, and intentionally adding human errors. 

GPTinf starts at $12 per month for 10,000 words and scales up to $349 per month for 500,000 words.

If you’re interested, you can read about our full review of GPTinf against Undetectable AI in our article here.

Why Pick GPTinf?

  • Way better at creating coherent text.

Why Pick Undetectable AI?

  • Cheaper.
  • Offers more output customization.
  • Can avoid AI detection better.

The Bottom Line

In assessing if Undetectable AI is worth the price, there’s only one question that we need to answer: “Does the good outweigh the bad?”

For Undetectable AI, the answer is clearly yes.

The price of it may be hefty for some, but it’s reasonable considering all that you get from this tool. Not to mention the fact that it avoids AI detection far better than any AI bypasser out there. In my mind, Undetectable AI is the only AI bypass tool worth getting.

If you’re interested, here is our full review of Undetectable AI. Have fun!

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Written by John Angelo Yap
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