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Netus AI Review: Can This AI Paraphrasing Tool Bypass AI Detection?

Discover the features of Netus AI. From its summarization and text paraphrasing abilities, to AI detection and bypassing features, we'll go over the pricing structure and find out how it stacks up against ChatGPT. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of Netus AI's pros and cons and its place in the AI paraphrasing landscape!
Updated December 6, 2023
A grey square robot with two eyes and a simple smile, feeling rejected and dejected. The robot is standing alone, with its head slightly lowered. The background showcases the same park, but now empty and devoid of children, emphasizing the robot's loneliness. In a comic book style
A grey square robot with two eyes and a simple smile, feeling rejected and dejected. The robot is standing alone, with its head slightly lowered. The background showcases the same park, but now empty and devoid of children, emphasizing the robot's loneliness. In a comic book style

Whether we like it or not, AI paraphrasing tools have stormed the internet since ChatGPT came out in November, shaking up how we interact with writing like never before. Imagine having a magical tool at your fingertips that can effortlessly rephrase paragraphs while keeping the original essence intact.

Most of these tech tools bypass AI detection tools fairly well & are quite affordable. Some are free.

From time to time, new AI rewriting tools are coming out and seem to be unstoppable. The good thing about it is that we have more choices. But sad to say, not all of them offer high-quality output and are often just a waste of your time. You have to do research to determine if they're even worth testing. We did the hard work. Here's our honest thoughts on Netus AI.

What is Netus AI?

To start, I could not find any information about its founder, CEO, or release date on Google. The tool also has no LinkedIn profile or Facebook page. Nada. Nothing. But I found their Twitter account, which was created in May 2023 in New York and has one tweet.

As I expected, I found a bunch of promotional videos on Tiktok and YouTube Shorts. Netus also offers a Creative Program giving away free credits to content creators.

Who Was Netus AI Made For?

The tool was designed to help bloggers, content marketers, copywriters, digital marketers, founders, and SEO specialists. And although the tool promises to be suitable for all kinds of creators, there was no mention of educators and students. Ironically, the company said it uses the same advanced technology employed by Turnitin, which incidentally is an AI-detection and plagiarism checker designed for students.

Netus AI Best & Key Features

AI Summarizer

The Nexus AI Summarizer is designed to summarize texts in two forms – Small and Large. It has a 1,000-character limit (with spaces), which is equivalent to 140-250 words. I entered something with 177 words & the small option resulted in 68 words, while the large one gave me 169, just 8 words shorter than the original version.

The results looked pretty fine to me. Also, if you want to summarize another text, you cannot just paste it into the field and click the Submit button again. You have to refresh the page. A bit annoying.

AI Text Paraphrasing

Nexus AI Paraphraser vows to produce 100% plagiarism-free content and beat leading plagiarism detectors like Copyscape. However, the tool emphasized that it is NOT designed to paraphrase AI-generated content, which is quite odd.

But regardless, we’ll check that out later. In the meantime, the tool has four built-in paraphrasing models: C7-N1, G9-R1, V7-N2, and A12-AD. The primary model is C7-N1, built on 7 different parameters and designed to rewrite existing content by employing an active language, variations in grammar, and human-like writing style.

G9-R1 - One of Netus AI's newest paraphrasing modes designed to avoid AI detection algorithms by reshaping content with 9 different language techniques, avoiding similarities, and ensuring natural sentence structures.

V7-N2 - With its focus on carefully selecting words, substituting synonyms, and restructuring sentences logic V7-N2 ensures that rewritten content is plagiarism free and flows smoothly.

A12-AD - Designed to avoid common patterns and phrases A9-AD employs 12 parameters to avoid AI detection and plagiarism. A12-AD mode also places a strong emphasis on quality and readability.

But anyway, I put the Nexus AI Paraphraser to the test. First, I entered some around 900 characters of writing and got this:

I reduced the text to 732 characters and the result was totally different from the first one.

I tested the two results using Copyscape Premium and both of them PASSED as being free from plagiarism! If you're using this in a formal or commercial setting, you should still be sure to cite any sources of your writing.

But then, I got curious about the statement saying that “this model is not designed to paraphrase AI generated content.” So I ran a prompt at ChatGPT and entered it in the Netus AI paraphrasing tool. 

Netus’s AI paraphrasing tool gave me a result!

I ran the result at Copyscape Premium and it passed too!

AI Detection

Netus AI detector claims to have a 99% probability result when it comes to differentiating AI-generated and human-written content. It even proudly announced that the tool continues to stay ahead of the curve. So, upon its recommendation to use V1 and V2, I entered a text which is 100% from ChatGPT.

The AI detector does not release numerical scores. Instead, it shows three colored icons – Yay! (Green), Hmm..? (Yellow), and Ouch! (Red). I’m not good at math but I’m 100% sure that the score is less than 99% using V1. I’m also sure it’s less than 50%.

Then, I switched to V2 and the score was higher. Well, it could be 80-90% but definitely not 99%.

Then, I tested the output from the paraphraser using V1 and the result was ALL-GREEN! This means that AI-generated text that will be paraphrased using Netus AI will pass at its own AI detection tool. This could be a double-edged sword if they only made sure their paraphrased writing passed their detection tools.

Now, let’s switch to V2. As you can see, the result was ALL-GREEN again! This shows that both V1 and V2 work somewhat similarly.

So yes, the Netus AI detector can detect AI content! Still, it was not able to detect a 99% probability, although V2 was somehow close.

AI Bypasser

According to Nexus, the AI Bypasser V1 can transform AI-generated content into human-like writing that will bypass popular AI detectors such as Turnitin, Copyleaks, ZeroGPT, and Originality AI. The tool accepts up to 400 words per input. It has 29 versions from V1 to V29 and recommends trying different versions. I decided to try V3, V12, and V25.

Then I tested the three transformed contents from the AI Bypasser on Copyleaks and all of them FAILED miserably! V3 had AI score of 71.7%, while V12 and V25 had AI scores of 75% and 67.6%, respectively. 

This time, I tested the three transformed contents on ZeroGPT. As you can see, V3 had an AI score of 65.13%, while V12 and V25 had AI scores of 12.93% and 7.61%, respectively.

Copyleaks and ZeroGPT have a lot of differences in their results, and it’s hard to tell which of them is reliable. Nevertheless, we’ll see what happens once we try AI Bypasser V2.

AI Bypasser V2

Nexus’ AI Bypasser V2 has the same functions as the V1 but works differently. Here, there are two testing options – AI Detector and AI Bypasser. The AI Detector (left) works the same as AI Detector (V1 and V2), while the AI Bypasser (right) works the same as AI Bypasser V1 (V1 to V29). So, I tested both V1 and V2, and below are the results.

As you can see, the AI Detector and AI Bypasser using V1 resulted in Red, Yellow, and Green, instead of All-Red. This means that both tools did not work well.

I then tested the tool using V2 and the results became better. This time, the AI Detector detected the text from ChatGPT about 85-90% AI-generated content. On the other hand, the AI Bypasser has no RED portion but only a small part of Green. In short, the AI Bypasser tool is not capable of bypassing AI Detector, and this is bad.

Netus AI Pricing

The pricing for Netus AI is based on credits, and the price per credit depends on the plan you choose. But basically, 1 credit is equivalent to 10 words using the AI Detection Bypasser, and 1 word only for the Paraphrasing tool. If you plan to use Netus AI without paying, you'll only have 50 credits to work with.






  $0 (Free)




  AI Detector - Unlimited Usage

Netus AI Credits





  100% Unique & Plagiarism-free Content

  Summarizer/Paraphraser (character-limit per input)

  1,000 characters

1,000 characters

1,000 characters

  1,000 characters

  AI Detection Bypasser / AI Humanizer

  500 words

  100,000 words

300,000 words

  1,000,000 words

  Custom AI Paraphrasing Model

50 words

10,000 words

30,000 words

100,000 words

  100% Privacy

Netus AI Pros & Cons



  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Paraphraser passes Copyscape Premium

  • AI detector can detect AI content

  • Chrome extension

  • Google Docs Extension

  • Desktop App (Mac and PC)

  • API Access

  • Lacks company transparency

  • Free version limited with 50 credits

  • AI Bypasser not so effective

  • No Plagiarism Checker

  • Supports English only

  • Poor documentation

  • No light mode

  • No money-back guarantee

How is Netus.AI Different from ChatGPT?

Generally, Netus AI and ChatGPT have the same features in terms of rewriting text. You can use both of them in paraphrasing and summarizing articles but obviously ChatGPT still produces better results. In fairness, Netus AI passes Copyscape Premium, which is a good thing. It also has an AI detector and two bypasser tools.

The main difference between the two is that ChatGPT has a prompt search. Additionally, the free version of ChatGPT doesn’t have a small word limit, which is really a great advantage over Netus. ChatGPT is much better in terms of overall quality. In fact, I truly believe that ChatGPT is still the best AI paraphrasing tool. It just depends on if you want it to be "undetectable" or not (but that's a different thing completely)

My Honest Thoughts

Being a new AI paraphrasing tool, I must give credit to Netus AI for producing original content and passing Copyscape. I think its paraphraser is its best feature so far. I also think that the AI detection feature is good enough; especially with both options.

However, I got frustrated by the Bypasser and I think the 29 versions (V1-V29) are not useful. The three versions that I tested had almost the same transformed contents. It seems like the development and organization of the tool is quite messy.

I am so disappointed that there is no information about the company & people behind Netus AI. Who are they? I can understand that they’re using TikTok to promote the tool, but at least have a bit more transparency. But regardless, I want to give them a chance. With that, I’m inviting you to try Netus AI.

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Written by Angel Cuala
Angel Cuala has been a full-time SEO writer since 2008 and writes about various topics. He has reviewed different products, including business software and AI tools. When not in front of his computer, Angel loves to cook and play chess.
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