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HideMy.AI Review: Can This AI Paraphrasing Tool Bypass AI Detection? (Yes!)

HideMyAI is a new & incredibly impressive tool at rewriting your ChatGPT-generated writing and making it almost undetectabale across many AI detectors. Here's some examples & how it worked for me.
Updated August 19, 2023
Edited By Justin Gluska

The hype around generative AI is real. Since more people are using it to write cover letters, generate scripts, and ask when the best time to walk their dog is, venture capitalists are looking at the possibility of it being a trillion-dollar industry in the next 20 years.

On the flip side, AI detectors like Originality, GPTZero, and CopyLeaks, are looking to predict AI-generated content.

Why? To separate reality from robot, combat plagiarism and misinformation, and to prevent AI from generating content that doesn’t exist (AI hallucination).

While I personally have questionable feelings about AI detectors, and tend to find them false flagging (and yes, I said estimating – because that is what they do) human writing, I get the purpose of them. But only up to a certain extent. Some students have gotten 'caught' cheating with tools like ChatGPT when tools like TurnItIn accused them of cheating.

So why would anyone want to bypass these detectors? Because sometimes they will flag you no matter what. Sometimes you might want to use ChatGPT to generate partial points of a piece of writing but want it to remain looking human-like (which ChatGPT can sometimes fail to do)

You don’t want your content to be flagged as AI content, right? Neither would you want anyone to say you’ve plagiarized content when you’ve put in the best effort in your writing. Enter HideMyAI!

With its simple, yet surprising attention to detail, HideMyAI enables you to reconstruct AI-generated or AI-assisted content and bypass all of the leading AI detection tools

How Works

You generated content from ChatGPT or another AI writing software. Now what? Copy that and paste a snippet or the entire output into the tool. Click “Hide My AI” just below the box and you’ll get a reconstructed, humanized content moments after.

At the bottom of your results, you will see the names of several AI detectors, which include Originality, Turnitin, CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, and ContentScale. All with circles to their left. These immediately show if the revised content has a high probability of bypassing detection, passing your content off as something written by you, a human.

I first asked ChatGPT to write me a 100-word conclusion on what we can expect from AI 5 to 10 years from now:

Now let's get into the tool!

On the lower part of the output side, you’ll see the list of top AI detection tools with gray circles beside them. Once HideMyAI paraphrases your AI-generated text, these circles will either become green, yellow, or red. This shows the odds of getting caught in one of these detectors. You'll also see a bunch of modes you can change.

To view your remaining credits, click the View Limit/Usage button located at the top right of your screen.

Once logged in, you can go to your dashboard, where you can view your documents, subscription, payments, remaining credits, and more. Documents are automatically saved, which is good. You can delete documents but you can't easily copy them unless you highlight them. I'd hope this feature gets fixed/added sometime soon.

Clicking the Tool button will lead you to the paraphraser but it has no options for the type, level, and perspective. There's also no way out but to use the “back” command on your browser. And because this is quite annoying, I suggest you click the HideMyAI logo on the top left of your screen instead of the tool button.

HideMyAI Key Features only has one main feature - to paraphrase AI content to be humanlike and undetectable across AI writing detectors. The tool allows you to choose from seven types of writing styles: general, essay, news, blog post, cover letter, marketing copy, or email.

You can also choose from eight different levels of writing skill - match to content, professional, casual, grade school, secondary (high) school, undergraduate, masters, or PhD.

You also have the ability to change the perspective. You can select from first, second, or third person.

And the last option gives you the ability to choose ChatGPT, OpenAI Playground, Jasper, or Other. But honesty, I think these generator options are pointless. The writing seems very similar no matter what.

How Good Was My Result?

I pasted the AI content I made earlier with ChatGPT into the field and tested the tool twice. For my first test, I chose News Article, Professional - Casual, and Second Person.

The output shows all-green, indicating that it will likely bypass AI detection. Pretty incredible. Then, I used three of the actual AI detection tools - Originality AI, Content at Scale, and GPTZero. And Holy Moly! The output passed all of them with flying colors!!! And I genuinely think Originality is one of the strictest detectors.

For my second test, I chose Blog Post, Masters, and Third Person POV. Like my first sample, the output showed all-green and passed all three AI detection tools. It was really surprising, especially since the content actually makes sense.

I’m truly impressed that HideMy AI can bypass AI detection tools, I'm even more impressed that it did so without destroying the actual meaning of what I wrote.

However, I noticed that the tool didn’t exactly always follow my instructions. If you look at the two outputs very closely, both of them have “I” and “We,” indicating that they were written as first person. And I asked HideMyAI to use the second and third person. Maybe a bug? Maybe just bad luck running?

HideMyAI Pricing

HideMyAI let's you try it for free with 300 credits (1 credit = 1 word). If you need more credits, you can use the pay-as-you-go system that let's you purchase credits for as low as $10 (for 5,000 words).

If this is something you see yourself using over the next several months or to rewrite a lot of content, you could save money and upgrade to the Pro plan starting at $8.25 a month that comes with a 10,000-word limit. The tool doesn't come with a money-back promise, but will return credits for AI-detected content. Just let them know.

HideMy.AI Pros and Cons


  • You get more words/credits in the free trial compared to other AI content reconstructing/paraphrasing softwares
  • You can get your credits back if an AI detector identifies your reconstructed content as AI-written
  • Supports other languages (Spanish, Russian, and French)
  • Passes AI detection tools without destroying the meaning of your writing
  • Despite being feature rich, the software is packaged in a simple, minimalist UI
  • Very Affordable
  • Bulk upload feature
  • Saves output automatically


  • No continuously free version
  • Might not follow exact instructions
  • Refunds credit (not cash) for detected AI content

HideMyAI Alternatives

Undetectable AI

Like HideMyAI, Undetectable AI also paraphrases AI content in different variations. You can choose from nine purposes of writing, five readability levels, and three human modes - More Readable, Balanced, and More Human. They also promise to convert AI-written text into high-quality content that would bypass AI detection tools.

If you want to know more about how it works, check out our Undetectable AI review.


QuillBot focuses on word-by-word reconstruction. It is mostly a paraphrasing tool than a complete AI content reconstructing tool like HideMyAI. But it is free and easy to use, so if you feel like paraphrasing is enough to get the job done, QuillBot is a great alternative for HideMyAI. Features like Plagiarism Checker and Citation Generator sets it apart when compared to its reconstructive AI content counterparts.

Moreover, the output shows colored texts and the tool will offer suggestions for replacements once you drag your mouse onto them. Then, a small Rephrase button will appear so you can replace the words automatically. You can also change your choice if you like. To see how the other features work, check out our detailed QuillBot review.

Paraphraser is a freemium paraphrasing platform that works similarly to the rest of the tools I mentioned above. It also has other features such as a rewriting tool, grammar checker, text summarizer, and plagiarism checker. The main difference is that Paraphraser is open-source software and offers a WordPress plugin, which can be useful for bloggers.


And let us not forget... ChatGPT! ChatGPT may be the most famous when it comes to generating AI content. But for reconstruction, not so much.

Unlike HideMyAI where you can easily customize the level of writing perspective, and the type of writing, ChatGPT requires the right prompts to accurately reconstruct the original AI generated content.

From my experience, I just ask it to paraphrase for me while setting limits like the number of words, or asking it to be in first person. Although it does a satisfactory job at paraphrasing, it’s not nearly as powerful in customization as HideMyAI. It also won't pass AI detection tools because it's... AI!

The Final Verdict

The moment I tried HideMyAI, I knew it would paraphrase anything I needed to become undetectable. The customization options are incredible, you get immediate feedback, and you can see where your writing stands with detectors.

You can continuously adjust and customize the output for the bypassing feature to be more effective. On top of this, you can add your personal touch by paraphrasing snippets or editing the rest of the resulted text to your liking.

Although it showed that its reconstructed output can sometimes be detected by CopyLeaks, based on my experience, it seemed that it only made mistakes based on the customization I made. I'd highly recommend it!

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Written by Angel Cuala
Angel Cuala has been a full-time SEO writer since 2008 and writes about various topics. He has reviewed different products, including business software and AI tools. When not in front of his computer, Angel loves to cook and play chess.
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