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iPhone Making Ding Noise When Connected to AirPods (Continuity Camera)

The continuity camera notification sometimes makes pop ups and alerts users with an annoying noise anytime a bluetooth device is connected (in our case, airpods). Here's how to fix it
iPhone Continuity Camera Fix
iPhone Continuity Camera Fix
July 25, 2023 8:53 am

I've run into this really annoying issue when trying to connect to my AirPods. I found out the culprit was from the continuity camera trying to connect every single time a bluetooth device tried to pair.

According to Apple, the continuity camera lets you "Use the powerful camera system of your iPhone to do things never before possible with a webcam, including Center Stage, Portrait mode, Studio Light, and Desk View." It's great – I've used it for video calls before and it has waaay better quality than anything you'd get on a Mac.

But it comes with the most annoying notification and ding or ping noise that can make you go crazy. Here's how to fix it:

Fix The iPhone Continuity Camera Automatically Connecting & Making Noise

If you see this screen, you'll hear the noise. To fix it go to Settings -> AirPlay & HandOff -> and Turn off Continuity Camera. That's it. You'll never hear the noise again. Hope this helped!

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Written by Jonathan Garces
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