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CodeWP Review: The AI-Powered WordPress Code Generator

CodeWP is an AI-powered WordPress code generator that can quickly and accurately generate code for WordPress plugins, custom post types, taxonomies, and ACF, among other things, saving you time & money.
Updated August 26, 2023

Ever spent hours browsing through StackOverflow posts older than yourself trying to find the right bit of code to use on your WordPress website?

With CodeWP, you can say goodbye to complex searches and sifting through code that will only get you 50% of the way there.

This revolutionary WordPress tool will help WordPress creators ranging from amateur developers to experienced professionals generate quick snippets of customized WordPress code within seconds.

Simply ask the tool to generate code based on a sentence (or paragraph), wait a few seconds, then add it directly to wherever you need it on your site.

It's like Santa, but instead of gifts you get customized WordPress code. Growing up sucks, but this eases the pain a bit.

What is CodeWP?

CodeWP is an AI-powered WordPress code generator. The generator is built and trained specifically for WordPress Creators. It covers PHP, JS, WooCommerce, Oxygen, Breakdance, and Regex conditions.

CodeWP is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese. With advanced AI and ML capabilities, CodeWP will undoubtably change the future of WordPress php and snippet development.

What Can CodeWP do?

If you're a WordPress user and need to generate code quickly, easily and accurately, CodeWP is the solution. It can create complex logic very quickly, saving you time and money to develop snippets for any kind of WordPress site.

It's like StackOverflow + ChatGPT while being tailored to WordPress. CodeWP currently offers support for these modes:

  • Elementor Dynamic Tags
  • WooCommerce SQL
  • WordPress SQL
  • Oxygen Builder Advanced Query
  • Carbon Fields PHP
  • Metabox PHP
  • Advanced Custom Fields PHP
  • Redirection Regex
  • AutomateWoo Trigger
  • Oxygen Builder Conditions
  • WooCommerce PHP
  • WordPress PHP
  • Breakdance Conditions
  • Breakdance Form Actions

On top of powerful generations, you can also upvote or downvote snippets. Doing so will help retrain the algorithm making it even better for requests in the future. So you're effectively helping the tool re-train itself to do all of these requests even better^

How Does it Work?

Once you have an account, navigate to the app screen and type in a prompt as you were asking a developer to make it for you. Keep it casual but also be explicit, as you're telling a machine what you need created for you.

CodeWP input screen showing WordPress PHP generation mode

On generation, you'll see a code editor with your new function with options to share, export, or edit the snippet. Ensure you properly upvote or downvote snippets depending on if they work out of the box for you. This will help the AI optimize & improve future snippet generation.

Example snippet generation page with share/export options and Upvote/downvote control on CodeWP.

The application includes support to save correct snippets & share them with a public link.

You can also track usage, view tutorials, or request support on the main application screen. Verified snippets are available to the public for free.

You could also check out their blog which mostly contains updates and fixes. Developed by Isotropic, CodeWP has a quick growing and very active Facebook community of talented devs & others in the WP community. They discuss a lot of prompt engineering questions & also like to talk about any bugs they find 😉

Meet The CodeWP Founder

We recently interviewed James LePage, the founder of CodeWP, to hear his thoughts on the future of the product. Some really interesting developments are coming in the next few months that will most likely change the WordPress development industry as we know it. Take a look:

How To Use CodeWP + Examples

Generating WordPress PHP

Example: Get all posts published by users with the name of justin

The function returns exactly what's expected!

It retrieves and displays all published posts authored by users with the name "Justin" in a WordPress environment. For each post, it outputs the post's title and content. If no posts are found, it displays a message stating "No posts found."

Another Example: Replace the WordPress logo on the login screen to an image at The url of ""

Generating WooCommerce Code

Example: Add a custom note to the WooCommerce checkout page displaying on the weekends saying "We are closed on the weekend. Orders will be fulfilled the next business day"

This adds a custom note to the WooCommerce checkout page only on weekends (Saturday or Sunday). The note also informs users that the business is closed on weekends and orders will be fulfilled the next business day. The function is hooked into the WooCommerce's woocommerce_review_order_before_payment action to display the note before the payment section:

Another example: Get all users that have made over 10 orders or have spent over $1000

WooCommerce SQL Queries

You can even "talk" to CodeWP. Just ask it a question like you would ChatGPT. I gave it a little bit of information & context:

Example: You have a database with the following relevant tables:

  1. wp_posts: Contains general information about posts, including products. The ID column is the primary key.
  2. wp_postmeta: Stores metadata for posts. The post_id column relates to the ID in the wp_posts table, and the meta_key column indicates the type of metadata.

Write an SQL query to retrieve the names and prices of all products listed on the WooCommerce website. The product names are stored as post titles, and the product prices are stored in the wp_postmeta table with a meta_key of "_price".

Another example: Write me a WordPress SQL query to change the post status of all posts with the category "News" to "Draft."

Breakdance Builder Conditions

Example: Only show element if user is author of post

This code registers a new condition with the Breakdance plugin's Conditions API. The condition checks whether the current user is the author of a specified post. The condition can be used to control the display of elements in the Breakdance plugin.

There's so much more. If you can do it manually, there's a very high likilihood you could speed it up using CodeWP.

How Much Does It Cost?

CodeWP is currently in alpha and early adopters can begin using the tool at $12/month. You'll save 33% of you purchase the yearly plan.

This plan includes all generation modes, support, tutorial requests, and unlimited generations. Support is coming soon for an agency plan that supports 5 team members & a bunch of other collaborative features.

Browser Integration Support

Currently, CodeWP offers both a Chrome and Firefox Extension to keep your development on a single screen. I personally would rather use the website, but I think that's because I have a dual monitor setup.

CodeWP integration on WordPress backend using Firefox extension

You Have to Try It

So, is this the end of WordPress developers?

Nah... not yet. We'll never replace developers fully. Prompt engineering + powerful dev skills will be the end of mediocre developers though.

Even though some generations might take a few tries to hit, CodeWP is an extremely powerful tool to help WordPress creators create custom code quickly, accurately, and extremely cost-effectively.

I'm very excited to see what this AI-powered WordPress tool can do for the future of WordPress users around the world. I've personally used this on this very exact website as well as tons of client sites. It's only getting better & will eventually offer any kind of WordPress customization. Pretty cool stuff.

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Written by Justin Gluska
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