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Using Clay to Find Company Instagram Profiles

Searching for the Instagram profiles of your prospects can be daunting. Learn how Clay can simplify this task, making your outreach more efficient and effective.
Updated September 21, 2023
table containing Instagram links
table containing Instagram links

Looking for the Instagram profiles of your potential clients or collaborators to craft that perfect cold email?

Sure, it can be easily done by searching them up on Google. Or simply visiting their Linkedin profiles or website URLs.

But if you have more than twenty records in your list, this can be a tedious task. Besides, who has time to search one by one? Thankfully, Clay can help you automate this process. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to leverage Clay’s powerful features to find the instagram profiles of companies within seconds. There are two ways to do this. First, you’ll need to use a company’s site domain to locate their Instagram profile. The second option is through their LinkedIn profile.

table with Instagram links

Let me explain to you below how the process works in Clay. So, read on!

Find Company Instagram Profiles Through Site Domains

1) Import List of Companies

Let’s say you already have a list of companies you’re interested in. The first thing that you need to do is import this list on Clay. I highly recommend you save your list on a CSV file.

Once your list is ready, look for the ‘Import Data’ button at the bottom of your dashboard and click it. Then, choose the CSV file to upload.

import CSV file

Your Clay table should now look like this.

Clay sample table

2) Get Site Domains Using Clearbit

Sometimes, you might have a long list of company names but, oops, no website links. Thankfully, Clay can help you fetch these site domains.

On your table, tap add enrichment.

add enrichment in Clay

In this tutorial, let’s choose Clearbit as the source of our data.

choose Clearbit in Clay

Next, we’ll need to add the company name column as our input. Make sure that Clay’s Clearbit API key is checked. If you have your own Clearbit API key, you may also tap the second option.

set input in Clay

Click ‘Continue to Add Fields.’ On the next window, you don’t really need to add anything, so let’s just click save and run.

You should now see your table filled with the correct site domains of the companies.

3) Find Company Instagram Profile

With Clay, searching for instagram profiles of companies is a straightforward process. All you need to do is add enrichment and look for the ‘Find Company Instagram Profile’ option. Click this to proceed to the next step.

add enrichment in Clay
find company Instagram profile

Under the setup inputs section, select the columns containing the company domain and company name from our table. 

set input in Clay

Finally, hit save and run.

4) Verify the Output

Check the new column added to the table. You should now see the list of Instagram profile links of our target companies.

Instagram links output

Find Company Instagram Profiles Through LinkedIn URL

1) Add Enrichments

Let’s say you only have a list of company names and their LinkedIn profiles. With Clay, you can still use this information to look for a company’s instagram profile.

Similar to the first method, let’s proceed by adding an enrichment, as shown.

add enrichment in Clay

2) Find Company Instagram Profile

On the pop-up window, choose ‘Find Company Instagram Profile.’

find company Instagram profile

3) Set Up Inputs

Since we don’t have a list of website URLs, let’s just leave it blank. Proceed to the next field and set the company name column as our input. 

set inputs in Clay

Tap save and run.

4) Verify the Output

Wait for the application to finish running. This might take a few seconds, depending on how long your list is. If you have hundreds or thousands of records to process, this might take longer.

Once it’s done, you should now see a new list of Instagram profile links added to your table.

table with Instagram links

What’s Next?

Staying updated with your target prospects through their Instagram posts becomes easier with Clay.

Now that you know how to fetch Instagram profiles of companies, take a step further. Start writing those personalized emails that standout. 

You can even use Clay’s powerful features to elevate your outreach game. For instance, you can tailor cold emails with a prospect’s location. By doing so, you can craft an email that feels personal and local. Trust me, this simple tweak can greatly increase your response rates.

Got questions or ideas? Drop them in the comments below!

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Written by Christy Cañete
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