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Who Is James LePage? The Man Integrating WordPress with AI

WordPress is not just relevant but thriving today because of the third-party developers. Meet James LePage: someone who's focused on bringing AI technology to WordPress website creation. Here's his past and what he's currently working on.
Updated December 1, 2023
james lepage and the future of development, generated with Midjourney
james lepage and the future of development, generated with Midjourney

The internet today isn’t the same as the internet twenty years ago. MySpace, Gawker, NeoCities, even Omegle bit the dust recently.

It’s rare to see a website survive for more than a decade, but WordPress managed to maintain its relevance even after twenty years of existence. And there’s really only one reason why: The community.

Not only did they manage to sustain and expand their reach, but WordPress allowed smart people to keep things fresh. And every now and then, someone comes along and introduces a game-changing improvement to the game. Yoast, WooCommerce, Elementor.

Mark my words: the next piece of tech on this list will be CodeWP, and this wouldn’t be possible without its brilliant creator, James LePage.

So who is he? And where did he come from? What are his inspirations behind the tools he's building? More on that in this article.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit – LePage’s Humble Beginnings

There’s little to no information about James LePage online but, from the limited accounts we do have, one thing’s for certain:

This man was born an entrepreneur.

According to an interview with Torque Social Hour, LePage has been developing WordPress websites since 2014. His first venture into the world of entrepreneurship was creating websites for local businesses. And things really took off from there.

From small businesses, LePage’s clients eventually outgrew his local community. At an impressively young age, he became a freelance web developer for bigger companies. This would soon lead to him building Isotropic.

LePage’s education includes enrollment to reputable institutions such as Syracuse University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and the NYU School of Professional Studies for a course in Case Studies in Real Estate Development.

However, while he was busy studying, he was also busy building his own agency from scratch.

The Rise of Isotropic

The world had bigger plans for James and, suffice to say, he really delivered.

Isotropic Agency Landing Page

In 2018, LePage started Isotropic: a digital marketing and web services company based in New York City that specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce.

He started this venture when he realized that he couldn’t keep up with the rate his client base is growing without developers and designers. The company also acquired Veles Creative, a New York-based design agency.

But why Isotropic?

LePage actually answers that question in the agency’s blog, which we’ll get to a bit later. As for the name, the word “Isotropic” in chemistry refers to an element or substance which has the same value across all directions.  Eventually, they co-opted this into their mission statement by promising “value, quality, and resources in all directions.”

Some of the brands that have employed Isotropic’s services include:

  • Gābl Media: One of the largest multimedia networks for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).
  • Gamechanger: A WordPress tutoring connection platform based in Westchester, New York.
  • NYC Botanics: An organic CBD oil company which focuses on mind and body wellness.
  • The Bachauer: One of the world’s largest and most attended piano competitions.
  • Wellbel Inc.: A direct-to-consumer wellness brand that manufactures hair, skin, and nail supplements created by a triple board-certified physician.

The Isotropic Blog

Along with being an agency, Isotropic also has a blog which features high-ranking content about WordPress and web design as a whole. If you’ve ever owned a WordPress website and you’ve been stuck solving a little design quirk, chances are that you’ve come across an Isotropic blog post about it.

Isotropic Blog Landing Page

What sets them apart from other blogs is that the people behind it are genuinely passionate about web development and are eager to share what they know. Not a single article is made simply to rank, rather each piece of content is well-curated and based on real experiences by their writers.

It’s the model of what every blog should be — something that we, at Gold Penguin, truly admire.

Beyond articles, Isotropic’s network also extends to their public Facebook group and other private communities. They've created courses, books, and tons of other resources for the WordPress & page speed community.

CodeWP and What It Means For WordPress

Moving on from Isotropic, LePage has since been working on CodeWP: an AI-powered WordPress code generator for plugins, taxonomies, and more. From a single prompt, you can generate commit-ready code for your website. If I could borrow our own CEO’s words, this tool represents the future of WordPress — and I see no single reason to doubt it.

CodeWP Landing Page

The goal of this startup is to integrate AGI into WordPress development. Imagine having a senior developer right by your side at all times, only they’re about a thousand times smarter, and completely focused on improving your website and nothing else. That’s what CodeWP is.

This tool works seamlessly with other popular WordPress plugins and builders such as WooCommerce, Contact Form, The Events Calendar, Gravity Forms, Bricks Builder, Breakdance Builder, Oxygen Builder, Elementor, and even ACF

And it doesn’t stop there. CodeWP’s latest updates include the following innovations:

  • Improvement on AI models and system integration.
  • Brand new presets and templates.
  • Introduction of a conversational model in code mode and chat mode.
  • The ability to create an entire plugin from a single prompt.
  • Complete platform rewrite.
  • Better troubleshooting and security capabilities.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this revolutionary tool, you can read more about it in our review on CodeWP. It also includes an interview with no other than James himself, so be sure to check it out.

The Bottom Line

James has already accomplished so much and doesn't show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. A successful digital marketing agency from the ground up. A community that strives to help people become better web developers. A high-ranking blog which offers countless WordPress insights. 

LePage is surely not one to rest on his laurels. He continues to push boundaries with innovative new products like CodeWP: something that has the potential to revolutionize website development. With the ability to generate complex code with simple prompts, the implications of this technology are enormous.

WordPress will continue to evolve thanks to visionaries like LePage who pave the way forward. Though still early in his career, there’s no doubt that he’s already made a name for himself in the WordPress ecosystem.

And if the success of CodeWP is any indication, he is just getting started.

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