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X’s (Formerly Twitter) Upcoming Autosave Feature

X has been working on an autosave feature for posts.
Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash
Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash
September 11, 2023 3:26 pm

X has reportedly been working on a potential autosave feature for posts which will automatically add unfinished posts to the users’ drafts.

In a recent tweet, Nima Owji, an app researcher known to be rolling out early information on X updates, posted a photo preview about the upcoming autosave feature.

In another tweet, a user shed light on his observation saying that X is currently working on an auto saving feature according to a ‘Saved’ label that appears right above the post button.  

In previous reports, X has continuously been releasing new features including community notes that is now available on videos and a feature where X Premium subscribers can edit posts up to 5 times. 

Definitely, X has been seemingly listening to what the users want and they continue to roll out anticipated features consistently. Now that X has been working on a possible autosave feature, it will help prevent users from losing their ideas and thoughts – and see them in the drafts tab.

We have yet to see if this upcoming feature will only be available to Premium users.

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Written by Andy Hoo
Andy is an investigative tech journalist at Gold Penguin. Besides being a journalist with the heart and mind for truth and credibility, he is also a passionate content creator who loves making informative and recreational videos. He writes all types of news in the technology & AI industry.
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