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17 Incredible AI Tools You Should Try Besides ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been dominating the AI world ever since it boomed. With its newest version, GPT-4, we can now do almost everything at our fingertips. But is there any AI tool out there that can top this giant AI chatbot? Check out these 16 incredible ChatGPT alternatives.
Updated March 25, 2024
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computer line streaks

If you’re an avid user of AI, you’ve most likely come across ChatGPT. Yes, the leading AI chatbot that answers your questions or writes anything you ask. You can ask it to develop systems or make your complaints more convincing. It's everywhere, and it's great.

This powerful AI tool has helped us step up our game and make our lives so much easier. But there are still other AI tools that you can use besides ChatGPT. While you can find thousands if you just research for a few minutes, these are my personal favorites.

Here are 17 AI tools that can help you in similar or completely different ways than ChatGPT can. Don't limit yourself to the biggest one – try them all.

ChatGPT and Other AI Tools

ChatGPT is a fantastic AI tool by OpenAI that has truly transformed how we do different types of work—blogging, content generation, coding, and other basic assistive tasks. But let’s be real. Even in its latest model GPT-4, it still has limitations in fulfilling all our needs.

Some of ChatGPT’s limitations:

  • Providing more direct and specific responses for highly specialized scenarios (e.g., CRM, law, etc.)
  • Jotting down notes or recording meeting minutes
  • Tracking time

This isn’t to downplay the capabilities of ChatGPT, but we can all agree that there are still other tasks that other AI tools do better than ChatGPT or that ChatGPT can’t do at this moment. While we can expect ChatGPT to take another big leap anytime soon or later, here are the 17 incredible AI tools you should try.


Murf is an AI voice generator that allows users to give humanlike voices to their content through cutting-edge text-to-speech technology. This AI tool is especially helpful for content creators and businesses who need not just realistic but studio-quality audio for their content.

With Murf AI, you can generate voiceovers for your video ads, explainer videos, podcasts, YouTube content, even blogs, and interactive voice response (IVR) in minutes. Besides adding AI-generated voiceover, you can use its voice editors, voice cloner, voice changer, Canva add-on, Murf API for software development, and many others. Sounds wonderful, right?

Jenni AI was originally a B2B SaaS for search engine optimization (SEO), which has now evolved into an AI writing tool. While it uses GPT-4 to generate content, it brings a wide range of features to the table that ChatGPT does not. It’s specifically designed to help you write essays, research papers, literature reviews, blogs, speeches, emails, and other content.

While it may not necessarily produce content that captures the nuances and essence of your prompt at times, it still has great offers that we can hardly say no to. Its features are packed with AI autocomplete to beat writer’s block, in-text citations, paraphrasing tools, outline builders, source-based generation using existing files, a research library, and more.


Timely is an AI-powered time tracker that not only tracks time automatically but also helps manage projects and teams. This software comes in handy for companies of different sizes that operate different tasks as it allows seamless integration with different browsers, Adobe software, Google Workspace, Microsoft suite,, Slacks, and the list goes on.

What’s great about Timely is that it also has a memory tracker for every work you do, flexible billable rates that promote transparency, and other features that can help businesses streamline processes with respect to time. Timely offers different plans that cater to your varying needs.

Do Not Pay

DoNotPay is a platform that uses AI to help you fight and win against corporations that milk employees for money, treat them badly, or violate their rights and privacy. This tool can assist you with any legal disputes with its ability to write a formal appeal letter on your behalf—detailed, personalized, and tailored specifically to your case.

For instance, it can also help you get a refund, report bad customer service, file a complaint, or simply cancel subscriptions and free trials. What makes DoNotPay a reliable tool is that this powerful AI lawyer has algorithms that are well-backed by research that allow it to understand different real-life situations. As a result, it can help you save yourself from more stress or hassle.

CodeWP was specifically designed to aid in WordPress tasks using AI—may it be coding or chatting. This AI-powered WordPress code generator helps you streamline your web development projects through a simple prompt that will result to the generation of a fully functional code or plugin right before your eyes.

In addition to its AI chatbot and code generator, it has a massive library of AI-generated code snippets that are ready for instant use. It also has features that let you secure and troubleshoot your site minus the headache. Aside from WordPress, CodeWP supports other modes as well, such as Woocommerce, Breakdance, Elementor, Bricks Builder, and the list goes on. Some of them are not for free like WordPress, though.


Imagen is an AI-based photo editor that can edit your photographs using previous styles as input. Not only does it edit photos the way you do, but it also helps you achieve effortless culling (the process of selecting photos that can take hours) and manage your files in its secure and private cloud storage.

Using this editing tool, you can create a custom personalized profile based on your past edits or a talent AI profile based on other professional photographers’ work. With Imagen, you can also save yourself hours of editing with its ability to edit up to 1000 photos in 5 minutes—a true time saver. Another fancy thing is that aside from its free AI edits, it has affordable pricing plans! squeezes long videos into a bite-sized length. This AI video editing tool has a lot of features that can help you create video content to keep your audience engaged, such as content repurposing, auto-captioning, auto titles, AI clipping, AI video resizing, AI speaker detection, virality prediction, custom editing, brand templates, and so much more.

You can also upload your videos across different platforms, making it a versatile video editing software for social media managers, marketers, video creators, podcasters, and businesses. If you want to save 90% of your time and effort creating videos that will help your audience cut long stories short without sacrificing the quality, then give Vidyo.AI a shot.

Fireflies will help you ensure you won’t miss any important details during your meetings with its AI-powered tools. This AI note-taker automatically transcribes and summarizes the conversations throughout the meetings, so you can focus more on the discussions.

Of course, it records and saves your meeting agendas for later use. It also allows you to set names for each speaker or go to specific parts through its advanced search feature. This AI-powered tool can be integrated with third-party apps and go beyond just taking notes; Fireflies can also help you automate your workflows based on your meetings.

Mixo is the AI website builder that will help you launch your dream business in seconds for real. All you have to do is let Mixo know the business you have in mind through a simple and brief description, then it will do its magic to build your website using AI in no time—no coding required. Yes, you read that right.

This powerful tool doesn’t require web design skills as well since it has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that can help you bring your website to life even without the expertise. Also, your website is already optimized for search engines, so no need to worry about your rankings and online visibility. All you need to do now is connect with your target market.


Forefront is a free alternative to GPT-4. This platform lets you generate images and upload files for free, and level up your work using avant-garde models such as GPT 4, GPT 3.5, Claude 2, and Claude. Aside from these basic features, it also introduces Forefront Enterprise, which offers enhanced network security, admin control, onboarding support, and more for enterprises.

It’s more accurate than ChatGPT as well. Why? Unlike ChatGPT, Forefront AI lets you access and search the internet to get more reliable and relevant data. It can also do other tasks that ChatGPT can’t do in GPT-3.5 and GPT 4 models, such as real-time multi-user support, and different AI personas to assist you with different needs.


ChatPDF, as its name suggests, is a PDF chatting tool that uses AI to easily summarize and analyze any PDF content for you. All you have to do is upload your chosen PDF file, and there you go. You can ask ChatPDF to do so many things for you that will save you time, including but not limited to answering your questions related to the PDF, rewriting, or summarizing its content.

Another good news about this tool is that it lets you upload PDF files directly from your device or URL for free, though it also offers a paid plan for higher limits in the number of pages, PDF files uploaded, questions asked, and file sizes. It automatically recognizes the languages used in PDFs as well, making it super helpful for students, researchers, and other users globally.

Playform is an AI art generator that helps digital creatives and professional designers further streamline their creative processes without necessarily learning highly technical terms or codes. Like similar tools, it generates art using artificial intelligence and lets you tweak its outputs however you want and save it on cloud storage.

What sets it apart from other AI art generators is that it allows users to sketch their prompt (rather than write it) on Playform’s digital canvas, which in turn Playform transforms into stunning artworks in different styles and variations. This excellent feature clearly demonstrates its image and object recognition capabilities, making it a superb AI art tool even without words.

Promptify is a prompt generator that offers users access to a rich library of AI-generated prompts to help them improve their productivity and spark new ideas. This AI tool can help writers beat writer’s block, researchers explore new topics, designers get inspired by new design concepts, and entrepreneurs overcome business obstacles.

Not only that—it also generates unique and humanlike content that can bypass AI detection tools, just like Content at Scale, and lets prompt engineers earn passive income by building prompts through its API. This platform does not only give work inspiration and boost productivity but also serves as an opportunity for people who want to build as well.

Hive Moderation

Hive Moderation is widely used as an AI content detector, which works not only on texts but also on images. Besides analyzing the level of AI content in terms of percentage, it highlights the texts that are likely AI-generated and identifies the sources of AI-generated images. It also offers a Chrome Extension so you can detect the origins of AI content on the web in real time.

As a content moderation tool, it also allows you to add platform rules or restrictions (such as no hate speech, bullying, profanity, violence, NSFW, etc.), automatically detect, classify, flag, and filter content in all forms (image, text, audio, and video) that violates the rules, and do necessary actions—all that to help you moderate your online content-sharing and social networking platform. This tool is ideal for maintaining the platform’s peace, harmony, and safety.

Painfinder is a simple web-based app that answers any questions related to pain points encountered by users in different types of software. This tool uses real reviews by real users of existing software as a reference to provide relevant answers.

What you should take note though, is that it’s particularly designed to tackle pain points only, so you can’t ask or prompt it to generate original content for you. When you do, what it will do instead is provide you answers that include the keywords you used. So, Painfinder is useful only if you just let it serve its purpose.

Monica is an AI virtual assistant that can assist you with writing, researching, processing files, and other computer tasks. It is powered by advanced AI models such as GPT-4, Claude, and Bard. This all-in-one chatbot can do pretty much anything that other AI tools also do.

Like ChatPDF, it can read, analyze, summarize, or edit content for you, except it can also do the same with images and videos. It also helps you with translation and crafting your emails. Monica also checks your grammar like Grammarly and creates AI art for you based on prompts like other AI art generators.

Hermes 13-b

Nous Hermes 13B is a state-of-the-art language model that especially excels in generating creative responses. It can use storytelling techniques to craft captivating narratives, chat in engaging dialogues, and be integrated with role-playing games (RPGs) or interactive fiction to generate dynamic responses or create twists to give players or readers a unique experience.

This AI model fine-tuned in over 300,000 instructions also has a low hallucination rate and doesn’t have censorship mechanisms as OpenAI does. It’s basically GPT-4 on steroids that can be the creatives’ best buddy during their creative endeavors.

So, Which One is the Best?

All AI tools are good in their own ways, but if I have to rank them based on what they can do and their effectiveness, two of them compete for the top-tier ranking, namely Forefront and Monica. These two have similar features that make them an all-around AI tool, but what gives one of them an edge over the other is its ability to access the internet—that is Forefront.

Forefront also promotes collaboration, which positions itself way ahead of ChatGPT and other competing tools. However, the verdict still depends on varying use cases and user preferences. If you don’t attend meetings or need time tracking while you work, Fireflies and Timely may not be as useful to you. If you’re business-minded, you’ll likely find Mixo the best AI tool out there.

So for you, which of these incredible AI tools do you think is the best alternative to ChatGPT?

Anyway, I hope this article helps you discover the best tool for you to boost your productivity and work efficiency. And if you’re sick of ChatGPT, definitely give some or at least one of these AI tools a try!

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