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35 Aesthetic Minimalist Phone Wallpapers Made with Midjourney

This is your sign to give your phone’s home screen a new and refreshing look. Don’t miss out on these aesthetic minimalist phone wallpapers I created using Midjourney.
Updated April 4, 2024
Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash
Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash

Some people want abundance, while others prefer simplicity.

In visual arts and design, minimalism introduces an extraordinary concept in perceiving something plain as beautiful. Its “less is more” principle focuses on eliminating elements or objects from a scene to capture a pristine view as much as possible.

In this article, I’ll share 35 aesthetic minimalist images that will transform your phone wallpaper into an intricate piece of art. Achieve a chic and cozy feel in your home screen display with these Midjourney-generated images in no time.

The Best Aesthetic Minimalist Phone Wallpapers

These are what you’ll usually find in photos with an aesthetic minimalist style:

  • Clean, empty spaces
  • One or a few prominent subjects
  • Lines
  • Curves
  • Balanced abstract
  • Geometric shapes
  • Neutral tones
  • Pastel color palette

Since taller phones are becoming more fashionable, we’re going for a display aspect ratio of 9:20. As I’ve observed, the majority of minimalist aesthetic photos often position their subjects at the bottom or lower half. So here’s a tip: crop from the top to put emphasis on the picture’s centerpiece.

Now, have a look at some of the best aesthetic minimalist phone wallpapers, featuring a few everyday items that most people overlook as an art. See how their beauty vividly stands out through these artful impressions set by the best AI image generator, Midjourney.


When you type in “aesthetic minimalist photos”, you’ll usually find images of plants somewhere in the image results. These botanical species not only benefit our planet but also livens upany place. Plant lovers, this category of phone wallpapers is especially for you.


These are a symbol of beauty, love and prosperity. Here, you’ll find different types of blooms, including those commonly associated with soft aesthetics.


This is especially perfect for bibliophiles, i.e. people who love books. These phone wallpapers capture the alluring pages of a novel—a true embodiment of knowledge and creativity.


A cup of coffee and tea is one of the typical subjects of aesthetic minimalist photos, creating a wistful image of silent pondering. However, other drinks such as wine, fruit juices, and milkshakes are also used. These demonstrate a more contrasting and vibrant detail against a neutral background.  


A bicycle is so much more intriguing than it seems. A simple vehicle that takes you everywhere, seeing all the sights the world has to offer at the pace of your own leisure. It’s no wonder it’s a great subject for an aesthetic minimalist photo. Don’t believe me? See the images below for yourself.

So, Why Choose Aesthetic Minimalist Phone Wallpapers?

In a world dominated by technology and convenience, our phones are littered with many app icons to ease our personal and professional life. But we all need a gentle reminder that life can be so much simpler than it is, simply in the form of a picture. By using any of these aesthetic minimalist phone wallpapers I’ve shared in this article, you can give your home screen display a fresh look that’s easy on the eyes.

Decluttering the background of your phone’s home screen is definitely satisfying, so feel free to save and use any of these phone wallpapers by Midjourney as they’re all free. Besides minimalist aesthetics, Midjourney can also generate images in other styles, so don’t forget to check out our article for that. Enjoy!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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