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Justin Gluska

Justin is the founder and CEO of Gold Penguin, a news company producing updates, reviews, and insights into the next generation of tech.

While studying computer science and software engineering, he fell in love with building and wanted to use what he learned to create something. He found his passion at the intersection of computer science and business, starting a web design & marketing agency at 17 years old.

Years went by and it eventually led into the blog. About 2 years ago he started writing about all the little niche tools that he spent the last few years working with to help others just like him. These tools expanded into AI, SEO, web development, and even marketing. All of them come together to help save business owners time & make them more money.

And that's where the blog stands today – Justin's goal is to inform both tech and non-tech audiences about the latest tools that are helping change the world with the highest quality writing possible. Artificial Intelligence & the pillars around it are going to dominate the next few decades. Sharing that knowledge in an accessible way to anyone interested is a great way to help prepare the world for what's to come!
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