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How to Find Companies to Sell Sales Training Services

Looking for leads to sell your sales training services? Clay has your back - from scraping work emails of decision makers to writing a compelling pitch. Learn how through this quick tutorial.
Updated November 21, 2023
scrape data from RepVue using Clay
scrape data from RepVue using Clay
Difficulty: Easy. Might help to know the basics of this tool/topic
Time Required: ~20 minutes

Imagine you’re a sales professional offering sales training services. You’re confident that these services can make a difference, especially for companies struggling with low quota attainment.

You’ve already scoured RepVue. You’ve compiled a list of your ideal prospects. 

Great! What’s next?

Well, you’ll need a few details to reach out to them. That includes LinkedIn profiles, names of the decision makers, and all those important work emails. 

But imagine having hundreds of companies on your list. Gathering all the information wouldn’t be the best use of your time. 

Is there a way to automate the entire process? The answer is a big yes. And it’s made possible with Clay.

This powerful tool not only simplifies the data scraping process. It also supports ChatGPT. This ensures that your pitch email isn't just another message in their inbox. With a few clicks, you’d be able to write a compelling proposition they can’t ignore.

Sounds impressive, right?

In this guide, let’s break down every step. I’ll show you how to scrape data from RepVue, find the work emails of company decision makers, and write a genuine pitch. All of these can be done in mere minutes.

Let’s dive in.

write email using Clay

Steps to Find Company Decision Makers to Sell Your Services

1) Set Up Your Tools

Create a Clay account if you haven’t already. Install the Clay Google Chrome extension.

Then, visit RepVue and select 'Companies' from the top navigation bar. Here, you’ll see a list of companies with descriptions, quota attainments, and ratings. 

RepVue website

2) Identify Companies With Low Quota Attainment

We’re interested in getting a list of companies with the lowest quota attainment. Let’s sort the list, starting from the lowest quota, by clicking the ‘Quota Attainment’ filter down arrow.

Click the Clay icon on the toolbar to extract this sorted list along with company details.

Clay Google chrome extension

Click 'Export to' to save this data as a CSV file for enrichment on Clay.

Upload this CSV to a blank table on Clay using the ‘Import Data’ option. Rename column titles for clarity.

import RepVue data on Clay table

3) Get LinkedIn Company Profiles 

Right now, we have a list of company names, their quota attainments, and ratings. But we don’t have the details we can use to reach out to them.

First, we’ll need to find their LinkedIn profiles. Right-click on the table, choose ‘Add enrichment, and select the ‘Search Google’ enrichment tool.

add enrichment on Clay

Use the following Google search query: {insert company name} 

enter Google search query

Click ‘Continue to Add Fields.’ Then, save and run. 

You should see the result containing multiple links per row. 

Remember, we’re only interested in the company’s LinkedIn page. You should see this information on the primary search result.

So, let’s add the first search result as a column to display the company’s LinkedIn page. 

Simply click on one of the rows under the ‘Search Google’ column. Look for the LinkedIn URL on the first search result. Then, click ‘add to column.’

Search Google enrichment using Clay

4) Identify Decision Makers

Start a new enrichment. Select the ‘Find Contacts at Company’ enrichment tool.

Find Contacts at Company

Use the company’s LinkedIn URL as the ‘Company Identifier.’

Find Contacts at Company enrichment tool

Specify the job titles you’re targeting. You can enter these keywords (comma-separated) on the ‘Job Title Keywords.’

  • Chief Human Resources Officer 
  • Human Resources Director 
  • Talent Acquisition Director 
  • Human Resources Manager 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager 
  • HR Business Partner 
  • Head of Recruitment 
  • VP of Human Resources 
  • Procurement Manager 
  • Chief Operating Officer

Feel free to use other keywords as you wish. 

Click continue to add fields. Toggle the data you want to add to the table (like the name, title, and LinkedIn URL).

Find Contacts at Company enrichment

Click save and run.

Notice that you might get multiple results per row. In that case, you can move the results to a new table to get the LinkedIn profile of each person in the results. Or you can map the first search result to the table. 

Search Google enrichment results

For instance, I mapped the first search result and added the full name, first name, LinkedIn URL, and title, as shown below. 

Search Google enrichment results

I included the first name because it gives our emails a personal touch. Addressing someone by their first name often feels warmer and more genuine than using their full name.

5) Enrich LinkedIn Profile to Get the Company Domain

Next, we’ll need the prospect’s company domain to scrape their work emails.

However, we don’t have that.

So, what we’re going to do is enrich their LinkedIn profile. Doing so will help us collect all their public information. 

Let’s use the ‘Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile’ enrichment tool.

Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile

Add the LinkedIn profile of our contacts from the ‘LinkedIn Profile’ drop-down.

enrich LinkedIn URL using Clay

Click ‘Continue to Add Fields.’ 

Now, scroll down to the ‘Latest Experience’ section. Toggle the company domain. Click save and run.

find company domain using Clay

You should now see a new column added with the company domain.

5) Use the Waterfall Method to Extract Emails

Again, let’s add enrichment to our table. Go to ‘Waterfall’ and click ‘Work Email.’

find work emails using Clay

Clay provides you with several options to fetch your contact’s email address. Here, we’re going to use Clay Enrichments, Datagma, and Hunter. 

Then, enter the contact’s name, company name, and company domain in the provided fields.

find work email using Clay

Use Debounce to validate all the emails collected. 

Then, click save and run.

Check your table. You should now have a list of work emails for your target decision-makers.

Note that you might not get all the email addresses of your prospects. This could mean that some of their information is not available to the public. So, you can clean your list or use other ways to find their work emails.

6) Write Your Pitch Using ChatGPT

With all the necessary details at hand, it’s time to approach your prospects. We’ll be using ChatGPT to write a compelling email.

Again, let’s enrich our table. Look for the ‘Use AI (ChatGPT)’ action.

Use AI (ChatGPT) enrichment tool

Enter a prompt. 

You might not get the results you want in the first few attempts, and that’s okay. Refine your prompt until you get the right result. Be creative.

You can refer to our separate tutorial on how to write personalized cold emails using Clay. We’ve included all the tips here to craft a perfect email using ChatGPT.

For this guide, I’ve written the following prompt. You can copy this template and edit it to meet your own needs:

Assume you are a sales professional. Your job is to start sales conversations with potential customers as a representative of the XYZ company. You speak in a professional tone and manner with the experience of a 20 year veteran in the business field. 

Write messages that are under 100 words to potential customers. Mention something that you noticed about their company. Don't make it too complimentary. Try to reach out to your prospects by mentioning their low quota attainment. Offer them a sales training solution to help their company boost their sales. Bridge what you noticed about their company with a question that makes them think thoughtfully about the problem you can solve and if they have that problem, why should they care about whatever your intention is. Add a soft call to action. 

Start the email with: Hi /First Name

End the email with: Sincerely, [Your Name] 

Once you’re satisfied, click save and run. On a new column, you should be able to see the generated cold email.

write cold email using ChatGPT

For this example, here’s my result:

Hi Michael,

I've been following your company and noticed your recent dip in quota attainment. While many factors may contribute to this, have you considered investing in sales training to improve your team's performance? Our solutions at XYZ could be a solid fit. Does Friday at 11 am work for a quick chat about how we can boost your attainment rates?


[Your Name]

write cold email using ChatGPT

Time to Jump In!

Selling training courses to companies is not an easy journey. 

But with Clay smoothing out the lead generation process, you have the best opportunities to directly engage with decision makers.

So, leverage this tool to double your revenue.

And if you’re looking for deeper insights from Google reviews of companies, Clay can help, too. Check out our tutorial on Finding a Business’s Google Review Information With Clay to learn more.

Lastly, we value your thoughts. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments below.

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