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How to Find Leads From Capterra in 2023

Capterra, with its extensive software listings and reviews, is a great platform for searching for high-quality leads. This guide walks you through scraping leads efficiently and then finding decision-makers using Clay.
Updated November 27, 2023
find leads from Capterra
find leads from Capterra
Difficulty: Very Easy. No prior knowledge required
Time Required: ~5 minutes

Capterra is a reputed directory of software vendors along with their details and user reviews.

This is the best platform to go if:

  • You want to identify competitor products and gather customer reviews
  • You want to stay updated with the market trends based on user reviews and ratings
  • You want to identify potential partners or leads to pitch your products and services

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the steps to scrape data from Capterra. Then, we’ll enrich the data on Clay and find the contact details of decision makers.

By the end of this, you should learn how to seamlessly navigate from data scraping to lead enrichment. 

enrich leads from Capterra

How to Find Leads and Enrich Them On Clay

1) Install Instant Data Scraper

For this tutorial, we’re going to use Instant Data Scraper to pull relevant data from Capterra. So go ahead and install the Instant Data Scraper extension for Google Chrome.

Instant Data Scraper

2) Scrape Leads from Capterra

Let’s say we’re interested in getting leads from Digital Marketing Agencies in New York.

Visit Capterra and go to Service Categories > Digital Marketing Agencies.

On the left side, you should see some filter options to narrow down your results. In this case, we’ve entered New York City on the location field. We’ve also chosen ‘Information Technology and Services’ for the ‘Industries Served.’ 

find digital marketing agencies in Capterra

Feel free to modify your filter options to meet your needs.

Now you have the filtered results, it’s time to pull the data. Click the Instant Data Scraper icon from the toolbar.  

Instant Data Scraper

On the pop-up window, you can set the minimum and maximum waiting time for each request. The purpose of the delays is to mimic a human-like behavior when browsing the website. Doing so will prevent your IP from getting banned or rate-limited. 

You can also enable the infinite scroll to capture all the results on the page. Once you’re done, click ‘Start crawling.’ 

Instant Data Scraper settings

Once the process is complete, the app will show you the number of pages scraped as well as the number of rows collected and working time. You’ll also be presented with different options to download your data.

Instant Data Scraper settings

In our example, we’ve chosen CSV.

3) Import Your Data On Clay

Create a new table on Clay and import the CSV file. You should now see all the information we’ve just scraped from Capterra.

import Capterra data to Clay table

So, go ahead and remove the information that you don’t need. In this case, I’ve retained the company name, location, and services, and deleted the rest. I’ve also renamed these columns to make it easier to refer to them later on.

modify Clay table

4) Get the Company Domain

Right-click your table and select ‘Add enrichment.’

add enrichment on Clay table

On the pop-up window, look for an integration tool to get the company domains from your list.

Clay supports several apps to help you pull the website URL of any company. In this tutorial, we’re going to select Clearbit because it’s free.

get domain from company name using Clearbit

On the settings page, you can choose which API key to use. By default, Clay’s Clearbit API Key is selected, so we’ll leave this as is.

For the input, simply select the ‘Company Name’ column from the dropdown. Click ‘Continue to Add Fields.’

Clearbit settings page

Choose the data you want to be added to your table. Let’s choose the domain. Then, click save and run.

Clearbit settings page

Your table should now be populated with the website URLs of your target companies. 

find company domain using Clearbit

5) Find the Decision Makers

Now that we have the company name and domain, all we need to do is enrich the table further to find the decision makers.

Normally, you’d have to enrich your table multiple times to find the names and work emails of your leads. But with Clay's 'recipe' feature, you can gather all the info you need in just one go.

Once again, add an enrichment to your table. On the pop-up, click ‘Recipes’ and choose ‘SMBs - Find and Verify Decision Makers + Contact Information.’

enrich Clay table with recipe

On the settings page, almost everything you need should be set already. However, you can change the apps from the dropdowns if you wish. For this guide, we're keeping the default settings.

Clay recipe settings page

All we need to do now is set the inputs for the business name and business website. After that, click ‘Apply & Run First 10 Rows.’

Your table should now have the email addresses of your target prospects.

find decision makers' email address

And That’s It!

You’ve just learned how to scrape leads from Capterra. 

The next step? 

Start reaching out to your target prospects using Clay. And, who knows, the next big deal might just be on your list.

Need help crafting a personalized cold email? We got your back. Read these tutorials to ramp up your email marketing strategies:

Hopefully, this was helpful. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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