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Undetectable.AI Vs Originality.AI – Can It Bypass Detection?

The rapid evolution of AI content has left many scrambling for AI detectors like Originality AI. However, there has also been a sudden market need for AI bypass tools like Undetectable AI to trick detection platforms. When put in a head-to-head situation, which software will come out on top?
Updated September 27, 2023
A Police Catching A Robot
A Police Catching A Robot

As a student, I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting AI content. I see them in job listings, in forums, even in the work that some of my classmates submit. It’s become so prominent that it’s completely overhauling entire industries like education and employment.

Whether it’s to crack down on academic misconduct or filter those who are using ChatGPT to create resumes, many have resorted to using detectors to isolate AI-generated text. The responses on its effectiveness so far have been mixed but, with promises of improvement, it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before these tools become the norm.

But, of course, there are those who seek to do the opposite: to create a platform that can bypass AI detection tools. These are AI-powered rewriters that take documents from a different source and tweak it until they can pass common AI detectors. Since I’ve learned of these software, there was one question that kept nagging me:

If they’re subjected to a direct competition, which one would win?

That’s what I sought to answer in this article using Undetectable AI and Originality AI.

Undetectable AI vs Originality AI

Since the meteoric rise of AI tools, it’s been getting more difficult to spot AI text content. Originality is a freemium AI detection tool that seeks to be a solution for that problem. It allows you to examine a piece of content and determine how likely it is to be human-written or AI-generated.

Originality AI Landing Page

On the other hand, Undetectable AI seeks to bypass AI detectors. They accomplish this by humanizing AI-generated content through careful reorganization of words and removal of common AI markers. With Undetectable, you can also customize the output by choosing a specific use case and reading level. Check out our full review.

Undetectable AI Landing Page

Undetectable AI and Originality AI exist in direct opposition of each other — and it’s about time we test their limits by subjecting them to some kind of faceoff:.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Different Use Cases

We must first separate the tests for different use cases, reading level, and other specific scenarios, which we’ll get to later. This system ensures that we cover all the possible bases of examination.

Let’s begin with different use cases. For this one, I’ll use “University” as my default reading level across all use cases.

We’ll also need a constant: an AI-generated text that I’ll use for each use case to ensure fairness. Due to its popularity, ChatGPT is the perfect vehicle to generate a constant. So, I went ahead and asked ChatGPT to write me a short essay about the first thing that popped up on my mind and here’s what I got:

Now that we have our control variable, let’s start the showdown between Undetectable AI and Originality AI.

General Writing

Whenever you’re in a rush and you need something rewritten quickly, you can use Undetectable AI’s “General Writing” content type. This use case is most useful for AI texts that don’t have a specific intent or complexity. As for how well it fares against Originality…

This one gets a pass but we’re not off to a great start. The 40% likelihood of being AI doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence towards Undetectable AI. No matter, maybe our next test will yield better results.


ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools have been changing how education works everywhere. So much, in fact, that many instructors and professors have started using AI detectors to lessen instances of academic dishonesty. It’s really no wonder that students with essay assignments are the ones most likely to use AI bypass tools. So, with grades on the line, how will Undetectable AI do?

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Essay

Sad to say that detectors have bested AI rewriters once again. Originality AI was able to detect that the text I’ve scanned was AI-generated with 80% certainty. So, to students everywhere, write your own homework!


As someone who’s been writing articles my entire life, there’s little to nothing that scares me more than a deadline. Undetectable AI’s “Article” use case is the solution to this anxiety as it promises to turn news pieces that ChatGPT churns out into something that resembles human writing.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Article

This just in: Undetectable AI defeats Originality AI in a stunning upset! While it’s not perfect, Undetectable AI’s output was able to fool Originality AI, which could only identify a 25% chance of artificial intelligence in the text.


They say that dead men tell no tales, but artificial intelligence can. However, creativity has always been a hallmark of good prose — something that tools like ChatGPT lack. Can Undetectable AI inject awe and wonder to AI-generated stories and outwit Originality?

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Story

This is the first truly impressive win for Undetectable. Originality AI struggled to identify hints of AI in the text provided, with the AI bypass tool achieving a remarkable 99% likelihood of being human-written.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Different Reading Levels

For this section, let’s see how Originality AI handles Undetectable AI generations with different readability levels. Every output will be assigned a content type of “General Writing” to standardize the test cases. Before we proceed, we need a control variable first:

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Reading Level Control Variable

Now that that’s out of the way, we can start with…

High School

The “High School” readability level of Undetectable AI is best for essays that are simple and straightforward, and doesn’t need a lot of complexity added to them.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: High School

With a confidence score of 100% for AI content, it’s safe to say that this test is a bust. Originality AI wasn’t able to detect any ounce of human writing in the text provided.


If you need something for a higher level of academic writing, then Undetectable AI’s “Doctorate” reading level is for you. It tweaks your text to make it appear more analytical and methodical in its subject matter without changing the essence of the original text.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Doctorate

Unfortunately, Originality AI was able to flag 99% of the text as AI-generated. Personally, I wouldn’t trust AI rewriters with doctorate-level writing anyway because it has a tendency to create unintelligible sentences which could severely damage your reputation.


Since “University” was our default reading level in the previous section, we’ll be skipping this one and use the results we received earlier for our final tally.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Specific Generations

This last section deals with niche use cases and reading levels that couldn’t be properly tested using either of the ChatGPT responses we used earlier.

Marketing Material (Use Case) and Marketing (Reading Level)

Creating copies and other marketing materials has never been easier thanks to ChatGPT. With just a single prompt, you can create publish-ready content that’s comparable to ones created by actual people.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Marketing Material Control Variable

For this test, I wanted Undetectable AI to transform an ad copy for a scented candle. Here is the result:

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Marketing Material

Despite being 100% AI written, Originality AI determined that the text only had a 1% chance of coming from AI. This result speaks to the capability of Undetectable AI to mimic human expression.

Reports (Use Case) and Journalist (Reading Level)

Up next, let’s take a closer look at how well Undetectable AI can determine if a news report comes from AI or an actual journalist. This will be our original AI text:

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Report Control Variable

After that, let’s go ahead and transform that ChatGPT generated text using Undetectable AI with the parameters of “Report” for purpose and “Journalist” for readability level.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Report

The result is… a mixed bag. While Originality AI was ultimately able to ascertain that this content is AI-generated, it was only able to do so with 56% certainty.

Cover Letter (Use Case)

Writing a good cover letter is crucial to your employability. It must contain all the necessary information about you while showing enough heart to build a personal connection between you and a potential client. This is something that AI writing tools lack, and some employers agree.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Cover Letter Control Variable

So, let’s try to write an effective cover letter using ChatGPT and Undetectable AI. We won’t concern ourselves too much with the details, but let’s see how it measures up to Originality’s rigorous testing.

Undetectable AI vs. Originality AI: Cover Letter

And… I’m disappointed. With only an 8% chance of being human-written, it’s likely that potential employers and clients won’t be requiring your services if you use Undetectable AI for your cover letter (and if they believe whatever AI detector they're using).

The Final Tally

To get the bigger picture, we must tally up the scores for each use case and reading level, and calculate the average.

This is how Undetectable AI squares up against Originality based on the multiple tests we’ve conducted:




General Writing












High School






Marketing Material






Cover Letter






So, What's The Verdict?

It was a close one, but Originality AI ekes out a narrow victory against Undetectable AI. Through a total of nine tests, the former was able to detect AI written content with an average confidence level of 54.89%

Always remember that Originality AI is still a machine itself. Sure, it was a close call and the AI bypass tool was able to trick the detector sometimes, but any person who reads any of Undetectable AI’s content could instantly be able to discern that it’s not written by a human. They lack creativity, context, and even authenticity. It really depends on what you enter, so the best thing to do is to try it yourself.

Both Originality and Undetectable addresses a market need that they fulfill, but they’re simply in a rat race with each other. Only time can tell how these tools perform in the future once tech evolves further. Even OpenAI stopped supporting their AI detector because they said it simply doesn't work. Originality fought back but not sure how its really holding up.

Editors Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. AI detection & undetection should be taken with a grain of salt and nothing I claim here should be seen as conclusive

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Written by John Angelo Yap
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