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The Best Undetectable AI Writing and Bypassing Tools of 2023

There are now tons of AI writing tools. Software like ChatGPT, Jasper, and WriteSonic have blown up in popularity in the last few months. With AI writing comes a need to avoid detectors. While AI writing detection isn't provable, you may still run into some situations where you want to make sure your text is unique enough to avoid any detection. Here are some of the best tools you can use to rearrange your writing & sentence structures.
Updated September 14, 2023

With the rise of what seems like something as big as the internet (artificial intelligence), we've seen a ton of things popping up in the world of generative AI, one of them being AI writing tools.

If you're on the internet for at least 5 minutes a day, you've probably heard something relating to the groundbreaking piece of tech that came out last November – ChatGPT.

With this came tons of people trying to speed up their writing processes. Whether it's an essay, article, or business report, ChatGPT can reduce the time it takes to write it by 90%.

Students have been using it in schools, and teachers have been scrambling to keep up with the innovative pace of this new tech. Some schools are even falsely claiming students are using ChatGPT to write their papers. You can't really prove when someone uses AI to create their papers, but you can try to predict it using a few methods to check for AI writing.

With all of this fury came the introduction of AI writing detectors. Some are decent, while some don't work at all.

Since AI writing works by "predicting" the next word that should be written (an oversimplified analogy would be comparing it to autocorrects smarter cousin), you really aren't left with a solid watermark to concretely prove something used a bot to write it.

AI writing detection is not like plagiarism. You have no real trail. These tools try to pick up on the certain ways AI writes it content and gives you a score based on that.

So how do you get around the chance of being caught writing with AI (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), or worse, getting accused of writing something with AI when you really haven't?

For now, you can use a few tools to scramble your words/sentence syntax to confuse these detectors. I'm sure in the next year we won't even be having this discussion, as people will realize you literally can't reliably predict AI. For now, here are the best tools we've seen.

The Best AI Content Writing Tools of 2023

So before I even get into these tools, we have to have some measure of testing them, right? I've gone ahead and asked ChatGPT for a paragraph on divorce attorneys. Let's see what it gives & let's see how it performs when put in an AI detection tool called Originality:

A ChatGPT generated output paragraph about the complexities of divorce lawyers (sample text to test AI detectors)
Originality AI resulting in a 100% AI-written article based on ChatGPT writing

Ok, so this is clearly not good. Now let's paste this paragraph into a few undetectable AI writing scramblers and see which one comes out the best:

1) Undetectable AI

The first tool we'll test is Undetectable AI. It works by rephrasing a lot of the sentences in a paragraph while still keeping the original meaning intact.

When putting the generated paragraph into Undetectable, we're left with a completely new paragraph after about 40 seconds. When putting it into Originality we're left with a near 0% AI-writing rate.

Undetectable AI changing text to pass all AI detection tools
Pasting Undetectable.AI text into Originality.AI to see that it comes back as Original text

And just like that, you have AI content that isn't detectable by most of the major checkers (I think Originality is the most robust, so I decided to test with that). A really good alternative is HideMyAI, which we'll talk about next.

Undetectable AI also lets you change the tone and style of the output you're looking for. Want to rewrite content to fit a high school paper? It can do it. Want to rewrite a professional report in the sound of a PHD student? You can do that too.

The tool lets you modify 250 words of writing for free, then has plans starting at $9.99 a month for 10,000 words of content. I highly recommend checking out the free word sample to see if it works for you!

2) HideMyAI

I really like HideMyAI because of how extensive you can get with it. The bypassing tool let's you avoid AI detectors and transform AI-generated content to humanlike copy in just a few seconds. I've also noticed it tends to give a lot better of an output, you just can't customize your writing as much in the tool itself.

It works the same way as Undetectable. You just paste your writing, change the options, and let it do the rest! You'll get a bit more words to work with for free compared to Undetectable, which could be better if you want to see how it works before deciding if you actually need to pay for anything. Here's what it looks like:

You can change the language from English to Spanish, Russian, or French as of now – with more languages expected to be supported soon! You'll get 250 words for free if you aren't registered, and an additional 300 if you make a free account.

3) QuillBot

QuillBot was actually the first tool I found when trying to help me rewrite content. I think it works well but it involves a lot more user editing than the other tools we mentioned.

If you want complete flexibility to reword and rewrite (basically visually move words around), QuillBot is probably your best bet.

QuillBot changed text (highlighted in orange and blue text) with the option to click and change words as you wish

Once you paste a block of text you'll see words get highlighted in orange and blue. If you click on any of these words you'll have the option to change it to another synonym.

You can adjust the complexity of the synonyms the tool will suggest. You can also adjust the tone of voice (if you want to speak more formally, creative, etc). QuillBot also works in many languages if you are looking to sentence editing in languages other than english.

4) Content at Scale

I wanted to include Content at Scale in here because while it doesn't work as a standalone AI-text rewriter, the full-length articles it creates generally are not able to be identified by an AI detector.

Again, it really matters what the use of you looking for an undetectable AI writing software is for, but if you want to generate long-form, undetectable AI articles, this is 100% the go-to tool to use.

While it definitely has a few kinks that they need to work out (some generations get a bit messy or don't pull correct data) you should still check it out. We have a full review here if you're interested in learning more about creating full-length articles that are completely undetectable. You could even turn an entire YouTube video into an undetectable blog post! It's awesome.

Content at Scale generated post coming back as 95% likely to be human-written

Final Thoughts

You do have to keep in mind these tools work by rearranging sentences, which sometimes end up funky. Always make sure to read your new paragraph once it has been generated to check for inconsistencies and weird sentence structures.

If you're trying to rewrite AI content for the sake of making it undetectable, just know these tools really just try to make things more human-like. Human writing has a lot more variability and creativity throughout its sentences, making AI-text likely to detect if tools like ChatGPT repeat things in predictable ways.

Make sure to use all of these tools responsibly and ethically and understand the true meaning of why you are trying to rewrite your AI-generated content. ChatGPT is an amazing tool and I'm sure it's only going to get better, more creative, and more powerful.

Have you used any of these tools before? Drop a comment below to let us know which works the best!

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Written by Justin Gluska
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