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The Best Undetectable AI Writing Bypassing Tools of 2024 (Reliability & Accuracy)

AI writing tools are mind blowing. Tools like ChatGPT and Claude have blown up in popularity since they've been released, and they've only gotten better. With AI writing comes the need to avoid detectors by making your writing more human-like. Here are some of the best tools you can use to rearrange your writing & sentence syntax.
Updated April 9, 2024
A robot holding a pencil while writing on a piece of paper while sitting at a desk in their home, made with DALL-E 2
A robot holding a pencil while writing on a piece of paper while sitting at a desk in their home, made with DALL-E 2

With AI exploding, some incredible AI writing tools are here like ChatGPT and Claude. Whether it's an essay, article, or business report, these tools can reduce the time needed to write it by 90% if you know how to ask correctly.

While you can't really prove when someone uses AI to create their papers, you can try to predict it using a few methods to check for AI writing. These methods have also skyrocketed in popularity since they've come out.

So, of course, AI writing detectors became a thing. I'd say the very best ones are great at helping predict, but they're still not reliable enough. The results are not provable and even were denounced by OpenAI.

Since AI writing works by "predicting" the next word that should be written, you really aren't left with a solid watermark to prove that someone used an AI writing tool to write it.

We've done our fair share of research and found a few undetectable AI rewriting tools that help cloak writing to look more normal. These tools paraphrase and rewrite your writing to help bypass detectors. We've ranked them from most reliable and accurate to least. Try them out for yourself and see what you have the best luck with

The Best Undetectable AI Rewriting Tools I Could Find

I've gone ahead and asked ChatGPT for a paragraph on divorce attorneys. Let's see what it gives & let's see how it performs when put in Originality's AI detection tool

A ChatGPT generated output paragraph about the complexities of divorce lawyers (sample text to test AI detectors)
Originality AI resulting in a 100% AI-written article based on ChatGPT writing

Ok, so this is clearly not good. Now let's paste this paragraph into a few undetectable AI writing scramblers and see which one comes out the best

1) Undetectable AI

The first tool we'll test is Undetectable AI. It works by rephrasing a lot of the sentences in a paragraph while still keeping the original meaning intact.

When putting the generated paragraph into Undetectable, we're left with a completely new paragraph after about 40 seconds. When putting it into Originality, we're left with a near 0% AI-writing rate.

Undetectable AI changing text to pass all AI detection tools
Pasting Undetectable.AI text into Originality.AI to see that it comes back as Original text

And just like that, you have AI content that isn't detectable by most of the major checkers (I think Originality is the most robust, so I decided to test with that).

Undetectable AI also lets you change the tone and style of the output you're looking for. Want to rewrite content to fit a high school paper? It can do it. Want to rewrite a professional report in the voice of a Ph.D. student? You can do that, too.

The tool lets you modify a decent amount of words of writing for free, then has plans starting at $14.99 a month for 15,000 words of content. I highly recommend checking out the free word sample to see if it works for you before paying for anything though.

Consider what you're using this for—don't use it for anything unethical, as it could land you in a lot of trouble.

Also make sure to read over the output it gave you and make sure it looks good. Don't just throw something in here and post that writing without reviewing anything. But that also goes for any of these tools. I use Undetectable pretty much every day.

In addition to the main undetector, if you're looking for an SEO tool to help speed up your writing, they also have a pretty new tool to help automate your writing process.'s SEO Writing Tool

2) HideMyAI

I really like HideMyAI because of how extensive your options are.

The bypassing tool allows you to avoid AI detectors and transform some AI-generated writing into a human-like copy in just a few seconds.

It's very similar to Undetectable & offers a ton of options, but you might find different results based on the settings you chose to paraphrase your writing with.

I've also noticed it tends to produce a much clearer output; you just can't customize your writing as much in the tool itself.

It also works the same way as Undetectable. You just paste your writing, change the options, and let it do the rest. Compared to Undetectable, you'll get a bit more words to transform for free, which could be better depending on who you are.

They also offer language options such as Spanish, Russian, and French, and more languages are expected to be supported soon!

If you aren't registered, you'll get 250 words for free and an additional 300 if you create a free account. I think they're fairly generous with what they give you and have quite an affordable pricing model.

HideMyAI Pricing model

3) Stealth Writer AI

Another recent discovery I’ve had in AI bypass tools is Stealth Writer. Stealth Writer lacks the customization that Undetectable AI and HideMyAI offer. Instead, it has two writing options: Ninja (GPT-3.5) and Ghost (GPT-4).

Stealth Writer is the first AI undetectable tool I’ve seen to offer content options, which means each text you rewrite has two outputs from which you can choose. 

I also wanted to point out that, among all the AI bypass tools I’ve used, this is the first one that had an output that completely made sense. Of course, it’s not safe from errors — but it’s a more coherent thought than other rewriters. It just doesn't do as well in detection tools.

Really depends on if you want to make that trade-off. Writing is edited a lot less, but you might get flagged in more strict detection tools if they don't like your stuff.

Some better news is that Stealth Writer has a pretty robust free plan that lets you rewrite with a maximum of 300 words per process.

If you’re interested in purchasing a paid plan, here are your options:

  • Basic: $20 and 20,000 Ghost words per month, 400 words per process.
  • Standard: $35 and 50,000 Ghost words per month, 1,000 words per process.
  • Premium: $50 and 100,000 Ghost words per month, 2,000 words per process. 

It is on par with the other tools on this list, so I don't think it has any advantages in the pricing sphere. You do have to spend more money upfront than Undetectable and HideMyAI, but you pretty much get the same amount of credits.

4) QuillBot

QuillBot was actually the first tool I found when trying to help me rewrite content. I think it works well but involves much more user editing than the other tools we mentioned.

If you want complete flexibility to reword and rewrite (basically visually move words around), QuillBot is probably your best bet.

I've tried to use QuillBot and some other tools to create completely undetectable AI writing and it actually worked pretty well. Again, you'll just have to play with it more.

QuillBot changed text (highlighted in orange and blue text) with the option to click and change words as you wish

Once you paste a block of text you'll see words get highlighted in orange and blue. If you click on any of these words, you'll have the option to change them to another synonym.

You can adjust the complexity of the synonyms the tool will suggest. You can also adjust the tone of voice (if you want to speak more formally, creatively, etc). QuillBot also works in many languages if you are looking to sentence editing in languages other than english.

5) Smodin

Here’s a name I never hear when discussing AI bypass tools: Smodin.

Quite similar to the earlier tools, Smodin works by paraphrasing your text and simplifying words so that it can avoid getting flagged by AI detectors.

This tool has two modes: “Rewrite” or “Recreate.” Rewrite is available for free, and all it does is use synonyms and slightly alter your sentence structure to avoid AI detection. The latter, on the other hand, costs credits and completely changes your paragraph while trying to maintain its original intent.

Some texts are highlighted in blue, which means you can change the highlighted text into the synonyms suggested.

Using the ChatGPT text, here’s what Smodin’s tweaked content looks like:

I’m surprised that it completely passed Originality AI’s rigorous checking, considering that I only used their “Rewrite” option.

It's definitely worth checking out and falls under the same pricing as everything else. I'd actually advise using another tool over this if you want something long term. You get a better discount elsewhere.

A benefit with Smodin is all of the other AI writing tools and utilities it comes with. So that's definitely a pro on top of the AI rewriting.

6) Content at Scale

I wanted to include Content at Scale in here because while it doesn't work as a standalone AI-text rewriter, the full-length articles it creates generally are not able to be identified by an AI detector.

Again, it really matters what the use of you looking for an undetectable AI writing software is for, but if you want to generate long-form, undetectable AI articles, this is 100% the go-to tool to use.

While it definitely has a few kinks that they need to work out (some generations get a bit messy or don't pull correct data) you should still check it out. We have a full review here if you're interested in learning more about creating full-length articles that are completely undetectable. You could even turn an entire YouTube video into an undetectable blog post! It's awesome.

Content at Scale generated post coming back as 95% likely to be human-written

So Which Should You Use

You do have to keep in mind these tools work by rearranging sentences, which sometimes end up funky.

Always make sure to read your new paragraph once it has been generated to check for inconsistencies and weird sentence structures.

I use a variety of these tools, but the one that I reliably come back to would have to be Undetectable. I've run thousands of paragraphs through this thing, and it never really let me down. It's affordable, fast, and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Use all of these tools responsibly and ethically, and understand the true meaning of why you are trying to rewrite your AI-generated content.

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Written by Justin Gluska
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