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Jenni is a new AI writing assistant aimed to help students write faster. Combining personal writing with AI assistance results in some seriously great essays & copy
Updated August 21, 2023

AI AI AI, It's everywhere! It's the only thing the tech community has been talking about since December (or I just need to delete Twitter).

Every time a new AI product comes out, it's like "what can this one do for me?" Well, this one is particularly aimed at students. functions as a writing assistant tailored to boost a students writing workflow.

Whether you're writing an essay, research paper, or lab report, can help you write faster, better, and improve your writing confidence. Working as both an AI assistant and document editor, Jenni helps generate original and unique content based on previous input.

Overall, Jenni is a great writing assistant tool that leverages the skills of the user with the power of Artificial Intelligence!

What Is

Jenni is an advanced AI writing assistant that helps you produce content faster. From academic essays, research papers, to top-ranking blog posts, this AI writing assistant helps you power through writer's block. Jenni AI uses a combination of custom AI, GPT-4, AI21, & current text analysis to generate the highest quality content on the market.

David Park and Henry Mao founded Jenni AI in 2016 years before ChatGPT was a thing. And despite investing thousands of dollars, the company wasn't really going places. But thanks to the trust and $100K investment from an investor who believed they were on the right track, they were able to keep going.

Park relaunched Jenni AI in October 2020 but still, the growth was very slow. But after adding great features and combining the help of TikTok viral videos, students and researchers flocked to the website.

Jenni had 160k users in October 2022, 500k users in January 2023, and 1M users in March. As of writing this, Jenni already passed 1.6 million users! I can't imagine what this school year is going to be like. The CEO, David, is super active on Twitter where he shares his experience building the startup.

Key Features

  • AI Completion – Jenni uses AI to complete your sentences if you get stuck. If you need more than a few sentences, that works too! Every time you press the right arrow ➡️ you'll get more content.
  • Plagiarism-Free Writing – There’s a built-in plagiarism checker included with Jenni. After 250 words, you can check to see if the produced content is located anywhere else on the internet.
  • Citations – Jenni will tell you where she gets her quotes from. Once enabled, you'll get in-text citations for quoted sources..
  • Text Transformations – Jenni lets you rephrase entire pieces of text if you want to expand, paraphrase, or modify the words.

Some less important (but still cool) features:

  • Library - Jenni has a library to store your uploaded PDF files
  • Chat with PDF – You can use AskJenni to chat about the contents of a PDF file
  • Citations from Uploads – You can create citations from uploaded PDF files.

What Makes Jenni Different?

If you're familiar with other AI tools like Jasper or Copy, you've probably noticed they just generate paragraphs on content based on your question. This isn't necessarily the best way of producing writing. Jenni not only learns from what you write, but also wants you to write. Like.. it even nudges you to if you rely on the AI too much.

We've spoken to the design team & they emphasized on the main difference with Jenni's UX is that it goes line by line rather than producing whole chunks of text. Jenni wants you to be actively involved in your writing, resulting in better papers & a more accurate AI assistance. Unlike Jasper, Jenni will insert citations of where quoted statistics are being pulled from.

Who Could Benefit From

Ideally, anyone that writes a lot would benefit from Jenni. Although anyone can use the tool, some groups could definitely benefit by introducing it into their daily workflow. Some of these groups include:


Jenni is an incredible tool for students, especially when it comes to writing essays and personal statements. The AI writing assistant can save students hours of time and effort by helping them create high-quality, well-written assignments. Imagine being able to complete a 5-page essay in just a few hours, with the help of Jenni's advanced AI technology.

Jenni can also help with brainstorming for essays and papers, especially through its text transformation feature. Jenni can assist in providing suggestions for different directions or angles to take on a topic. This can be especially helpful for students who are struggling to come up with new ideas or who feel stuck in a rut. Remember, just click the right arrow ➡️

Additionally, Jenni can help students improve their grammar, sentence structure and word choice, which will result in a better grade and a stronger impression on their essay readers. With Jenni's help, students can submit assignments that are polished and professional, rather than riddled with errors. student help. Jenni is helping rephrase content based on what a student wants the changed tone to be.

Non-Native English Speakers

The last point about students also applies to non-native english speakers. Those who don't speak english as a first language often use Jenni to express their thoughts and ideas more clearly and accurately. Jenni's advanced AI technology can help non-native speakers improve their grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary, allowing them to express themselves more effectively in English.

This can be especially beneficial for students who are studying in English-speaking universities and need to submit assignments and take exams in the language. A huge goal of Jenni was assisting non-native speakers in overcoming language barriers to fully participate in the academic and professional world.

Bloggers & Content Creators

Jenni can help bloggers and content creators write faster and more efficiently, allowing them to produce more high-quality content in less time. You can't really use AI to fully write content, but using it to assist your workflow is something most writers will probably start incorporating (if they haven't already) by the end of the year. Sometimes you just need a little nudge of text to keep you going!

Public Speakers & Business Leaders

Jenni is a valuable tool for speakers who want to write powerful and persuasive speeches in less time. The AI writing assistant can help speakers organize their thoughts and ideas, ensuring that their speeches have a clear structure and flow. With Jenni's help, speakers can create speeches that are not only well-written but also emotionally compelling and persuasive.

Additionally, Jenni can help speakers to proofread and edit their speeches, catching any grammatical errors or awkward phrasing that could detract from their message. With Jenni's assistance, speakers can deliver speeches that are polished, professional and effective, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. Just check it out: tips on grammar & future message suggestions

How Does Work?

Jenni looks like a very simplified version of Google docs, but with AI support. The UI reminds me of Lex, but Jenni is definitely more powerful & aimed at reaching a different audience. To get started, register for an account & head into the document editor. You'll see a heading and text entry box and you could start typing away.

Jenni AI title and text boxes ready for user input

With Jenni, you're actually encouraged to write your own text. Compared to other tools like Jasper, the user is the core of the work, not the writing. Start typing about whatever your topic may be, then let Jenni generate sentence or two. You'll see the suggestions highlighted, which you can press the right arrow key to accept the generation. If you don’t like the text, you can re-generate with CMD+J.

Jenni AI text on Miami Florida with suggestions on next text

Now AI isn't always going to be accurate. You'll run into some confident-sounding blatantly incorrect content. If the tool doesn't know an accurate statistic to include, it'll most likely just make one up. Just beware of this when accepting every suggestion Jenni offers you.

As you start typing more, you'll get more customized responses and writing that generally just fits better with your tone of voice. You have the option to add text, headings, and numerical & bulleted lists. You could add stock photos or embed images in your writing if you'd like that too.

So what about the actual writing? Once you get passed the factual stuff, does Jenni plagiarize? Can the content be detected as AI? Let's run it through some tools.

How Does It Compare to ChatGPT?

Since they uses GPT-4, you might think it works just like ChatGPT. But if you've been using ChatGPT for a while and test out Jenni, you'll notice they're actually quite different.

Jenni has more features, is flexible, and isn't meant to compete with ChatGPT; it combines the capabilities of four AI writing tools into one. This is another great selling point.

On the other hand, ChatGPT wins when it comes to the quality of its writing. And honestly speaking, I think it's still the best AI writing tool in terms of excellence. Just keep in mind Jenni is meant to supplement academic and other styles of writing, not help people cheat on exams (something ChatGPT is unfortunately fairly good at doing).

AI Detection & Plagiarism

The tool includes plagiarism detectors, but they're only available on the paid plan. If you're looking to check if your text is plaigerized, check it on a free online tool like Grammarly. They're also the same tool that is integrated with the rest of the product (giving you syntax and grammar suggestions).

Want to see how the writing looks in an AI detection tool? Check it with Originality. Originality let's you run finalized text and will give you a score based on the chance it things your writing is AI. Originality also comes with a plagiarism checker, but this too is a paid service.

I went ahead and pasted the content we wrote up in Jenni into Originality and got the following results. Remember, it's important to know that not all content is generated equally – the more personal context you apply within your writing, the lower chances of it getting detected as AI. Same goes with Plagiarism, the more unique writing you provide, the lower likelihood you'll get flagged for anything. I was pretty impressed seeing a 100% Original score, but I assume combining AI with human expertise is how to make your writing look normal! AI Detection score results showing 100% original and non-copied text.

Pricing & Subscription Plan

Jenni has a fairly simple pricing model. They have one premium version, which costs $20 a month for an unlimited number of words and comes with all the additional features. If you want to save 40% on your subscription, choose the annual plan to bring things down to $12 a month.

Number of Words/Day200Unlimited
AI Autocomplete
AI Editing Commands
AskJenni (number of requests)10Unlimited
Journal & Web CitationsLimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerNope
Priority SupportNope

Jenni Pros and Cons

With any tool comes good and bad. Jenni is a great tool but it's also important to note where it can improve. The product is fairly new, so some bugs & quirks are expected. Overall, the tool works quite well & is extremely easy to create an account and start writing.



  • Easy to understand & get started

  • Free version (no CC required)

  • Can help break writer's block

  • Very fast generation times

  • Can't check for plagiarism with free trial

  • 200-word daily writing limit on free plan

  • ChatGPT writes better from a quality standpoint

  • No AI detection tool

Suspicions & Fishy Marketing Practices?

Reported first by Zulie Rane, the company actually has some fake images from Unsplash on their pricing page. Kind of weird for a tool with 1.6 million users to be completely honest. The CEO has claimed the reviews are real, but anonymized – which I also find quite hard to believe with the way it's positioned.

You Should Still Give Jenni A Try! offers a great and simple showcase of the power of AI combined with individual writing. It's capable of generating essays, blog posts, and other written content quickly and easily, with a user-friendly interface that makes it a pretty helpful tool to have in your arsenal.

I don't really see any objections to trying Jenni! Test out the plans, see if it can supplement your writing, and have at it. If you're just looking for something to write entire articles for you, just use ChatGPT. If you want to use the specialized features they offer, you should still totally try out Jenni!

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