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40 Examples of Using Midjourney to Design Yourself a Business Logo

First impressions matter not just in life, but also in business. Your company logo is how you introduce yourself to the general public, which is why it has to be creative and memorable. Here are some Midjourney prompts to get you started on that.
Updated January 9, 2024
An artpiece collage of a bunch of 21st century company logos fused together, created with Midjourney
An artpiece collage of a bunch of 21st century company logos fused together, created with Midjourney

Branding is one of the most important aspects of building a business. It's all about creating an identity that resonates with your target audience. One wrong move and it could nip your business before it even gets a chance to grow.

So, it's important not just to pick the perfect name, but also the perfect logo to go along with it. Unfortunately, some of us don't have the resources to splurge on an established designer. This is where Midjourney comes in handy.

Since most entrepreneurs don't have much time on their hands, I've compiled some of my favorite logo-related prompts for you in this article. So, let's start building your brand identity.

The Best Midjourney Logo Prompts + 40 Logo Examples

For this section, I'll provide a compilation of 20 unique Midjourney prompts, each accompanied by two image variations. Feel free to modify the prompt's depending on your business.

Based on Different Artists

The easiest way to get the style you're looking for using Midjourney is by compiling a list of your favorite logos. From there, use Google to find out which artists created the logos you like and use them as additional context for your prompts. Here's a list of famous logo artists and logos they've designed:

  • Paul Rand: IBM, UPS, ABC.
  • Massimo Vignelli: Ford, American Airlines, Knoll
  • Saul Bass: Continental Airlines, AT&T, Hanna Barbera, Quaker Oats, United
  • Rob Janoff: Apple

You can also use artists whose artwork you like as a prompt. For instance, using "Bellatrix Potter" would give you logos similar to children's books.

Here are some examples to get you started:

a logo for a university, in the style of paul rand, clean background, minimalist

a logo for a perfume company, clean background, in the style of paul rand

a logo of a lemon, in the style of massimo vignelli, clean background

a logo for a film production company, in the style of saul bass, clean background

a logo of a coffee mug, in the style of paula scher, clean background

a simple vector logo of a sunflower, inspired by van gogh paintings, minimalist

a clean logo of a wheel, vector, inspired by marcel duchamp

Based on Different Art Styles

If not artists, you can also base your logos on different art styles. Geometric or maximalist, baroque or modernist, art nouveau or low-poly — you get the point. I highly suggest finding an art style that would suit your business type and logo subject. For example, if you're opening a sushi shop, a chef's knife or a sashimi in ukiyo-e would be a perfect fit for a logo.

The following are how logos would look like using a specific art style:

a simple minimal logo of a bonsai tree, in the style of ukiyo-e, japanese

logo design, line art, a snowflake, indigo gradient accents

a clean logo of a bear, clear background, patch, earth colors

outline of a tulip, logo, paint, minimal, flat design, in the style of neon, high contrast, dark background

a game logo, blacksmith creating a sword, simple, minimalistic, round

1980s logo design, a palm tree, vaporwave, simple

a clean logo of peacock, fauvism

Lettermark Logos

Some companies opt for simpler logos, which makes lettermarks famous in the logo design space. In my experience with Midjourney, I've had mixed results using this method. So, let me show you a couple examples of my attempts at making lettermark logos:

a simple and flat lettermark logo that combines the letter "Q" and sunglasses

a minimalist ios app icon of the letter "H", gradient, clean background, glassmorphism

a simple double exposure logo of the letter "N" and nature imagery, flat icon

a clean vector logo of the letter W, in the style of massimo vignelli

With Text Generation

One of Midjourney V6's biggest updates is text generation. It's far from perfect, but it's a lot more coherent than its previous version. However, it has a tendency to repeat the words even in unnecessary places. Fortunately, you can easily erase this in just a couple of seconds with your favorite image editor.

a postmodern logo of a lamp with the word "switched" below the logo, modernist

a minimalist logo of a wine with the word "vineyard" below the logo, inspired by baroque art, dark background, oil painting

Final Thoughts

Midjourney art is anything you want it to be, but you have to know how to communicate effectively with the model. Generating logos with it can look easy at first glance, but it's a matter of patience because it comes with a lot of trial and error. A lot of errors, actually.

But if you're someone who can't afford a professional designer, Midjourney is more than capable of creating beautiful logos in just a few seconds. You just need to practice, be more daring in your prompts, and explore the endless possibilities.

Before you leave, I highly recommend checking out this article on creating painter logos and our favorite Midjourney prompts. Good luck!

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