Gold Penguin Logo with Text Review (Aka The Best Mac Screenshot Tool Ever)

Xnapper is the easiest screenshotting tool on the market for Mac. Easily capture portions of your screen, annotate things, and send them off within seconds. I use Xnapper daily and can't talk about it enough.
Updated December 4, 2023
a camera taking a picture of another camera in an empty room, digital art 4k
a camera taking a picture of another camera in an empty room, digital art 4k

There's nothing more satisfying than taking crisp, beautiful, and colorful screenshots on your laptop, right? It's just perfection.

Ok maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but it emphasizes my love for this wonderful screenshot tool.

I don't think I can quantify how much time I've saved annotating and customizing screenshots with Xnapper. See the picture under this? Took me 10 seconds.

Ok so what even is this tool and how can you use it?

What is Xnapper?

Xnapper is a screenshot assistant tool that lets you customize and take unique screenshots in a matter of seconds. Available for both Mac and iOS, you can personalize screenshot backgrounds, change corder radius, and even add your own watermarks.

The tool is available for $24.99 (for a single license) and doesn't cost monthly. You buy it once and it's yours forever.

In just a few clicks you can take screenshots to share across your blog, social media accounts, or even to add to presentations.

I took this picture of my messages in just a few seconds. I blocked out a few names, added some arrows, and customized the background color and window border radius.

You get a ton of settings you can change. Once you take a screenshot (Control+Option+Command+4) you'll see a window open with all of these options.

Add text, draw arrows, redact text, and add shapes using the number keeps. You can change the padding, inset, background color, and size of the final image.

If you like the template you've made for a single image, turn it into a preset and use it for all your other pictures in just a single click.

You have access to adjust the padding, inset (borders on your image), round corners, and add a shadow to your image. You can change the background to a ton of different styles or upload your very own.

Check out the numbers at the top, you can add text, arrows, redact, and add shapes directly onto your image. An entire social media screenshot flow could take you 20 seconds. Seriously.

You can change the size of the image if you're trying to fit a certain social media or content type, but I generally just export it how I take it.

I do wish they let you watermark images with a logo or directly on the image itself. I've ran into people completely ripping off my articles and screenshots (ones I've taken with Xnapper funny enough) but you can't watermark more than text that can easily get cropped out. An image watermark would be sick.

Xnapper Pricing

I love that you can pay once and use the tool forever. I personally wouldn't pay for Xnapper monthly, but would pay a yearly plan. That sounds weird, but it somehow makes sense to me?!

For $24.99 you can use it on a single device & $39.99 gets you on two. Pretty affordable and you can support some awesome Indie devs.

When I bought Xnapper, I paid for the personal plan to have access on two devices. Haven't looked back. Such a great investment. I highly recommend checking it out!

Final Thoughts

I found this tool on Twitter & use it every single day. There's like 3 things in my life that are incredible investments: AirPods, TSA Precheck, and XNAPPER. Not joking.

Check out the tool and let it to make your daily life easier. Have you used Xnapper before? Let me know your thoughts on it.

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Written by Justin Gluska
Justin is the founder of Gold Penguin, a business technology blog that helps people start, grow, and scale their business using AI. The world is changing and he believes it's best to make use of the new technology that is starting to change the world. If it can help you make more money or save you time, he'll write about it!
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