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How to Find Company Domains From a List of Companies

Clay is a powerful tool capable of data enrichment, including finding domains from a list of companies. This quick guide will walk you through how to use Clay to enrich your data.
Updated February 6, 2024
find company domains from a list
find company domains from a list
Difficulty: Very Easy. No prior knowledge required
Time Required: ~5 minutes

So you’ve got a list of companies, neatly lined up.

But then, you noticed some missing information. Where’s the company domain?

If you’re a business owner or a sales professional, there are many reasons why you’d want to know a company’s domain:

  • If you’re looking for potential leads, a company’s website is a good place to start reaching out.
  • A company website can give you information about their services or how they present themselves. This gives you a quick peek if you’re doing market research.
  • Looking for a potential collaboration? Just check a company’s website and see if their goals align with yours.

The best solution is to enrich your list to pull the company website and other relevant information you need.

In this guide, I’ll show you how it’s easily done using Clay

Let’s start!

find company domains from a list

How to Find Company Domains Using Clay

1) Prepare a List of Companies

Let’s start by creating a new table on Clay. Choose an option on how you want your list to be added. Each option provides you with a starter list to enrich your data. 

For this tutorial, let’s start from a blank table. 

add new table on Clay

Then, at the bottom of the page, click ‘Import’ and locate your CSV file. Once you have your data uploaded, you can delete the other default columns you don’t need.

import list on Clay table

2) Enrich Your List

With Clay, finding the domains from a list of companies is a straightforward process.

So, let’s right-click the table and add enrichment.

add enrichment on Clay table

On the pop-up, look for an enrichment tool that’ll help you get company domains. You can type keywords like ‘Get Domain’ on the search bar. You should see multiple options to help you enrich your data. 

For this example, we’re going to use Clearbit. So, go ahead and click ‘Get Domain from Company Name’ by Clearbit.

get domain by company name

3) Set the Inputs

First, we’ll need to choose which API key to use to get the domains. There are two options available - use Clay’s Clearbit API key for free, or use your own Clearbit API key. If you have your own Clearbit account, you can tap the second option. Otherwise, use Clay’s API.

On the inputs, choose the column containing the company name from the drop-down.

set Clearbit input settings

Then, click ‘Continue to Add Fields.’

In the next window, choose which data you want to add as a column to your table. Let’s activate the toggle for the Domain option.

add data as a column to Clay table

Save and run the integration.

Check your table. You should now see a new column added containing the domain of each company.

find company domains from a list

Tip: For optimal results with the Clearbit app, I strongly recommend you remove terms like ‘Inc.’ or ‘Company’ when adding a company name to your list. Leaving them in might lead to 'no results found.' 

enrich company list

What’s Next?

Alright, you now have the company domain of your target prospects. Time to level it up a bit by adding company details. Whatever your goal is, I suggest you explore Clay’s other enrichment tools to pull all the relevant information you need.

We’ve written other Clay tutorials to help you enrich your data. Make sure to check these out:

So, how do you find Clay? I’d love to hear your experiences. Please do share them in the comments!

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Written by Christy Cañete
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