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Jonathan Garces

Cofounder & Executive Editor
Jonathan is a digital marketing expert. After sending hundreds of thousands of emails, Jonathan cracked the code on what gets somebody to reply – authenticity & transparency. Jonathan writes about his emailing experiences and has quickly became the go-to guy for learning about how to connect with your target audience.

Is Worth it? The Pros and Cons in 2023

Apollo is a pretty popular platform for scraping and reviewing data on your potential prospects – but at what cost? We've been using Apollo for a few years now and are giving some brutal thoughts on...

How To Scrape Zillow (Without Having to Code)

With Instant Data Scraper, you can easily scrape Zillow listings to collect information on properties and real estate agents, all without needing to code anything!...

How to Scrape Indeed Job Postings In 2023

If you're looking to get job board information quickly and at scale, you could use Instant Data Scraper to pull all relevant information from companies looking to hire talent on Indeed. Here's how to ...
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